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Mac OS Ken: 12.31.2012

Happy New Year!

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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2012

Flurry Analytics: 17.4 Million New Portable Devices Activated Worldwide on Christmas Day

Distimo: App Store Downloads Up 87% on Christmas Day; App Store Revenues Up 70%

Buzzfeed: First Tweets from iPads Rule Tablets on Christmas Day

RW Baird Analyst Says Holiday Sales of Surface RT Seemed Weak at Best Buy and Staples

Fortune Runs Pictures of Packed Apple Store and Practically Empty Microsoft and Sony Stores from one Mall on Christmas Eve

Microsoft Announces Six New Retail Locations to Start 2013

Sesame Workshop Publishes “Best Practices Guide for Children’s App Development”

Apple Device Thefts Leas to First Rise in Overall Crime in Two-Decades in NYC

Apple Wins Patent for Creating Curved Glass without the Use of Chemicals

Apple Announces Lucky Bag Promotion for Japan for 2 January

Samsung Suing Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement Related to Notification Center for iOS

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Mac OS Ken: 12.26.2012

Today we talk with Taz Goldstein about his new book Hand Held Hollywood's Filmmaking with the iPad and iPhone

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Mac OS Ken: 12.24.2012

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech: Sales of iPhone Top 50% Market Share in the States Heading Into the Holidays

Distimo: The Real App Money is Still in iOS

The Mac Observer: Change to App Store in China Blocks Government Censors

Apple Sees Second Fine Over AppleCare in Italy; Irons Out AppleCare Issues with Italian Antitrust Authority

Apple Seed 10.8.3 beta Two-Days After Previous 10.8.3 beta

NASA Releases Free iBookstore Title - Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries

The Wall Street Journal Hits Apple Newsstand

ReadMore about ReadQuick from iMore at

Get ReadQuick in the App Store for $3.99 at 

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Mac OS Ken: 12.21.2012

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Wells Fargo Analyst: Investors Fail to Appreciate the Role and Strength of Apple Customer Service

Munster Sees Notable Siri Improvement from iOS 5 to iOS 6

Apple Puts “Most Favored Nation” Clause with Publishers on 5-Year Hiatus in EU as Part of EC Settlement

The Verge: EC Set to Charge Samsung with Breach of Antitrust Rules

Apple Appealing Judge Koh Ruling Against Samsung Product Injunctions

Motorola Loses Proximity Sensor Patent Case Against iPhone with USITC

Gradiente Owns iPhone Trademark in Brazil; Starts Selling Android-Powered iPhone

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Mac OS Ken: 12.20.2012

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USPTO Preliminarily Invalidates Apple 915 Pinch-to-Zoom Patent

Groups Including Apple, RIM, and Samsung Buy Kodak Patents for $525-Million

Focus Taiwan: Secret Source Says Hon Hai Testing Apple Television, Not Likely to Ship in 2013

Piper Jaffray Names Apple Its Top Internet-Sector Pick for 2013; Reiterates Overweight Rating and $900 Target

IDC: Apple the Top Smartphone Supplier for Japan

University of Western Sydney to Deploy 11,000 iPads for Faculty and Students in 2013

FTC: New COPPA Rules Place Policing Kids’ Data Collection on App Developers, Not App Stores

Tim Cook Takes Third-Place on Time Person-of-the-Year List for 2012

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Mac OS Ken: 12.19.2012

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Raymond James Analyst Things iPad May Be Bigger in Big Business Than We Realize

Penguin Settles in eBook Price-Fixing Case with US DoJ

Settlement Leads EU to Drop Antitrust Probes Against Apple, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette, and Macmillan Over Alleged eBook Price-Fixing

Samsung Drops Injunction Applications Against Apple in European Courts; Continues Patent Infringement Cases

iSuppli Sees Samsung Widening Smartphone Sales Lead on Apple and Taking Worldwide Cellphone Sales Lead from Nokia

Apple Seeds New betas of iOS 6.1, Xcode 4.6 and Apple TV Software to Developers

Apple Returns Ability to Gift Apps from iOS Devices

Apple Offers Free Next-Day Shipping for U.S. Orders Through Its Online Store

Latest Wifi Plus Cellular iPads Move Closer to Release in China

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Mac OS Ken: 12.18.2012

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley Thinks Apple is Taking iThings to Twice-a-Year Updates

Asymco’s Dediu Could See the Sculley Scenario

Canaccord Genuity Lowers Apple Target to $750; Maintains Buy Rating on Apple Shares

Morgan Stanley Analyst Still Incredibly Positive on Apple

Sterne Agee, ISI and Topeka Capital Analysts All Say Apple Investors Should Chill After Strong Start for iPhone 5 in China

Barrons Presents Dueling Thoughts on Apple Future

Judge Koh Denies Apple the Samsung Sales Ban it Sought; Denies Samsung a New Trial

Google Says New Maps App for iOS Downloaded Over 10-Million Times in First 48-Hours of Availability

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Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2012

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Lack of Lines for iPhone 5 Launch in China Freaks Peter Misek Out

Citi Cuts Price Target and Rating on Apple Shares Due to Supply Chain Changes

Misek Hears of Supply Chain Changes Too (Though That Does Not Worry Him)

UBS Analyst Lowers Apple Target on Supply Chain Chatter, Concern over iPhone 5 in China

Apple Says It Sold Over 2-Million iPhone 5s in First Three-Days in China

Munster: Reservation System One Reason for Lack of iPhone 5 Lines in China

Fortune: Chinese and Taiwanese iPhone 5 Carriers Had Lines

R.W. Baird Analyst: 2-Million iPhone 5s for China Opening-Weekend Strong Compared to Initial iPhone 5 Opening Weekend

Walmart Selling iPhone 5 for $127 (with 2-Year Verizon, Sprint or AT&T Contract)

All Things D: $127 Walmart iPhone 5 Kind of Hard to Track Down

Walmart Selling 16GB Wi-Fi-Only Third Gen iPad for $399

AT&T Offers $100 Off of Cellular iPad or iPad mini with Two-Year Data Contract

Apple Offers Early Gift Through 12-Days of Christmas App

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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2012

Munster: Interest in Buying iPhone 5 Sees Significant Rise Post-Launch

Fortune: Survey Shows Interest in Buying Surface RT Sees Significant Decline Post-Launch

NPD DisplaySearch: iPad mini Seems to Be Outselling iPad This Holiday Season

Google Maps App is Back in iOS App Store

Slate: The Google Maps App is a Win for Apple

Apple Returns Duplicate Track Finder in Minor iTunes 11.0.1 Update

Apple Adds New SMS Trojan to Malware Blacklist for OS X

Apple Rolls Out More Detailed System Status Page for Services, Stores and iCloud at

Apple Loses Patent Infringement Case to Patent Troll Backed by Nokia and Sony

Apple Offers Free 2-3 Day Shipping Through Its Online Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2012

Shaw Wu Raises Sales Expectations for iPhone and Lowers Them for iPad

NPD DisplaySearch: Apple Grabs 84% of Mobile PC Market in 2Q 2012 (If We Count iPads as PCs)

Goldman Sachs Analyst Thinks Intel Building A-Series Processors for Apple Would Be a Ba Idea for Intel

Apple Insider: Movies Lighting Up for Majority of Recently Opened iTunes Stores

Business Insider Challenges Google Chairman’s Assertion that Android is “Pretty Clearly” Winning Over iOS

Doctor Web Finds New Trojan Targeting OS X Users

WSJ Hits with Non-Story Story About an Apple Television

Australian Police: Google Maps Might Kill You Too!

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Mac OS Ken: 12.12.2012

Strategy Analytics: Apple Devices Now Account for 27% of LTE Devices Worldwide

iPhone 5 Tops Time List of Best Gadgets of 2012; 15” MBP with Retina Display Lands at Sixth

9 to 5 Mac: Suddenly Every Store Has a $150 iPhone 5 (Kind of)

FTC Displeased with States of Mobile Application Stores and Privacy Safeguards for Children

Morgan Stanley Analyst: Apple Television Set Could Be a $13 Billion Opportunity for Apple (If They Actually Build a TV Set)

Apple Opening Stores in China, Hong Kong, Australia and Sweden This Weekend

Apple Launches 12-Days of Christmas App in UK, Canadian, and European iTunes Stores

Microsoft Expanding Surface RT Availability to Staples and Today and Best Buy Store This Sunday

Apple Adds Driving Directions to Find My iPhone for iOS 6 Devices

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Mac OS Ken: 12.11.2012

Most Agree That App Tiles on Apple TV Were Technical Glitch, Not Early Leak

Speculative-Fiction Writer Peter Misek Drops Apple Price target to $800

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Surge in Apple Supply Chain as Good News for Apple

Credit Suisse Thinks TSMC Will Start Producing A-Series Processors for Apple by Mid-2013

Apple Insider: Some Pre-Ordered 27-Inch iMacs Shipping Earlier Than Originally Estimated

China Unicom: Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 Hit 300,000

Fortune: Numbers Making Black Friday Shopping Sales on Kindle Fire Almost Non-Existent Appear to Have Been Heavily Skewed

Goldman Sachs Analysts: Tablets to Drive Smartphone Choices (Which is Good News for Apple)

Wired: Police Urge Motorists to Steer Clear of Apple Maps as Directions Leave Drivers Stranded in the Desert

The Register: Faulty Australian iOS Map Data Came from Australia, Not Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 12.10.2012

In Apple TV: Potential for Appy Holidays

9 to 5 Mac: Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Coming in Next Apple TV Software Update

Bill Palmer at Beatweek Thinks Apple will Go Full-on Television Rather Than Stick with the Hobby Puck

Maynard Um Thinks Apple will Go Full-on Television Rather Than Stick with the Hobby Puck

iPhone 5 Listed as In-Stock for a Number of Apple Online Stores

Friday: BestBuy Offers $25 Gift Card to People Who Buy an iPhone 5 (with a 2-Year Contract)

Sunday: BestBuy Offers $50 Off the Price of an iPhone 5 (with a 2-Year Contract)

NTT DoCoMo Sees First Monthly Subscriber Drop in Over 5-Years; Blames Lack of iPhone 5

Crowds Small and Riddled with Scalpers at iPad mini Launches in China

New Orders for 27-Inch iMac Slip to Shipping in January

Fortune: Made-in-USA Mac Likely to be the Mac Pro

Bloomberg: Secret Sources Say Apple and Google to File Joint Bid for Eastman Kodak Patents

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Mac OS Ken: 12.07.2012

Apple CEO Calls TV “an Area of Intense Interest” for Apple

The Pros and Cons of Made-in-America Macs

Early Thursday: T-Mobile USA and Apple Enter Deal to Sell an Apple Something in 2013

Later Thursday: T-Mobile Getting iPhone in 2013; Dropping Subsidies for Smartphones in 2013 (Though It May Not Look That Way to iPhone Buyers)

RBC Analyst Sees Apple/T-Mobile iPhone Tie-Up Adding 4-5 Million Additional iPhone Sales in First Year of Deal

Shipping Times for iPad mini Drop to One-Week in the U.S.

