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Mac OS Ken: 12.11.2012

Most Agree That App Tiles on Apple TV Were Technical Glitch, Not Early Leak

Speculative-Fiction Writer Peter Misek Drops Apple Price target to $800

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Surge in Apple Supply Chain as Good News for Apple

Credit Suisse Thinks TSMC Will Start Producing A-Series Processors for Apple by Mid-2013

Apple Insider: Some Pre-Ordered 27-Inch iMacs Shipping Earlier Than Originally Estimated

China Unicom: Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 Hit 300,000

Fortune: Numbers Making Black Friday Shopping Sales on Kindle Fire Almost Non-Existent Appear to Have Been Heavily Skewed

Goldman Sachs Analysts: Tablets to Drive Smartphone Choices (Which is Good News for Apple)

Wired: Police Urge Motorists to Steer Clear of Apple Maps as Directions Leave Drivers Stranded in the Desert

The Register: Faulty Australian iOS Map Data Came from Australia, Not Apple

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