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Oct 31, 2018

- Apple Announces a New MacBook Air

- Apple Announces a New Mac mini

- Apple Releases iOS 12.1

- Apple Announces New iPad Pros

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Oct 30, 2018

- Apple Says iOS 12.1 to Hit Today

- Rosenblatt Bear Sees Weakness in iPhone XR Sales

- A Mix of Analysis from MarketWatch

- Jefferies Initiates Apple Coverage with $256 Target, Driven by Services

- Apple Investigating Child Labor Allegations in Supply Chain

- Qualcomm Says Apple Owes $7B in Missed Royalty Payments


Oct 29, 2018

- Munster: Short Lines Don’t Spell Doom for iPhone XR

- Wedbush Sees iPhone XR as Growth Driver in China

- iPhone XR Boasts Surprisingly Big Battery

- Apple Clear Cases for iPhone XR Absent on Launch Day

- Dual-SIM Support and Group FaceTime Confirmed for iOS 12.1

- iOS Icon May Depict New iPad Pro

- Bloomberg Not...

Oct 26, 2018

- Apple Decks the Brooklyn Hall

- IBM Sings Praises of Its In-House Mac Deployment

- Apple Updates Shazam Privacy Policies and Behaviors

- Italian Competition Authority Orders Apple to Pay €10M Over Throttlegate

- Crudup, Mbatha-Raw Join Aniston/Witherspoon Apple Drama

- Tim Cook Promotes HomePod and iPhone XR in...

Oct 25, 2018

- Tim Cook Addresses the EU on Data Privacy

- Former Facebook Security (?) Exec Bashes Cook on Apple’s China Policies

- Please Stay Away from Facebook’s Eventual AR Glasses

- Report: GrayKey Breaks in iOS 12 Lock

- Apple Registers Four New Macs with EEC

- Apple Readies Events App for Apple TV for Tuesday’s Event