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Aug 31, 2020

- Evercore Ups Apple Target from $460 to $130

- Apple Pulls Epic Games from App Store

- Epic Games Argues Apple’s Account

- Apple Features “Fortnite” Alternatives on App Store

- Zuckerberg Slams Apple Before 50K Facebook Employees

- Concerns Over Robberies Outside of Manhattan Apple Stores

- Apple Announces AI/ML...

Aug 28, 2020

- AirPod Snapshot: A Smaller Slice of a Bigger Pie Still Means More Pie

- Apple Outs Public Beta 3 of watchOS 7

- Apple Offers $84 Million to Settle Advertising and Repair Cases in South Korea

- South Korea Investigates Apple and Google Over IAPs and Payment Options

- Apple Seeks Dismissal of Cobalt Mining Case

- Epic...

Aug 27, 2020

- iOS 13.7 Beta Adds Exposure Notification Opt-In

- EEC Filing Lists Unannounced Apple Watches and iPads

- Fortnite Updates Off iThings and the Mac

- Facebook Warns of a Serious Hit to Advertising with iOS 14

- Facebook’s Complaint: More Color from CNET

- Apple Hits Record Closing High of $506.09

- Wedbush Ups Apple...

Aug 26, 2020

- Apple Says “Fortnite” Should Totally Come Back to the App Store

- Bloomberg: Apple to Start Online Sales in India Next Month

- Cowen & Co. Ups Apple Target on iPhone Strength

- Gartner: As Smartphone Sales Crater, iPhone Holds Its Own

- TSMC: 5nm Chips Will Be Faster and Consume Less Power

- Tim Cook Compensated...

Aug 25, 2020

- “Fortnite” Stays Out of the App Store, But the Unreal Engine Roars On

- (If you get a chance, check out @sarahjeong’s amazing play-by-play)

- Unity Technologies Files for IPO

- Wistron Making iPhone SE in India for Indian Market

- Report: Foxconn Considers iPhone Factory for Mexico

- Apple Shares Set New...