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Sep 30, 2021

- JP Morgan Keeps Apple as Top Pick on iPhone and Services Strength

- Evercore Sees Increased Interest in iPhone

- Report: Camera Modules for iPhone 13 Line Constrained Due to COVID Wave in Vietnam

- Reports of Intermittent Touch Issues on iOS 15 Devices

- iOS 15 Bug Deletes Photos Saved from Messages When...

Sep 29, 2021

- Apple Q4FY21 Earnings Set for 28 October

- DisplayMate Names iPhone 13 Pro Max “Best Smartphone Display”

- A Boatload of Betas Out to Developers

- Second Beta of iOS 15.1 Fixes “Unlock with Apple Watch” Bug

- Alarming Alarmgate: The Update

- Google Suggests Layers of Google for Your iPhone 13

- Apple Says...

Sep 28, 2021

- iFixit Gives iPhone 13 Pro 5-Out-of-10 Repairability

- iPhone 13 Display Resists Third-Party Repair

- Apple Supply Chain Slowed by Power Cuts

- Apple Partner TSMC Sees "No Impact" from Power Problems in China

- Ming-Chi Kuo Sees MacBook Slowdown Coming Soon

- Spotify Looking Into Battery Drain Under iOS 14.8 and...

Sep 27, 2021

- Some See Trouble Unlocking iPhone 13 with Apple Watch

- Fix for iPhone 13/Apple Watch Unlock Issue Come in Future Update

- Attention Called to “Jelly Scrolling” on Latest iPad mini

- Researchers Spots iCloud Private Relay Sharing User IP Addresses

- Brazilian University Sees Promise for Oximetry in Apple...

Sep 24, 2021

- Apple Says Restoring Some New Hardware from Backup May Lead to Widget Worries

- Apple Says Restoring Some New Hardware from Backup May Lead to Music Trouble

- Apple Research Update Enables Moving Data to New Device

- MacRumors: Siri AirPods Pro Controls Go Buster in iOS 15

- Apple Fights Pegasus on Older Macs and iOS...