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Jul 30, 2018

On this special edition of Mac OS Ken, Ken's caught monologging. IS Apple boring? No. Is it exciting? Maybe not? Definitely interesting though, which can be really exciting. Topics to include:

- What's next?

- What's Ken doing in Vegas?

- What is Sansar and why should I care?

- What is the Roddenberry Nexus in Sansar?


Jul 27, 2018

- Canalys Sees Growth for Apple Watch; Reason to Worry

- T2 Trouble: Panic! At the Kernel

- Apple Store App for iOS Gets Voice Search

- Apple Sued Over Voice Control

- Spotify Gains Listeners; Loses Money

- Jony Ive to Speak at WIRED 25th Anniversary Summit

- Jamf Now helps you manage your Apple devices from...

Jul 26, 2018

- Kantar: iPhone Crushed It in US in June-Quarter

- Canalys: iPhone Fifth in Smartphones in China

- Apple Stock Hits New Highs

- Facebook Shares Fall Over 20% on Bad Earnings Report and Guidance

- eBay + Apple Pay

- Apple Watch Challenge for China’s National Fitness Day

- Tim Cook to Loveloud This Weekend

- Alfre...

Jul 25, 2018

- Morgan Stanley Ups Apple Target to $232

- Guggenheim Sees Record End to 2018 for Apple, Driven by iPhone

- Report: Foxconn Hiring for 2018 iPhone Assembly

- Heat Throttle on New MacBook Pro Was a Bug (It’s Been Squished)

- Apple Update Kills Heat Throttling Bug

- New Apple Store to Open in Milan Tomorrow

- Jamf Now...

Jul 24, 2018

- Rumor Has Verizon Seeking TV from Apple or Google By End of Year

- BMO Ups Target on Apple; Still Not Into Apple Shares

- Report: iPhone X Holding Record Resale Value

- Consumer Reports Defends Core i9 MacBook Pro Over Heat Throttle

- Rumor: Fast Charging Limited to Authorized Cables in Next Round of iPhones

- Apple...