IDC Sees Apple Maintaining Over a 50 Percent Share of Tablet Space Until at Least 2016

Detwiler Fenton: Lack of Retail Exposure is Killing Microsoft Surface Sales

China Unicom iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Double in Three-Days to 200k

Target Cuts $20 Off iPhone 5 Price Through December 15

Vista Repair Hacker Kristen Paget Hired by Apple

Judge Koh to Decide Final Points in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Case in Individual Rulings Over the Next Few Months

Samsung Attorney: Global Peace Talks Are in Apple's Court

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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2012

China Mobile President Says Technology and Business Have Kept iPhone Off of His Carrier (So Far)

Apple Translates "Start Developing iOS Apps Today" Into Chinese

Canalys: 25 Developers Made Half of Mobile App Revenue in First 20 Days of November

Mossberg Says “Find Duplicates” Feature Returning to iTunes 11 Soon

iPodNN: iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store See Sporadic Access Issues Worldwide on Wednesday

9 to 5 Mac: Russian iTunes Store Accidentally Directs Users to Porn and Escort Sites

Apple Adds App-Enabled Accessories Section to Its Online Store

RadioShack Cuts $20 Off iPhone 5 Price Through December 15

Apple Seeds New Build of OS X 10.8.3 beta to Developers

MacNN: Work Underway on Austin, Texas Expansion for Apple

Apple Looking to Double Maiden, NC Fuel Cell Project

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Mac OS Ken: 12.05.2012

Shaw Wu Ups iPhone Sales Estimates and Lowers Mac Sales Estimates for the Current Quarter

Electronista: Apple Raises iPhone 5 Purchase Cap in the States from 2-Per-Customer to 10-Per-Customer

Barclays Capital Analyst Makes Case (Again) for Low-Cost iPhone for Developing Markets

NPD Says Black Friday Consumer Electronics Sales Off 5.6% (Though They Don’t Count iPads, Kindles, Surfaces, Smartphones or Video Games)

Apple Updates iWork Titles for iOS and OS X

Dockster Trojan Targets Macs Through Site Dedicated to Dalai Lama

Cult of Mac: Home Brewing Your Own Internal Fusion Drive for New 21.5-Inch iMac is Impossible Adds Passbook Integration to Its iOS App

RE/MAX Signs with Vizibility to Put 4,500 Agents Business Cards in iOS Passbook

Urban Airship Buys iOS Passbook-centric Startup Tello

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Mac OS Ken: 12.04.2012

China Unicom Sees 100,000 Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 on First Day of Availability

Apple Launching iPhone 5 in 50 New Countries Before End of 2012

Wait Times for iPhone 5 Drop to 2-to-4 Business Days on Apple Site

Canaccord Genuity Sees Sales on 47.5 Million iPhones in the December Quarter

Yahoo!: iPhone 5 Second Most Searched Term in U.S. in 2012

Yahoo!: Amazon Kindle Most Searched for Gadget in UK in 2012; Third Overall

Apple Launches iTunes Store in Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa and 52 Other Countries

iMore: Apple Now Sells Music in 118 Countries and Movies in 66 Countries

Some Off-the-Shelf iMacs Sporting “Assembled in USA” Inscription

Apple Seeds iOS 6.1 beta 3 to Developers

Judge Lucy Koh Says All But Financial Details of Settlement Between Apple and HTC Should Be Made Public

News Corp. Pulls the Plug on The Daily

Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs Bio-Pic to Premier at 2013 Sundance Film Festival

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Mac OS Ken: 12.03.2012

Apple to Start Sales of New New iPad and iPad mini on 7 December; iPhone 5 on 14 December

Mixed Reaction from Analysts to iPad/iPhone China Announcement

comScore MobileLens: Apple Takes Second in Cellphone Sales in the States for First Time Ever

iFixIt Busts Open a New 21.5-Inch iMac and Finds a 3-Out-of-10 Repairability Rating

Shipping Time for 27-Inch iMac Jumps from 2-3 Weeks to 3-4 Weeks in First 24-Hours of Pre-Orders

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Allowing Third-Party Retailers to Sell $15 to $500 Adjustable Price iTunes Gift Cards

RBC Capital Analyst Considers Possible Processor Partners for Apple Besides Samsung

Other RBC Capital Analyst Says Apple Talking with Intel About Producing Chips for iThings

Apple Says It Did Not Know of Samsung Jury Foreman’s Seagate Lawsuit Until After the Trial 

CNET: BTIG Research Expects an iRadio Service from Apple in First Half of 2013

Tim Cook Interview to Air on NBC’s Rock Center This Thursday 6 December Sees a Rise in Apple Related Baby Names in 2012

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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2012

Apple Releases iTunes 11

iTunes 11 Lets Users Redeem iTunes Gift Cards Through Computer Camera

Apple Releases Version 5.1.1 of Apple TV Firmware

Apple Updates Remote App for iOS to Version 3.0

Merrill Lynch Analyst Thinks T-Mobile USA Could Announce Deal to Sell iPhone Next Week

WSJ: iPhone 5 Launch in China Appears Imminent

Apple Starts Sales of Unlocked iPhone 5s in the States

Apple Pays Harley-Davidson for Use of “Lightning” Trademark

Apple Puts Shrunken Front Cover of The New Yorker and Time on the Back Cover in Clever iPad mini Ad

Business Insider: Apple Apparently Skipping Advertising During 2013 Superbowl

Apple Enthusiast Posts 485 Apple Ads and Promos on YouTube

Apple Breaks Ground on Two-Building Campus in Santa Clara

Completion of Apple Spaceship Campus Pushed Back to 2016

Microsoft to Start Intel-based Surface Pro at $899 (Minus Keyboard Cover)

Father of the iPod Says Forstall “Got What He Deserved”

Apple and Starbucks Tie-Up on Product (RED) eGift Basket

Find Out More About the Apple/Starbucks Product (RED) eGift Basket at

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2012

Barrons: Citi Sees Marked Improvements in Availability of iPhone 5 and iPad mini

ABI Research Says iPad Lineup Accounts for 55% of Tablets Shipped in 3Q 2012

Sales of Samsung Galaxy Phones Banned in the Netherlands for Violating iOS “Bounce Back” Patent (Maybe)

Apple Reportedly Sourcing iPad and MacBook Pro Batteries from Chinese Firms After Samsung Split

Time Warner CEO Hopes Apple Makes a Full-On Television

Bing: iPhone 5 Most-Searched Term in U.S. in 2012 

Working Apple-1 Sells a Auction for New Record-Setting Price

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Mac OS Ken: 11.28.2012

Research Firm Puts iOS at Top of US Smartphone Market for Three-Months ENding in October

IDC: iOS and Android to Knock BlackBerry from Top Spot in Business This Year

Apple Releasing New 21.5-Inch iMac This Friday 30 November

GM Says Siri “Eyes Free” Mode to Land in Two Chevy Vehicles Early Next Year

Bloomberg Report Says Apple Has Fired the Guy in Charge of Maps in iOS

Barclays Bank Deploys Over 8,500 iPad Across UK

Apple Releases Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.1 for 2012 MacBook Pro

Apple Issues OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update 2.0 for Macs Made in 2012

Apple Releases First Build of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Amazon Plays Fun With Numbers Without Numbers for Thanksgiving Weekend Kindle Sales

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Mac OS Ken: 11.27.2012

TMO: Mr. Munster Now Expects a Full-On Apple Television in November 2013

Business Insider: Mr. Munster Expects Unsubsidized $200 iPhone for India and China in 2014

Fortune: Mr. Munster Sees Increased Foot Traffic for Apple Retail on Black Friday and Similarities Between Microsoft Store and a Ghost Town

IBM: Online Shopping Up Significantly Over Thanksgiving Holiday with iThings Representing in a Huge Way

Raymond James Analyst: Valuable Tablet Shoppers Shop Via iPad

Nielsen: Kids Clamor for iThings This Holiday Season

Best Buy Outs Apple-Centric Holiday Ad

Apple Now Selling iTunes Credit Through Facebook Gifts

Forbes: Analysts High on Apple After Black Friday Sales

Pacific Crest Analyst Lowers Apple Price Target: Still Recommends Shares

Last Week: iPhone 5 Ship Times Drop to Two-Weeks

This Week: iPhone 5 Ship Times Drop to One-Week

Wifi-Only 4th-Gen iPad Now “In Stock” on Apple Site in US and Canada

Wifi-Only and Wifi-Plus-Cellular 4th-Gen iPad Now “In Stock” on Apple Site in US and Canada; iPad minis Still Show Two-Week Wait

Apple Seeks New Language Teachers for Siri

HTC CEO: Happy with Apple Settlement and Not Paying a Much as People Think

Apple Ordered to Reveal Terms of HTC Settlement to Lawyers Representing Samsung

HERE Maps for iOS from Nokia Now in App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 11.21.2012

The Thanksgiving No Show Show

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Mac OS Ken: 11.20.2012

Fortune: Merrill Lynch Analyst Issues Positive Note on Apple While Lowering Price Target on Company’s Shares

Topeka Capital Analyst Calls Recent Apple Sell-Off “Insanely Insane”

Apple Ends Trading Monday Up $38.05 to Close at $565.73

All Things D Sources Say New iMacs Still Shipping This Year (And Supply Will Still Be Constrained)

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Opens Refurbished Equipment Store on eBay

iTunes Match Suffers Monday Morning Outage on the Heels of Sunday iMessage and FaceTime Failures

9 to 5 Mac Sources Say Siri and Maps Headed to OS X 10.9

Sketchy Source Says OS X 10.9 to Be Called “Lynx” (and I Like It)

Report: Apple Sells Parts of AuthenTec; Keeps the Fingerprint Scanning  and NFC Bits

Greenpeace Lowers Apple to Sixth in Latest Greener Electronics Guide

President Obama Calls a Few CEOs Including Apple CEO Tim Cook to Talk Over U.S. Economy

Intel CEO Paul Otellini Retiring in May 2013

Apple Starts Music Sales on iTunes Russia at Roughly 50% U.S. Prices

Apple Brings Full AC/DC Catalogue to iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2012

