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Sep 29, 2021

- Apple Q4FY21 Earnings Set for 28 October

- DisplayMate Names iPhone 13 Pro Max “Best Smartphone Display”

- A Boatload of Betas Out to Developers

- Second Beta of iOS 15.1 Fixes “Unlock with Apple Watch” Bug

- Alarming Alarmgate: The Update

- Google Suggests Layers of Google for Your iPhone 13

- Apple Says “Jelly Scrolling” in Latest iPad mini is Normal Behavior in LCD Screens

- Apple Releases Updates for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

- Study: Apple Watch Can Spot Arrhythmia Besides AFib

- C-SPAN Launches Video App “C-SPAN Now”

- Bonnie Hunt Bringing “Amber Brown” to Apple TV+

- Apple TV+ Posts Trailer for Skydance Animation Short “Blush”

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