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Mar 27, 2020

- Wedbush Lowers Release Expectations While BofA Lowers AAPL Target

- Apple Updates Developer App Ahead of WWDC 2020

- Apple Extends New Developer Requirements to 30 June

- Sensor Tower: US Per-User App Store Spending Doubled from 2016-2019

- Apple Offers 10% Bonus to Funds Added to Apple ID

- App Store UK Highlights COVID-19 PSA

- Apple Teaches Teachers to Teach from Home

- Beats 1 Hosts Hosting from Their Homes

- Beats 1 Turns to FaceTime for Celebrity Interviews

- Apple Offers 90-Day Trials of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

- Cut your wireless bill to 15-bucks a month at

- Do you have a Few Minutes for “In a Few Minutes?” It's in Apple Podcasts and Overcast now!

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