Bloomberg: Apple and Motorola Mobility Consider Binding Arbitration to Settle FRAND Licensing Issues

Samsung Files to See Terms of Apple-HTC Settlement

U.S. Magistrate Judge Allows Samsung and Apple to Add New Products to Existing Patent Lawsuit

IDC Analyst: iPad Sales Increase in China After iPad Trademark Settlement with Proview

Apple Closing Messages beta for Lion; Suggests People Upgrade to Mountain Lion

iMessage and FaceTime Take a Sunday Nap

Australia Sends Apple a Bill for $28.5 Million in Back Taxes

OpenFeint Closing Down; Developers Urged to Migrate Games to New Owner Gree

Android Version Jelly Bean Omits Birthdays and Events from the Month of December

Authorities Arrest Guy They Believe to be the “Inside Man” at the JFK/iPad Heist

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2012

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks Apple Will Sell More iPhones and iPads in the Next Six-Months Than Wall Street is Expecting

Credit Suisse Analyst Reiterates “Outperform” Rating on Apple on Computer/Tablet/Smartphone Strength

Jeffries and Co Analyst Sees Something Involving Apple and TV as “Imminent”

Single Source Rumor Has New iMacs Pushed to 2013

USA Today: Survey Shows Significant Number of Windows Users Making Their Next Purchase an Apple Purchase (Though Not Necessarily a Mac)

HP PC-Exec Disses/Dismisses Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Issues Critical Security Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 and Bug Fixes for 2011

Apple Asking App Developers to Rename or Remove Apps with the Word “Memory” in the Title from the App Store

Apple Releases iBooks 3.0.2 to Fix Crashing Issue on iOS 6 Devices

WSJ: Source Says Google Putting Finishing Touches on Google Maps App for iOS

Apple Takes Control of 1,000+ Nortel Patents Purchased by Rockstar Consortium

Sorkin: Jobs Bio-Pic to Take Place Backstage Before Three Apple Product Launches

Jimmy, Tommy and Hendry Knock Over JFK for $1.5 Million in iPad minis

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2012

Samsung Mobile Exec Says His Company Not Pursuing HTC-Style Settlement with Apple

Munster: 20-Percent Increase in A-Series Processors May Eventually Cost Samsung Processor Production for Apple

Fortune: Financial Analysts Still Like Apple Fundamentals; Stand by Their Targets

S&P Capital IQ Analyst Ups Apple Rating from “Buy” to “Strong Buy”

Gartner: Android Increases Lead Over iOS in Smartphones; Apple is Third-Largest Cellphone Maker on the Planet

Lawyer Sues Microsoft Over 32GB Surface RT Having Less Than 32GB of User Accessible Memory

Apple Turns on Turn-By-Turn Navigation in iOS 6 for Australia

Foxconn Takes Delivery of 10,000 “Foxbot” Manufacturing Machines

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Mac OS Ken: 11.14.2012

Fortune: The Man Who Made “The Bear Case for Apple” Is Suddenly in an Apple Buying Mood

UBS Hardware Analyst Says Apple Execs Say There are “More Frontiers to Conquer, More New Categories to Create”

CNET: Analyst Says Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad in Terms of Sales in First Half of 2013

Chetan Sharma: Apple Currently Earns 95% of Global Profits in Tablets and Over 70% of Global Profits in Smartphones

Apple Stops Physical Sales of AppleCare in Italy and Modifies Offering Online

Nokia Plans to Launch Maps App for iOS and Android in Coming Weeks

Apple Tops in Retail Productivity; Makes $6,050 Per Square Foot

Apple Launches 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The Squier by Fender USB Stratocaster

Oakley Airwave Goggles: Powered by Android, Available Through Apple’s Online Store

The Next Web: Job Postings Indicate Plans to Expand Apple Retail to Brazil and Turkey

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Mac OS Ken: 11.13.2012

Some 9 to 5 Mac Readers Informed That Their LTE iPad mini Will Arrive This Friday

Wait Time for iPhone 5 Drops to 2-3 Weeks on

Apple Asks iPhone Owners to Reboot Their Phone Before Making an Appointment with the Genius Bar

Apple Seeds betas of iOS 6.1 and Apple TV Update to Developers

CNET: Passbook to Get Better Explanation in iOS 6.1

Apple Issues Aperture 3.4.3 to Fix Serial Number Requirement Issue

Apple and HTC Settle Lawsuits; Enter 10-Year IP Licensing Deal

Shaw Wu Guesses HTC Paying Apple $6 to $8 Per Phone is Sells

Windows President Steven Sinofsky Out at Microsoft

Barclays Capital Analyst Lowers PC Sales Forecast for 2012-2016

Report: Samsung Hikes Apple’s Processor Price 20%

Apple Forced to Keep Samsung Statement on UK Site Longer Than Originally Planned; Cover Samsung Fees Related to UK Case

NYT: Text Messages Drop for First Time in U.S. as Messaging Apps Take Hold

Apple Donates $2.5 Million to Red Cross for Superstorm Sandy Relief

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2012

Shaw Wu Expects Disparity Between Supply and Demand for iPhone 5 to Shrink Soon

BTIG Analyst Expects Disparity Between Supply and Demand for iPhone 5 to Shrink Soon

Munster Sees First Signs of Supply/Demand Balance for iPhone 5; Expects Apple Stock to Even Out Soon

Oppenheimer Analyst Sees Apple Shares Pulling Out of Slump Soon 

Topeka Capital Analyst Sees Strong Sales for Apple in Supply Chain Numbers

Apple Shipping First Round of Pre-Ordered LTE iPad 4s and iPad minis Next Week

Apple Reportedly Requiring Made for iThing Licensees to Abide by Its Supplier Code of Conduct

Apple Issues MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0 for June 2012 Mac Notebooks

Judge Koh to Look into Possible Jury Foreperson Misconduct in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Case

AT&T Opens FaceTime Over Cellular to Tiered Data Plan Consumers on LTE Devices (Though Not Necessarily on LTE)

AT&T Offers $100 Off of LTE iPads and Other Tablets with 2-Year Data Contract

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2012

Hon Hai Chairman: iPhone 5 is Still Hard to Produce

CNN/Money: Market, Mixed iPad mini Reviews and Executive Shakeup Pull Apple Shares to Five-Month Low

Apple Named Most Innovative Company for Third Consecutive Year in Booz & Co Global Innovation 1000 Study

Canalys: Apple Drops Out of Top-Five Smartphone Makers in China in 3Q (Though Number of iPhones Sold Still Grew Y-o-Y)

Apple Found Guilty of Violating Four VirnetX Patents in FaceTime; Ordered to Pay $368 Million

Apple Wins Ornamental Patent for Design of iPad

Apple Updates Its Store App for iOS with Passbook Compatibility and Siri Integration

The Verge: Microsoft to Out Limited Office for iOS and Android in Early 2013

Wired: AT&T to Offer 32GB Nokia Lumia on Windows Phone 8 for $100 (with 2-Year Contract)

DC Adds Individual Comic Issues to iBookstore, Kindle Store and Nook Book Store

Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue Joins Board of Ferrari

Delta Airlines: Buy a Private Jet Card for $100,000 and Get a Free* Not Top-of-the-Line MacBook Air

Pixar Names Its Headquarters “The Steve Jobs Building”

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Mac OS Ken: 11.07.2012

TUAW: Fourth-Gen iPad Listed as “In Stock” in US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore

Bloomberg: Apple Working Toward Ditching Intel Inside Macs for Self-Designed ARM Processors

Shaw Wu Sees Apple’s Eventual Move from Intel to ARM as Sensible (Perhaps Inevitable)

Verizon Closing Its Android/BlackBerry App Store

Federal Judge Tosses Apple Patent Case Against Motoroogle in Wisconsin

Developer Build of iOS 6.1 Gives Siri the Power to Buy Movie Tickets in the States

Cult of Mac: Server Logs Show First Appearances of OS X 10.9

Former iAd Chief Andy Miller: Forstall Was “a Miracle Worker” and “Ridiculously Professional”

Direct download: macosken121107.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 2:30am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 11.06.2012

Apple Sells Three Million iPad minis and Fouth-Gen iPads Combined on Launch Weekend for Both Devices

All Things D’s Peter Kafka Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple Upset with Peter Kafka for Being Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

Business Insider’s Jay Yarow Upset with Jim Dalrymple for Being Upset with Peter Kafka for Being Upset with Apple for Not Breaking Out iPad mini Sales Numbers

Fortune: Analysts Largely Positive on Weekend iPad/iPad mini Sales Launch

IDC Sees iPad Lose Worldwide Market Share in 3QCY2012 as People Waited to See About iPad mini

IHS Says Each Individual 32GB Surface RT More Profitable for Microsoft Than Each 32GB iPad is for Apple

9 to 5 Mac: Windows Surface RT FAQ Shows Only 16GB of Useable Memory in 32GB Unit

IHS Figures Each $199 Kindle Fire HD Costs Amazon $207 to Make

The Guardian: Google Maps App for iOS Expected to be Ready by Year’s End (Though Secret Sources Doubt Apple Will Approve It)

Wired Doubts Apple Would Freeze a Google Maps App Out of the App Store 

TUAW: Apple Appears to Be Tightening Control of Retail Experience for its Gear in China

Direct download: macosken121106.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:17am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 11.05.2012

NYC 5th Ave Store: TMO Weighs the Length of the iPad mini Line

NYC 5th Ave Store: Piper Jaffray Analyst Says iPad mini Launch Line the Third-Longest in Four Year; Topeka Capital Analyst Says All Sold Out in Two Hours and Ten Minutes

Barrons: R.W. Baird Analyst Unfazed by Shorter Lines for iPad mini

KGI Analyst Says Less Than a Million iPad minis Sold Last Weekend WOuld Still Put it on Top of the Mid-Size Tablet Market

BTIG Analyst Says If iPad mini Sells Under 3-Million Units in First Weekend Than it is a Failure

BGR: Apple Adding Next-Day Pickup Option for iPad mini

Apple Shares See Friday Selloff; End Day Down 3.31%

IHS Says 16GB Wifi-Only iPad mini Costs $188 in Pieces and Parts

iFixit Gives iPad (4th Gen) 2 out of 10 for Repairability; Disappointed by Tablet’s Speakers

IDC: Android Equals 75% of Smartphone Market Worldwide in 3Q, iOS Equals 14.9%

comScroe: iOS and iPhone Gain Market Share in the States

WSJ: Rumor Has Microsoft Testing Its Own Smartphone

Rewritten Apple Statement on Samsung Starts Running in Newspapers in UK

AMTRAK Adds Passbook Support to iPhone App

Direct download: macosken121105.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:18am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2012

