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Dec 1, 2021

- Munster: Apple Sales Missed in December-Quarter will Move to March-Quarter

- Trendforce: Apple Will Be Global Smartphone-Maker by Year’s End

- Trendforce Expects 5G iPhone SE in Early 2022

- Canalys: iPad Grew in 3Q in Western Europe While All Other Tablets Declined

- Apple Shares Hit New Closing High

- Needham: AAPL Outperformed on Cashflow, Products, and AR

- Apple Marks World AIDS Day with Signage and Donations

- Some 2021 16-Inch MacBook Pros Experiencing Charging Trouble

- Apple Music Reveals Most Played Songs of 2021

- Apple Announces Third Annual Apple Music Award Winners; Adds Regional Awards

- CODA Actors Reel-In Two Gotham Awards

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