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Nov 18, 2021

- Goldman Sachs: Apple Slowly Catching Up with MacBook/iPhone Demand

- Apple Announces Self Service Repair Starting in 2022

- iFixit Sort of Applauds Appel’s Self Service Repair Plan

- iOS 15.2 Beta Stops Indy Display Repairs from Killing Face ID

- Apple and Google Being Investigated in UK Over Child Safety Concerns

- Apple Releases iOS 15.1.1 for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

- FileMaker Pro Updated with Support for Shortcuts and macOS Monterey

- Apple Hiring for Retail Positions in India

- 9 to 5 Mac Tracking “SportsKit” API in iOS 15.2 Betas

- Apple Sets Premier for “The Afterparty”

- Season One “Ted Lasso” Publicists Up for an Award

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