Munster Sees Relatively Slow Start for iPad mini, Though Significant Acceleration to Follow

Business Insider: Apple Providing Shuttle Service for NYC Fifth Avenue Store Employees for iPad mini Launch

Apple Changes Ship Dates for Pre-Ordered Cellular iPad minis to “Mid-November”

iFixit Tears Up an iPad mini: Tough to Get Into and Tougher to Repair

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1

Apple Ships First betas of iOS 6.1 and Xcode 4.6 to Developers

Apple Updates Safari, iPhoto and Aperture for OS X

Apple Loses Right to Sell iPhone Branded Products in Mexico

Apple Ordered to Remove and Replace Samsung Statement on its UK Site

Business Insider: Forstall May Have Seen the Writing on the Wall Last April

All Things D: Exit of Forstall May Have Encouraged Return of Mansfield

Patent Expert Says In Losing Forstall, Apple Appears to Be Losing Its Most Prolific Current Inventor

California AG Threatens Developers with $2,500 Fine Pre Download if They Fail to Comply with State Privacy Law

Apple’s 10k: Concerns for Apple and Nightmare Fuel for the Rest of US

Direct download: macosken121102.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:11am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2012

iTunes Teams with American Red Cross to Collect Donations for Superstorm Sandy Relief Effort

Apple Shares Close Under $600 In First Day of Trading After Reorganization Announcement

Barrons: Analysts Still Positive on Apple Despite Executive Shuffle (Except for Enderle Award Winner Trip Chowdry)

Reviews Out for iPad mini; Mostly Positive with a Grumbling or Two on Price and Screen Resolution

Asustek CFO Says Monthly Nexus 7 Sales “Close to 1 Million” Units a Month

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD/iPad mini Compare and Contrast Wrong on Sound Quality

All Things D: iPhone 5 Clears Next-to-Last Regulatory Hurdle in China

Apple Willing to Pay Motoroogle $1 Per iPhone to License Standards Essential Patents

Apple Sends Reminders About First Auto-Renewals for iTunes Match

Apple’s 10k: Oppenheimer and Forstall Get New Titles and Apple Grows R&D by $1 Billion

Apple 10k: Company Plans 30 to 35 New Stores in FY2013

Direct download: macosken121101.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:02am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.31.2012

Shaw Wu Sees Executive Changes at Apple as Positive

Gene Munster Sees Cook and Ive in for the Long Haul

Brian White and Bill Power See Changes at Apple as “Natural Evolution”

Apple Pushes iTunes 11 to (Probably Late) November

Washington Post: Pentagon Adding iOS and Android Devices to Its Mobile Mix

9 to 5 Mac: iPad with Retina Display Ship Times Slip to One Week

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Sees Apple Selling 101.6 Million iPads in FY2013

Ballmer: Nobody Has Made a Tablet Customers Want Until the Microsoft Surface

Ballmer: Apple is a Low-Volume Player in Everything but Tablets (Never Mind Smartphone and MP3 Players)

Direct download: macosken121031.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:58am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.30.2012

Apple Ditches iOS Lead Forstall and Retail Chief Browett

WSJ: Sources Say Forstall Fired Over Refusal to Sign the Mapology

Cult of Mac: Forstall Role as “Advisor” Likely Just to Keep Him Out of the Job Market

Tim Cook Emails Apple Employees on Executive Changes

All Things D: The Big News is Jony Ive’s Ascendence Over Hardware AND Software Design

GigaOm: The BIG Big News is Tim Cook Branding Apple as His Own

Forstall and Browett Pictures Already Pulled from Apple “Executive Profiles” Page

Direct download: macosken121030.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:53am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.29.2012

Wifi-Only iPad mini Shipping Time Slips from 2 November to “Two Weeks”

Amazon Says Sales of $199 Kindle Fire HD Pop After Announcement of $329 iPad mini

Amazon Posts Self-Leaning Chart Comparing Kindle Fire HD Versus iPad mini on Front Page of

MarketWatch: Gazelle Sees Devices Trade-Ins Rise 700% After iPad mini Announcement; NextWorth Sees iPad Trade-Ins Rise 1,000%

DMCA Exemption Not Extended to Tablets or Smartphones Purchased Next Year

A New Round of Countries to Receive iPhone 5 This Friday

PC Magazine Gives 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Conditional) Editors’ Choice Nod

iFixIt Gives 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2 Out of 10 for Repairability

Apple Launches TV Ad for 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Issues Software Updates for New 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display as Well as for Camera RAW, Logic Pro and Logic Express

iFixit Gives New Mac mini “8 Out of 10” Repairability Rating

Google Android Event and D: Dive Into Mobile Both Postponed Due to Hurricane Sandy

Get the Free Hurricane App by the American Red Cross on iTunes

Registration Open for Macworld/iWorld 2013

Apple Opening New Retail Location in Shenzhen, China This Weekend

Apple Inc Takes Control of Apple Corps Granny Smith Green Apple Logo

Working Apple 1 Up for Auction

Direct download: macosken121029.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:11am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2012

Fortune: Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part I

Barrons: Other Financial Analysts Weigh-In on Tuesday Apple Event Part II

CNET: Yet Another Weighs-In on Tuesday Apple Event

TMO: Shaw Wu Thinks Apple Knows What It’s Doing with iPad mini Pricing

Daring Fireball: iPad mini Priced at “Gamble” Rather Than “Sure Thing”

Electronista: No GPS for Wifi-Only iPad mini

Apple Posts External Schematics of iPad mini and 4th-Gen iPad

A Couple of Analysts Comment on 4th-Gen iPad

KGI Analyst Thinks iPad mini Could Mean End of Development for iPod touch

Apple Starts Sales of Lightning to HDMI and Lightning to VGA Adapters

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor

CNNMoney: AT&T Activates 1.3 Million iPhone 5s in First Week of Availability

Vast Majority of Smartphones Activated by AT&T Last Quarter Were iPhones

Sprint Activates 1.5 Million iPhones Total in September Quarter

Apple Reports September-Quarter Record Sales for iPhone, iPad and Mac and Record September Quarter Revenue

Fortune: Wall Street Expected Higher EPS Than Apple Delivered

Apple Opening Remodeled Palo Alto Store on 27 October

Direct download: macosken121026.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:43am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.24.2012

Apple Streams iPad mini Event Live; Adds Apple Events Channel to Apple TV

Apple Intros iBooks 3.0

Apple Updates iBooks Author to Version 2.0

Apple Introduces Updated Mac mini and Mac mini Server

Apple Insider: Fusion Drive Explained

Apple Intros New iMacs with Thinner Form Factor, Fusion Drive and No Optical Drive

Apple Intros 13-Inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple Intros 4th-Gen iPad and iPad mini

CNET: Some Apple Store Accepting 3rd-Gen iPad Returns if Purchased in Last 30-Days

Direct download: macosken121024.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:30am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.23.2012

Paid-Content Goes Live in iBookstore for 17 New Countries One Day Before Anticipated iPad mini Event

Bloomberg/Businessweek Says iPad in Education to Be Major Focus of San Jose Apple Event

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Dropping BlackBerry for iPhone

Gartner VP: iPads to Outnumber BlackBerries at Work by 2014

Rumor: Apple and VMWare Working on Cloud-Based iWork Suite for iPad

Fortune: 44 of 64 Analysts Thinks Mac Sales in 4Q Beat Mac Sales in 3Q

JP Morgan Analyst Says iPad mini Will Increase Erosion of PC-Sales

Boy Genius Report: Lighting Authentication Chip Clones Prevalent in China

Japanese Court Rejects Two Samsung Patent-Infringement Claims Against Apple

Samsung Says Reports That It’s Killing Its LCD Panel Deal with Apple Are False

The Loop Posts Rare 20-Minute Documentary on Steve Jobs Building NeXT

Direct download: macosken121023.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:20am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.22.2012

Fortune Looks at the Many Unknowns and Great Expectations for the Tuesday Apple Event

Gruber Sees $249 to $299 as a Sensible Starting Price for iPad mini

KGI Analyst Estimates iPad Mini Components to Run from $195 at the Low End to $254.50 at the High End

Price-Comparison Site Says Consumers Choose Black iThings Over White iThings by 70% So Far in 2012

Evercore Partners Analyst Expects Apple to Phase-Out iPad 2 Soon

Electronista: Apple Event Could Include Release Date for iTunes 11

iMore: iBook Description in France May Indicate iBooks 3.0 Announcement (or May Have Been a Typo)

TechCrunch: Wait Times Reduced for New iPods

All Things D: Sources Say Apple Hires Engineering Team from Color; Does Not Buy Entire Company

9 to 5 Mac: Work Begins on the Apple Prineville,OR Data Center

Nokia Lumia 920 on Pre-Order at Best Buy for $149.99

Apple Sued for Locking the iPhone to AT&T (And No, It’s Not 2008)

Direct download: macosken121022.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:05am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2012

Fortune: Pro and Indie Analysts Combined Expect iPhone Sales of 26.4 Million Units for 4QFY2012

Fortune: Pro Analysts Expects 17.6 Million iPads Sold for 4QFY2012; Indies Look for Sales of 19.23 Million

Verizon Sells Just 651,000 iPhone 5s Last Quarter Due to Supply Constraints, Not Demand

Verizon (and Perhaps Sprint) iPhone 5 Owners See Strange Time Shifts on Their New Phones

Apple Loses UK Appeal; Will Have to Run “Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” Ads

Judge Koh Says Apple Cannot Seek Additional Damages in Samsung Case Without Revealing Info It Does Not Want to Appeal

Employment of Hacker Comex Ends When He Forgets to Respond to Extension Email

Apple Retail Chief Browett Shows Off Wangfujing Store; Confirms Store Being Built in Shenzhen

Shaw Wu: Microsoft Surface Pricing Could Be “Fatal Mistake”

Newsweek Killing Print; Going All-Digital at Start of 2013

CNET: Some Extreme Orthodox Christians in Russia See Apple Logo as Blasphemous

Direct download: macosken121019.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:19am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2012

Musnter Sees Growth for Apple with iPad mini Despite Likely Traditional iPad Cannibalization

Janney Montgomery Scott Analyst Ups Apple Price Target on iPad mini Expectations

WSJ: Anonymous Foxconn Exec Says “iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled”

iFixIt: New iPod nano Gets Middle-of-the-Road Third-Party Repairability Rating

iFixIt and Greenpeace Bash EPEAT for Giving Green/Gold Certification to Ultrathin Laptops

