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Sep 28, 2021

- iFixit Gives iPhone 13 Pro 5-Out-of-10 Repairability

- iPhone 13 Display Resists Third-Party Repair

- Apple Supply Chain Slowed by Power Cuts

- Apple Partner TSMC Sees "No Impact" from Power Problems in China

- Ming-Chi Kuo Sees MacBook Slowdown Coming Soon

- Spotify Looking Into Battery Drain Under iOS 14.8 and iOS 15

- My iPhone 13 Won’t Sing Me Awake

- Brazil to Fine Apple (Again) for Unbundling Chargers and iPhones

- Four Cities Get 3D City View in Apple Maps

- Apple Fitness+ Adds Guided Meditations, Pilates, and Workouts for Snow Season

- Beats Teams with A-COLD-WALL* on Limited Edition Studio3 Wireless Cans

- Apple Opens First Store in The Bronx

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