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May 31, 2022

- JPMorgan Expects Fewer iPhone 14s Than iPhone 13s

- Report: Samsung Reducing Smartphone Plans by 30M Units

- Word of More Riotousness at Shanghai Quanta Facility

- Wedbush Sees Supply Chain Upswing Headed into 2H CY22

- Atlanta Apple Store Pulls Plans for Union Vote

- Judge Says Apple Must Face Cydia Antitrust Suit


May 30, 2022

- Rumblings and rumination 'round realityOS

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May 27, 2022

- Bloomberg: Next Round of iPhone Production to Stay Even with Current Round

- Ming-Chi Kuo Raises Questions Around iPhone 14 Demand

- Report: Apple Giving Raises to Hourly and Salaried Workers

- Apple Still Not Grooving on Revised American Choice and Innovation Act

- Apple Updates Developer App Ahead of WWDC22

- Apple...

May 26, 2022

- Loop Capital Lowers Apple Target to $180

- Apple's O'Brien Addresses Union Concerns in Video to Retail Workers

- Report: Louisville’s Apple Oxmoor Considers Unionization

- A Few Dot-One Updates form Apple

- Maryland Becomes Second State with ID in Apple Wallet

- Apple Car Manager Leaves for Luminar

- Apple Maps...

May 25, 2022

- Apple Posts Keynote Time and Session Schedule for WWDC22

- Apple Tightens COVID Restrictions for Apple Park WWDC Viewing Party

- Canalys: iPhone Sales Grow Slightly in War-Hit Europe

- Apple Studio Display Waits Stretch to August

- Apple Plans New Building for Campus in Cork, Ireland

- More Cities and Programs...