Apple Reportedly Holding Made for iThings Technology Summit in Shenzhen November 7-9

Fun with Numbers Without Numbers: The 32GB Microsoft Surface for Windows RT Edition

Business Insider: Windows RT to Take Up First 12GB of 32GB Microsoft Surface

Google Sends Out Invitations to Android Event for 29 October in NYC

Munster: Price-Matching at Best Buy and Target Will Not Blunt Force of Amazon

Best Buy to Launch Its Own 9.7-Inch Android Tablet Pre-Holidays

Direct download: macosken121018.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 3:39am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.17.2012

Apple Sends Out Invitations for 23 October Event

Apple Insider: Secret Source Says Apple Will Launch 12 iPad mini Configurations in 2 Colors for Total of 24 Choices

Microsoft Starts Ads for Surface

Microsoft Begins Pre-Orders for Surface for Windows RT Units

Alleged Schillergram Says 5th-Gen iPod touch Too Thin for an Ambient Light Sensor

ABI Research: App Sizes Hulk Out with iOS Move to Retina Displays

Macworld UK: Apple May Leverage Passbook as Payment Method in Its Retail Stores

Apple Pushes Java Update Addressing “Zero-Day” Exploit to Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion Machines

Apple Reportedly Buys San Francisco-Based HTML5 Developer Particle

Foxconn Admits to Using Underage Labor for a Few Weeks for Non-Apple Manufacturing

Watchmaker with “Exclusive” Rights to SBB Clock Design “Surprised” by Apple Licensing Deal

Direct download: macosken121017.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:54am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.16.2012

Barrons: Pacific Crest and R. W. Baird Analysts Still Very Bullish on Apple

Macworld UK: Rumor Has New iMac Making the Stage at (Also Rumored) 23 October Apple Event

9 to 5 Mac: Rumor Has New Mac mini Making the Stage at (Also Rumored) 23 October Apple Event

EPEAT Verification “Clarification” Makes Way for Ultrathin and Unibody Laptops in Program

TMO: Apple Moves to Separate Its Manufacturing from Samsung

Amazon and Apple Notify Customers of Possible Store Credit in eBook Case Settlement

All Things D: Apple Hires A9 CEO and Co-Founder Away from Amazon to Lead Siri Unit

Direct download: macosken121016.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:54am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.15.2012

All Things D: Sources Say Apple Holding iPad mini Event on 23 October

Reuters: Sources Say Apple Holding Event on 23 October (Probably for iPad mini)

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Sees Stacks of Third-Party iPad mini Accessories Ready to Roll

CNET: Alleged European Retailer Inventory Shows iPad mini Starting at €249

9 to 5 Mac: Source Says Apple will Launch 13-Inch MPB with Retina Display at 23 October Event

ChangeWave Survey: Maps Issues in iOS 6 No Issue for Would-Be iPhone 5 Buyers

Softbank Takes 70% Stake of Sprint for $20 Billion

Apple to Open Third Beijing, China Store on 20 October

Leawood, Kansas Apple Store Hit with Second Smash-and-Grab in Two Years

Engadget: EPEAT Begins Certifying Ultra-Thin Laptops, Including at Least One from Apple

Apple Expands Seagate Drive Replacement Program for iMacs

Learn more about the Seagate iMac drive replacement program at

WSJ Sources Say Best Buy to Match Online Prices This Holiday Season to Fight “Showrooming”

Apple and SBB Reach Licensing Deal for Clock Design in iOS 6 for iPad

Swiss Photographer Sues Apple Over Photo Used to Promote MBP: TNG

Direct download: macosken121015.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:17am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2012

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Says iPad mini Could be Next Big Thing in China

Apple Issues 1.0.1 Software Update for New iPod nano

iFixit: New iPod touch Not Friendly to Third-Party Repair

Apple Apparently Using Crazy-Recyclable Material Inside iPod touch and iPod nano Packaging

Apple Wins Stay Against Sales Ban on Some iThings in South Korea

Appeals Court Overturns Apple Requested Sales Ban on Samsung-Made Galaxy Nexus

WSJ: Apple Poaches Chip Designer from Samsung

Google Chairman Talks iOS Versus Android and Maps for iOS with Mossberg and Swisher

Cult of Mac: Emergency Alerts in iOS 6 Seem to Depend on the Carrier

Direct download: macosken121012.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:36am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.11.2012

Bloomberg: Fragility of Aluminum Casing May Be Source of iPhone 5 Bottleneck

Pacific Crest Analyst Says iPhone 5 Putting Sizable Dent in Competition

UN Telecoms Group Hosts Patent Roundtable to Discuss Effectiveness of FRAND-Based Licensing

Consumer Advocacy Groups in Italy Announce Class-Action Suit Against Apple Over AppleCare

IHS iSuppli: Yearly PC Shipments Likely to Fall for First Time Since 2001

IDC and Gartner: Apple Share Grows in Shrinking 3Q PC Sales Numbers

Gartner Gives Top-Spot in Worldwide PC Sales to Lenovo for 3Q While IDC Gives it to HP

Direct download: macosken121011.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:13am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.10.2012

Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu: Concerns Over Apple Are Overdone

Munster Sees Increased Ownership of iPhones and iPads Among U.S. Teens

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered Lighting-to-30 Pin Adaptors

Apple Starts Shipping Pre-Ordered iPod touches and iPod nanos

NPD DisplaySearch Analyst Says 13-Inch MBP with Retina Display Still on the Way

Apple Wins Additional Slide-to-Unlock Patent

EC Says Ebook Settlement with Apple and Four Publishers Could be Finalized in the Next Couple of Months

Patent Troll Lodsys Keeps Trollin’ Along

Cult of Mac: Chinese Firm Clones Working Knock-Off Lightning Connector

Taiwan Asks Apple to Please Obscure a Radar Installation in Satellite Images in iOS 6

Non-Functional Apple 1 Fails to Meet Reserve Price at Christie’s Auction

iLounge: UK-Site The Daily Brick Has Plans and Pieces for Building an iPhone 5 Dock Out of Lego

Direct download: macosken121010.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:42am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.09.2012

Barrons: Analysts High on iPhone 5 Despite Low Supply in U.S.

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst: iPhone 5 Sold Out in Hong Kong; Mainland China Seems to Be Prepping for iPhone 5 in December

Developers Spot - What Appears to Be - a New iPhone 4 in the Wings

Topeka Capital Analyst: iPad mini May Trump iPad in Terms of Design and May Start Off in Short Supply

Apple Insider: Mac mini Supply Drying Up Ahead of a Possible Refresh

Fortune Examines One Possible Reason for Apple’s $50 Drop Over the Past 15 Days

CNET: Rumors of a 10-inch, High-End, Cobranded Tablet from Google and Samsung

Apple and Other Tech Giants Band with W3C to Launch “Web Platform” Website

Direct download: macosken121009.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:37am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.08.2012

WSJ Says Apple Looking to Crank Out 10-Million iPad minis This Quarter

MacRumors: Developer Spots Apparent Third-Gen iPad Revision in App Analytics Logs

iMore: Revised Third-Gen iPad Ready to Roll to Consumers

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 is the Best iPhone Yet (But Not the Best Smartphone)

China Labor Watch Says Foxconn Workers Making iPhone 5 at Zhengzhou Plant Went on Strike on Friday

Foxconn Says There Were Altercations, But No Strike

Zhengzhou Official Says Foxconn Strike Was About 100 People for About an Hour

Apple Marks Steve Jobs Passing with Short Video at

Apple Addresses “Purple Hazegate”: Lens Flare Happens

Apple Updates iOS App for Apple Store with iPhone 5 Support

EE Follow-Up: No Penalty for Moving from Orange or T-Mobile to New UK 4G Network

Apple Extends 20GB Free iCloud Storage for MobileMe to 30 September 2013

Direct download: macosken121008.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:45am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst Lowers Last-Quarter iPhone Sales Estimates by 2.2 Million Units; Says It’s Irrelevant to Apple Shares

Macworld UK: Carrier EE Lighting the UK’s First 4G Mobile Network on 30 October

iPodNN: It Looks Like TV Shows have Landed on Apple TV and in iTunes in the Cloud in Germany

Apple Issues Supplemental Updates for Lion and Mountain Lion as Well as a Plethora of Printer Driver Updates

Google Adds Street View to iOS Accessible

Spend an Hour with Steve Jobs (in 1983)

Missing Time Capsule Holds Steve Jobs Mouse

Direct download: macosken121005.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:07am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2012

ComScore: iPhone Grabs 34.3% Smartphone Market Share for August in U.S.

iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Deemed Two of the Top Six Eco-Friendly Phones by iFixIt and

Wedge Partners Analyst Sees Worry Over iOS 6 Maps App as a Buying Opportunity

Bloomberg Says Ditching Google Maps in iOS was Steve Jobs’ Idea

Apple Reportedly Tapping Retail Employees to Help Fix iOS 6 Maps App

Indications that Apple May Want to Ditch Intel Inside Macs at Some Point

Bloomberg/Businessweek Sources Say Bob Mansfield Lured Out of Retirement with $2 Million a Month in Cash and Stock

WSJ Says “iPad mini” in Mass Production

Barclays Analyst Says iPad mini Could See Supply Shortage; Enderle Does the Big, Dumb Enderle Thing

Direct download: macosken121004.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:13am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.03.2012

Sterne Agee: iPhone 5 Sales Only Limited by Supply; Mapocalypse Not Dampening Demand

Pew Survey Shows iPad Market Share Dropping from 81% in 2011 to 52% in 2012 (But Tablet Ownership Doubled)

Motorola Mobility Withdraws One of Two ITC Complaints Against Apple

Center for Democracy and Technology Praises Apple for Privacy Controls in iOS 6

Developers Behind Software for Flip Mino Look for Second Chance with Givit Video Sharing App for iOS

Interbrand Names Apple the Second-Most Valuable Brand Worldwide in 2012

Direct download: macosken121003.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:18am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.02.2012

Fortune: Secret Someone Says Invitations for iPad mini Event to Go Out on 10 October

Apple Announces 4Q FY2012 Earnings Call for Thursday 25 October

Microsoft Reportedly Building News Organization for Retooled MSN Portal

Topeka Capital Analyst: October has Been “Rocktober” for Apple Share for Eight of the Last Nine Years

9 to 5 Mac: Some AT&T Customers Seeing Same Cellular Drain When Connected to Wifi Seen By Some Verizon Customers

Gizmodo: Alleged Apple Support Email Says Purple Halo or Lens Flare in iPhone 5 Are Normal for iPhone 5

Needham and Company Analysts Gives Up on a Cheap iPhone for Pay-as-You-Go Consumers

Judge Koh Dissolves Ban Against Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Suing Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in iPhone 5

Hospitality Software Maker Ameranth Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement in Passbook

EU Justice Commissioner Calls on Member Nations to Investigate AppleCare Advertising

Apple Issues Stability Update for iPhoto

Apple Giving Corporate Workers Entire Week of Thanksgiving Off with Pay; Time Off for Retail Available Later

Apple Pulls the Plug on the Ping

Apple App/Service Chomp Bites the Dust

Former MobileMe Users See Surprise 20-Gigabytes of Storage Added to iCloud Account Through 2050 (Probably a Short Lived Error)

19th Annual Mac Computer Expo Set for This Saturday 6 October in Petaluma, CA

Direct download: macosken121002.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:12am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 10.01.2012

Tim Cook Apologies for the Mapocalypse

Apple Launches Small Section of Third-Party Map Alternatives in App Store

Apple Softens Website Wording Describing Maps in iOS 6

Forbes: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Computerworld: Pleasure and Displeasure with the Apple Maps Apology

Munster Stands By 49-Million iPhone Sales Estimate for December Quarter

Apple Loses $10 Billion in Market Value on Day of Mapology

Forbes: Does Apple Have a Scott Forstall Problem? (Maybe, But It Does Not Matter)

Consumer Reports Revises iOS 6 Maps ReviewSaying It Is Better Than They Thought

iOS 6: For Some, Update Leads to Weeks Without Wifi Access

Apple Issues Fix for Verizon iPhone 5s That Tick Down Cellular Data While on Wifi

US Appeals Court Hands Jurisdiction Over Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Back to Judge Koh

Apple Says 97% of Monitored Supply Chain Workers Not Working an Excessive Number of Hours

Apple Updates Aperture to v3.4.1 with Minor Bug and Stability Fixes

Direct download: macosken121001.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:40am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2012

iPhone 5 Wave 2 Takes Communicator to 22 More Countries

Six US Regional Carriers Start iPhone 5 Sales Today (Some with $50 Discounts)

UBS Analyst Lowers Holiday-Quarter iPhone Sales Expectations to 38-Million Units Due to Supply Constraints

Some Users See Purple Halo and Purple Flare in Pictures Taken with iPhone 5

Apple Approval Process May Make iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Slow to Arrive

B of A Testing NFC-Free Payment System for iPhone and Android Phones

Urban Outfitters CIO Says Chain is Ditching Cash Registers for iPod touches and iPads

Apple Denied Music Icon Trademark Due to Similarity to Trademark Owned by MySpace

Motorola Advertises Against iOS 6 Maps with Non-Existent Address

Direct download: macosken120928.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:38am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2012

Security Researcher Finds Previously Undiscovered Zero-Day Vulnerability in Java 5, 6 and 7

iPhone 5 Gains First of Many Required Approvals for Sale in China

The Verge: Lack of Turn-By-Turn for iOS Turned Apple Off of Built-In Google Maps

Barclays Analyst Says Apple Needs to Address Maps Issue (Though He Seems Unclear on How)

NYT: Street View Coming to Google Maps Web App “In Two Weeks”

Free 20GB of iCloud Storage for MobileMe Transplants Ends Sunday 30 September

Amazon Seeks to Have Appstore Trademark and False Advertising Suit Brought by Apple Dismissed

RadioShack CEO Out of Job and Off the Board

Apple Insider: Apple Takes iPod Socks Off of the Online Store

Direct download: macosken120927.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 2:35am EDT

Bloomberg: In-Cell Displays and Qualcomm Chips Two Possible iPhone 5 Pinch Points

IHS iSuppli Analyst: iPhone 5 Geometrically More Complex Than Previous iPhones

Phil Schiller Says Scuff, Scratches and Marks on Aluminum Devices are Normal

Stealing of Apple Kit Up 40% in NYC in an Otherwise Low-Crime Year 

Google Chairman Says His Company Has Not Built a Standalone Google Maps App for iOS; Wishes Apple Had Kept Them Around

WSJ: Restrictions Required Apple to Build Special Maps App for China Using China-Specific Partner

MacRumors Looks at Ways Users Can Help Improve Apple Maps in iOS 6

Barnes and Noble Launches Two New Nook Tablets Aimed at Kindles Fires and iPad

Barnes and Noble Announces Device-Independent Nook Video Service Coming This Fall

Direct download: macosken120926.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:02am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.25.2012

Apple Says 5-Million iPhone 5s Sold on Opening Weekend

Munster, Bachman and Wu on Seeming iPhone 5 Numbers Shortfall

Apple Stock Sees Only Slight Dip on Gap Between iPhone 5 Sales Expectations and Actual Numbers

Apple Insider: Apple Reportedly Starting Personal Pickups for iPhone 5 in the States

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 a “Notable Improvement” Over iPhone 4S, Though iOS 6 Maps are Currently Lacking

AP: Verizon iPhone 5s Shipping Unlocked and Staying Unlocked According to Verizon Rep

Apple Releases Free “iPhone Users Guide for iOS 6” in iBookstore

Apple TV Software Updated to v5.1

SBB Says It Plans to Reach Agreement with Apple Over Use of Its Clock Design in iOS 6 for iPad

Samsung Seeks New Trial Against Apple in the States Based on Alleged Juror Misconduct

Direct download: macosken120925.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:32am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.24.2012

Piper Jaffray Analyst: iPhone Sales Expected to Reach 8-Million Units This Past Weekend; Store Lines 83% Longer Than Last Year

Piper Jaffray Analysts: Small Percentage of AT&T Customers Switching to Verizon with iPhone 5

Business Insider: Did Apple Make Enough iPhone 5s to Meet Huge Demand? Or Was Demand Lower Than Expected?

iMore: Thieve in UK, Japan and Tennessee Make off with iPhone 5s

Scuffgate! Reports of iPhone 5s Showing Up with Scuffs and Dings

iFixIt Teardown of iPhone 5 Reveals a More Repairable Device Than iPhone 4S

AnandTech: A6 Processor in iPhone 5 Uses Triple-Core GPU

The Mac Observer: Laptop Battery Life Significantly Improved with OS X 10.8.2 Update

Apple Seeks Additional $707 Million in San Jose Samsung Case

Apple Opening Second Hong Kong Store This Weekend

EC Gives Conditional Approval to Universal Music Purchase of EMI

Apple Takes Three iPhone 5 Ads and One Ad for EarPods to TV

Direct download: macosken120924.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 3:54am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2012

Apple Issues Statement on Mapocalypse (Not My name for it, Nor Apple’s)

ZDNet: Apple Started Seeking Additional Software Engineers for iOS Maps App Last Week

TechCrunh: Lack of Public Transit Directions in iOS 6 Maps App Opens Opportunities for Developers

Apple Issued EFI Firmware Updates for 2012 MacBook Air and 2012 MacBook Pro and an SMC Update for Late-2010 MacBook Air

Apple Takes Xcode 4.5 Out of beta

Cult of Mac: Apple Requiring Screenshots Optimized for iOS 5 for All App Updates

Apple and Four Publishers Offer Up Settlement Deal on Price-Fixing Charges in the EU

Apple Seeks Access to Interviews Between Amazon and USDoJ Held Prior to eBook Price-Fixing Case

Report: Apple Spends $3 Million on Extra Acres for Bigger Solar Farm Near Maiden, NC Data Center

Walmart Drops Full Line of Amazon Kindles from Sale at Stores and Online

American Airlines Outfitting 17,000 FLight Attendants with Samsung Galaxy Notes

Time Warner Cable COO Says His Company Might Give Up Some Control for a Really Good Third-Party UI

Swiss Federal Railway Service Says Apple Used Look and Feel of Its Copyrighted Clock in iOS 6 for iPad Without Permission

Direct download: macosken120921.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:41am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2012

Apple Releases iOS 6

Nearly Universal iOS 6 Gripe: Apple Maps App

Fortune: iPhone 5 Review Are Out; Overwhelmingly Positive

AT&T CEO Says “a Lot” of People Seem Willing to Pay Unsubsidized Price for iPhone 5

Wednesday: Lines Forming at Apple Stores for Friday’s iPhone 5 Launch

CNET: Publicity Seekers Started Lining Up at Apple NYC Cube Last Thursday

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Updates the iOS Apps GarageBand, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Cards, iMovie, Find My Friends, iPhoto, iTunes U and Remote

iLounge: Apple Updates Podcasts App with iCloud Synchronization Feature

Apple Lists Passbook-Enables Apps Inside the iOS 6 Passbook App

Apple Updates Mountain Lion to v10.8.2

Apple Updates iPhoto and Aperture for OS X

Apple Brings Gatekeeper and Minor Fixes to OS X Lion in v10.7.5

Apple Issues Security Updates for Lion and Snow Leopard

Apple Issues EFI Firmware Update 1.0 for MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Microsoft Updates Office for Mac 2011 with Support for Retina Display Macs

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hong Kong to Unveil Steve Jobs Figure Next Thursday

Jony Ive and Entire Apple Design Team Hit London for Prestigious D&AD Award

Direct download: macosken120920.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:38am EDT

Mas OS Ken: 09.19.2012

Shipping Times for New iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Slip to 3 to 4 Weeks

Apple Closes About $700

Sterne Agee Analysts Ups iPhone Sales Expectations for Second Time in a Week

Fortune: A Number of Analysts About to Go “Underwater” on Apple Price Targets

Apple Opening Five New Stores Between Thursday and Saturday

9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says Apple Looking to Build Datacenter of Unprecedented Size in Hong Kong

Apple Tops 2012 American Consumer Satisfaction Index for Computers and Tablets

Temporary Injunction Against Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Stands with Case Caught Between Two Courts

Twentieth Century Fox Intros Digital HD: New Films to Hit Digitally Weeks Ahead of DVD and Blu-Ray

Intel Sets Windows Tablet Event for 27 September

Direct download: macosken120919.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:17am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.18.2012

Apple Says 2-Million iPhone 5s Pre-Ordered in First 24-Hours, Doubling Record Set by iPhone 4S

AT&T Says iPhone 5 Its Fastest Selling iPhone Ever

Apple Insider: Financial Analysts Rev Current Quarter iPhone Sales Expectations in Wake of Apple Sales Release

Piper Jaffray Analyst: 6-Million iPhone 5s Sold Through Next Weekend a “Worst Case Scenario”

Apple Shares Break $700 in After-Hours Trading

Report: Apple Tapping Pegatron for 50% to 60% of iPad mini Production

Apple Updates Remote Desktop Admin Software to v3.5.3

Microsoft Sets Windows 8 Celebration Event for 25 October

HP CEO Brags on HP Design (Which Borrows Quite a Bit from Apple)

Direct download: macosken120918.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:42am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2012

Fun With Numbers Without Numbers: The iPhone 5 Pre-Order Sell Out Edition

TMO Analysis: Apple’s “Blown Away” Comment a Not So Thinly Veiled Message to Wall Street

Maynard Um Expects Better Sales in First Three Days of iPhone 5 Than First Three Days of iPhone 4S

Munster: iPhone is Rolex in a World of Timex Smartphones

Apple Releases Lightning to Micro USB Connector as Required by EU Law

Apple Posts Publicly Accessible “Blueprint” of iPhone 5 to Its Developer Site

Bloomberg: Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer Reportedly Leaves Apple

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

iPad Tops JD Power and Associates Tablet Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ballmer Hints at Microsoft Surface Price Range

HP CEO: We Have to Get Back Into Smartphones

Direct download: macosken120917.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:24am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2012

iPhone 5 Ship Times Slip to Two Weeks After 1 Hr 17 Min of Pre-Orders

Wired: iPhone 5 Not a “Worldphone;” Three Makes Required for Global Footprint

iPhone 5 on Sprint and Verizon Will Not Support Simultaneous Voice and Data EVen When Connected to LTE

Cult of Mac Explains the Lack of Simultaneous Voice and Data on Sprint and Verizon iPhone 5

U.S. Pay-As-You-Go Carrier Cricket Says It’ll Have iPhone 5 on 28 September

A Number of U.S. Regional Carriers Confirm iPhone 5 for 28 September

Apple Releases Prices for Unlocked iPhone 5 in US and Canada, No Release Date Mentioned

Barrons: Three Analysts Raise Apple Price Targets on iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple Adds Non-Permanent Advertising Identifier to iOS 6 to Replace UDID for Ad Networks

Google Outs Standalone YouTube App for iOS Ahead of iOS 6 Eviction

Apple Announces iTunes 11 for October Release

Direct download: macosken120914.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:54am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.13.2012

Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Apple Seeds iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5 Golden Masters to Developers

Apple Calls for iOS 6 App Submissions

Engadget: iPhone 5 Employs Apple-Designed nano-SIM Standard

TUAW: A Bit About the 9-Pin Dock Connector - AKA “Lightning”

Apple Introduces New iPod touch and iPod nano

Engadget: iPod Classic Lives on Unchanged

Apple Redesigns EarBuds Into EarPods; Available Now

Apple Shows Off iTunes 11 for October Release (More on That on Friday)

Apple Outs iTunes 10.7 with Support for iOS 6, iPod nano and iPod shuffle

iPhone 5/iPod presentation Available for Viewing on Apple’s Site

Podcast of iPhone 5/iPod Event is Posted on the Apple Keynotes Feed 

9 to 5 Mac: AT&T Will Allow Subsidized iPhone 5 Buyers to Keep Their “Unlimited” Data Plans

9 to 5 Mac: Verizon Will Only Let iPhone 5-Buyers Keep Unlimited Data Plans if They Buy Unsubsidized

Official: Apple to Axe Ping on September 30th

Schiller: NFC Solves No Problems While Wireless Charging Creates Some

Early Financial Analyst Notes Positive on iPhone 5 Event

Pre-iPhone 5 Event: HTC and Samsung Said They’d Sue Apple If It Hit with an LTE Device

Direct download: macosken120913.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:22am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.12.2012

A conversation between Macworld/iWorld friends about the next iPhone

Direct download: macosken120912.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 2:46am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.11.2012

FedEx Preps Employees for Surge of Shipments from 21 September to 24 September

AT&T Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

Sprint Touting 4G/LTE Coverage Plans Ahead of New iPhone Announcement

T-Mobile Begins “Unlocked and Unlimited” Push Ahead of Anticipated iPhone Release

Reports: AntiSec UDIDs Likely Stolen from App Support Firm BlueToad, Not the FBI

Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects Record September-Quarter for Mac Sales Despite Apparent Slowing in Growth

Apple Insider: Third-Party Stock-Outs of AirPort Extreme Base Stations May Indicate 802.11ac Devices Coming Soon

Apple Retail Chief Praises Employees; Says Next Quarter Will Be Fun, Exciting and Crazy

Microsoft Announces 32 Pop-Up Holiday Stores for US and Canada

President Obama Reportedly “Befuddled” By Trying to Make a Call on an iPhone

Direct download: macosken120911b.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 6:48am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.10.2012

TechCrunch: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Decked Out for the Wednesday Apple Media Event

MacRumors: Yerba Buena Center Display May Hold Hints of “Taller” iPhone

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Next iPhone Will Support LTE

Apple Tops JD Power Smartphone Satisfaction Rankings for Eighth Consecutive Survey

Verizon CEO Makes Case for Samsung (and Any Other Company) to Be the Third Big Mobile OS Behind Android and iOS

Computerworld: Analysts Say Kindle Fire HD Won’t Burn the iPad

CNET: Apple Working on Refined iPad with Retina Display for Fall Release

Clayton Morris: New iMacs Imminent

Intel Lowers Current Quarter Guidance on PC Sales Weakness

Lady Gaga to Release Next Album - Artpop - as an iOS App

Direct download: macosken120910.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:07am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.07.2012

Wu Reiterates Buy Rating and $780 Target on Apple Shares on iPhone 5 and iPad mini Expectations

Judge Koh Denies Apple Motion to Rearrange Hearing Schedule on Galaxy Tab and Samsung Phones

In Germany: Four Apple v. Samsung Trials Set for Between Now and the End of October

Reuters: South Korean FTC and EU Regulators Both Investigating Samsung for Alleged Standards Essential IP Abuse

Amazon Drops Price on Ad-Supported Kindle eReader to $69

Amazon Intros Self-Illuminating Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire HD; Lowers Price on Original Kindle Fire

Amazon Brings 250MB-A-Month of 4G/LTE to 32GB, $499 Kindle Fire HD Plus 20GB of Cloud Storage for $50 a Year

Amazon CEO: People Want Services, Not Gadgets

Amazon CEO: We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.

Robbers Crash Car Into Temecula, CA Apple Store

9 to 5 Mac Reader Reports Flooding in Flagship Apple Store in Shanghai

Apple Confirms First Scandinavian Retail Store; Stockholm, Sweden Store to Open 15 September

Report: Construction Underway on Apple Retail Store in Shenzhen, China

WSJ: Apple Working on Pandora-Type Streaming Radio Service

Direct download: macosken120907.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:35am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.06.2012

Apple Says It Did Not Give Hacked UDIDs to FBI or Any Other Organization

Wired: So who the Heck is the NCFTA?

Nokia Intros Budget-Minded Windows Phone 8 Lumia 820

Nokia Intros Windows Phone 8 Flagship Lumia 920

Nokia Fakes Key-Feature Demo at Lumia 920 Launch

Ballmer Declares This “The Year for Windows”

Motoroogle Outs Three New Phones at NYC Event

Google Chairman Says 1.3-Million Android Devices Activated Every Day

The Verge: Amazon May Announce a Phone of Its Own at Press Event Today

Cult of Mac: MacBook Pro with Retina Display “In Stock” at Apple Online Stores

Apple Releases Java Updates for Snow Leopard and Lion

Apple Issues Minor iMovie Update Related to Third-Party QuickTime Component Compatibility

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

Direct download: macosken120906.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:15am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.05.2012

Apple Sends Out Press Event Invitations for Next Wednesday 12 September with "5" in the Text

9 to 5 Mac Expects new iPods to Share Stage Time with New iPhone Next Week

TechCrunch: Picture Shows Next iPhone May Still Be Called “New iPhone” Despite “5” in Press Invitation

Piper Jaffray Analyst: Assuming a September Launch for the Next iPhone, The Street’s iPhone Sales Expectations May Be Low

Wedbush Securities Analyst Ups Apple Target to $885 on September iPhone Launch, iPad mini Next Quarter and Apple Television Someday

JP Morgan Reiterates “Outperform” Rating on Apple Shares and Raises Target to $770 on News of iPhone Event

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Says Samsung Galaxy S III Beat iPhone 4S in U.S. in August

FBI Sort of Denies and Categorically Denies AntiSec UDID Tale

Hulu Shows Up on Apple TVs in Japan

Apple Says Federighi and Riccio Awarded 75,000 Shares Of Restricted Stock Each a Part of Their Promotions to SVP

Direct download: macosken120905.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:11am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 09.04.2012

CNET: Hacker Group Posts 1-Million Apple UDIDs Out of 12-Million Allegedly Lifted from FBI Laptop

9 to5 Mac: Genius Bars Running Out of Replacement Units of iPhone 3GS

MacRumors: 27” iMacs Grow Scarce at Apple Online Store

Macworld UK: Industry Analyst Expects New Look for New iMac

Apple Adds Four Samsung Devices - Including Galaxy S III - to Next US Patent Case

Apple Argues for Infringing Samsung Phone Fight Ahead of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Hearing

Tokyo Court Says Samsung Did Not Infringe Apple Patent for Syncing Smartphones and Tablets with Media Devices

Vietnamese Site Shows Earphones That May or May Not Be Redesigned Apple Earbuds

Direct download: macosken120904.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 3:46am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2012

Oracle Pushes Emergency Update for Java 7 Fixing Zero-Day Exploits

Korean Times: Samsung Has a Good Plan, a Bad Plan and a Surprising Plan in Wake of Last Week’s Verdict

Reuters: Secret Peeps Say Apple CEO and Google CEO Holding Behind-the-Scenes IP Discussions

DisplaySearch: Use of In-Cell Display Panel Could Give Next iPhone Significantly More Battery Space

App That Tracks U.S. Military Drone Strikes Rejected by Apple Three Times

Amazon: Questionable Claim of “Sold Out” Kindle Fires and 22% of the Tablet Market

Direct download: macosken120831.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:52am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2012

Macworld: Second Zero-Day Vulnerability Found in Java 7

Polish Security Firm: Oracle Has Known About Java 7 Exploits Since April (Because We Told Oracle About Them)

Possible New iPhone Hint: Apple is Buying iPhone 4S Off of Customers

Apple Seeds Second beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

Apple Adds Live Shopping and Service Help to Online Stores in Brazil, Germany, Spain and the UK

Samsung Shows Off ATIV S, the First Windows 8 Phone

HTC Chairperson: Samsung Loss No Reasons for HTC to Settle with Apple

Asus Says It Will Use iPad Pricing as Reference for Windows 8 and Windows RT Devices

Bloomberg: Both Apple and Qualcomm Tried to Be TSMC’s One-and-Only Customer

Delta Airlines Drops 250 iPads in Three Restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport; Plans to Deploy 2,500 iPads by End of 2013

Principle Photography Wraps on Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs Biopic

Non-Functioning Apple 1 Going Up for Auction at Christie’s in October

Direct download: macosken120830.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:09am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.29.2012

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Samsung Talking Carriers About Removing Potentially Infringing Apple Technology from Its Smartphones

Samsung Smartphone Ban Hearing Moved to 6 December; 20 September Hearing to Focus on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction

Marketwatch: Samsung Smartphones Flood Resale Market Post San Jose Ruling

Apple and Motorola Mobility Settle Patent Violation/FRAND-Licensing Case in Germany

IHS iSuppli: Smartphones to Make Up 54% of Cellphones Sold Annually by Next Year

The Telegraph: Apple Working with Hifi-makers on “AirPlay Direct”

NPD Group: Genius Bar Increases Customer Satisfaction with Apple Products and Makes Them More Likely to Buy More Apple Stuff

Gizmodo Snags a Copy of the Apple Genius Training Manual

IFO Apple Store: Sources Say Apple Not Reversing Retail Changes; New Focus on Individual Sales Numbers at Direction of Tim Cook

Direct download: macosken120829.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:13am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.28.2012

Cross-Platform Zero-Day Vulnerability Found for Java 7; Affects Windows, Linus and OS X

Samsung Bashes Apple for Litigiousness Post Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Verdict

Google Issues Statement Defending Itself, Bashing Apple and Leaving Samsung Hanging Out to Dry

Samsung Seeks to Have Galaxy Tab 10.1 Temporary Injunction Dissolved; May Seek Damages Due to Sales Block

Apple Seeks Ban on Eight Samsung Phones Based on San Jose Court Win

Samsung Sees Biggest One-Day Share-Price Drop in Five Years Post San Jose Verdict

Apple Shares Opened Monday 2-Percentage Points Higher Post Verdict

Apple Share Close Monday at $675.68, a New All-Time High

Nokia and RIM See Share Price Bump Monday Thanks to Investor Worries Over Android

Fortune: Financial Analysts React to Apple Victory Over Samsung in San Jose

Correction: USITC Clears Apple of Violating Three Motorola Mobility Patents, Not Two

Cult of Mac: Wait Time for Retina Display MacBook Pro Down to 2-4 Business Days

NPD Display Search Analyst Says Displays Being Made for 13-Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro

Apple Seeds Fourth beta of Lion OS X 10.7.5 to Developers

Bob Mansfield Staying on at Apple to “Work on Future Products;” Riccio and Federighi Promoted to Senior VPs

Apple Drops iTunes Music Festival Tile Onto Apple TV for Live Streaming

Direct download: macosken120828.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:56am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2012

Jury in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Finds in Apple’s Favor; Awards Damages of $1.049 Billion

Samsung Issues Response/Rebuke Statement Post-Verdict

Tim Cook: Suit Against Samsung Was About Values

Apple’s Official Statement Mirror’s Cook Memo

Apple Seeks Preliminary Injunction Barring Sale of Patent-Infringing Samsung Products

Wired: Effects of the Apple Over Samsung Victory Long-Term

USITC Clears Apple of Two Counts of Patent Infringement Against Motorola Mobility and Asks Judge to Reconsider a Third

All Things D: Secret Sources Say Two Separate Events for iPhone and iPad mini This Fall

RadioShack Knocks $75 Off of Every Model of iPhone 4S with 2-year Contract Sells Back Plates for 4/4S Thought to Look Like Back Plates of Next iPhone

Apple Sends Ceases and Desist Notice to

Pacific Crest Analyst Meets with Apple CFO and Services Exec; Expects No Full-On Apple TV Soon

IDC Expects Only 0.9% PC Unit Growth Worldwide in 2012

Friday 24 August Marked One-Year for Tim Cook as Apple CEO

Creative Director Behind “Get a Mac” and “Genius” Campaigns Leaves Apple’s Firm for Samsung’s

Direct download: macosken120827.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 2:00am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2012

Apple Releases OS X 10.8.1 with General Stability Fixes

Apple Seeds First beta of OS X 10.8.2 to Developers

Gruber Expects Two Apple Fall Events, One for New iPhone and One for iPad mini

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple Backs Gruber’s “Two Fall Event” Assertion

Walmart Drips Price of 16GB iPhone 4S to $148 with a New Two-Year Contract

Amazon Holding Press Event on 6 September in Santa Monica, California Likely Tied to New Kindles

DoJ Responds to Apple Complaint Against eBook Settlements with Publishers

Apple v. Samsung: Both Companies Found Guilty of Patent Infringement in South Korean Case

Mattel “Apptivity” Games Tie Physical Toys to iPads

Laurene Powell Jobs Number 49 on Forbes List of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World 

Fortune: Apple Worth 31 Dells

Direct download: macosken120824.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:21am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2012

Needham and Co. Analyst Ups Apple Target from $620 to $750

Piper Jaffray Survey: Half of U.S. Consumers Don’t Feel the Need for 4G/LTE Connectivity; Plan to Get the Next iPhone

AT&T on FaceTime Over 3G: Because We Don’t Have to

Forbes: Five Reasons Why Google Android versus Apple iOS Market Share Numbers Don't Matter

China Telecom Adds 8.35 Million New Subscribers in June Quarter; Credits iPhone 4S for Growth

Electronista: 27-Inch iMac Supply Dries Up Ahead of Possible Refresh

AppleSeed Participants Reportedly Given Heads-Up on Approach of OS X 10.8.2 beta

Apple Pulls “Genius” Olympic Ads from and YouTube

Apple Wins Patent Covering "Techniques and Systems for Supporting Podcasting"

The Makers of Infinity Blade Bring the Free Political Fighting Game Vote!!! to the App Store

Direct download: macosken120823.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:55am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2012

Apple and Samsung Make Closing Arguments; Case Goes to the Jury

Samsung Investing $4 Billion to Upgrade Austin, TX Plant That Makes Chips for Smartphones (Including iPhone)

TechCrunch: Secret Source Says Verizon Block-Out Staff Vacation from 21 September Through 30 September

Electronista: German Carrier Sends Out Email Promoting Arrival of Next iPhone in September

TUAW: Consumer Advocacy Group Not Sure AT&T FaceTime Lure to Mobile Share Data Plans Conforms to FCC Rules

comScore: Android Has Two-Thirds of Smartphone Market in Japan; iOS Has One-Third

MacNN: Anonymous Developers Says Current OS X 10.8.1 beta Improves Battery Life for Mountain Lion Laptops

Fair Labor Association Says While Work Remains, Progress Made by Apple and Foxconn on Workers’ Rights is Commendable

Barclays Analyst Sees Set-Top Box More Likely Than Full-On Apple Television Near-Term

Microsoft Adds Touch Support to Office Wb Apps for Windows 8 and iOS

The Three Amigos Ride Again on the 17 August MacCast

Direct download: macosken120822.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:41am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.21.2012

CEOs of Apple and Samsung Meet; Fail to Reach Resolution

CNET: Judge Koh Concerned Over Potential Jury Confusion in Verdict Phase

FBR Capital Analyst Sees Apple Selling 250 Million “iPhone 5s” Over Product Lifecycle

iPodNN: A Number of Resellers Running Out of iPod nanos

9 to 5 Mac: German Rewards Program Unable to Deliver “Old” iPod nano Ahead of Expected Refresh

Walmart Sells $100 in iTunes Credit for $80 (Plus Your Email and Physical Addresses)

The Loop: Apple Boasts 50,000 Genius Bar Appointments a Day

Former Apple Press Event Producer Sues for Wrongful Termination and Compensation for Restricted Stock Loss

Fortune: A Few Analysts Are Now “Underwater” on Their Apple Targets

Apple Ends Monday as Most Valuable Public Company Ever

Fortune: Microsoft is Actually the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1999 (Accounting for Inflation))

TechCrunch: No Really IBM is the Most Valuable Public Company Ever (Circa 1967 (Accounting for Inflation))

Direct download: macosken120821.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:07am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.20.2012

Apple and Samsung Unable to Narrow Their Case Further; Almost Definitely Headed to Jury Verdict

Google-Owned Motorola Mobility Brings Seven Charges of Patent Infringement Against Apple Before the USITC

WSJ: Apple Joins Google, Samsung, LG and Others in Bidding for Kodak Patent Portfolio

iPhone Developer/Hacker Reveals SMS Vulnerability in Every Version of iOS

Apple Suggests Using iMessage and Being Careful in Face of SMS Vulnerability

AT&T to Make FaceTime Over Cellular Free for Customers Who Switch to New Mobile Share Data Plans

MacNN: Apple Seeds Second beta Build of OS X 10.8.1 to Developers

Lenovo Exec Says Surface for Windows RT to Start Between $300 to $500

Speculative-Fiction Writer Peter Misek Says Production on iPad-mini and Full-On Apple Television is Underway

Nokia and Microsoft to Hold NYC Press Event on Morning of 5 September

Motorola to Hold NYC Press Event on Afternoon of 5 September

Direct download: macosken120820.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 3:02am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2012

WSJ Fleshes Out Details on Apple’s Alleged Set Top Box Discussions

Bernstein Analyst Uncertain About Apple Working with Cable Companies on Set Top Boxes

ISI Group Analyst Reiterates Buy Rating on Apple Shares After Conference Call with CFO

SEC Filing Shows Apple’s Sense of Urgency in Buying AuthenTec

Apple Files for Patent for “Illuminated Trackpad”

Apple Says It Screwed Up in Attempts to Restructure Staffing at Retail

Apple Lawyers Not Smoking Crack Say Apple Lawyers

Samsung Rests Its Case “With Reservations”

TUAW: Apple Files Formal Plans for Prineville, Oregon Data Center

CNET Chronicles the Hard-to-Find Nature of Various Podcatchers on the Desktop/Laptop App Store

Direct download: macosken120817.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:31am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.16.2012

Munster: A New iPhone Launch This Quarter Could Add 6-10 Million in Unit Sales Looks at Investment Plays Into the Next iPhone Besides Investing in Apple

WSJ: Sources Say Apple Talking With Cable TV Service Providers About Some Kind of TV Something

Judge Lucy Koh Urges Apple and Samsung Execs to try Again for a Settlement

Apple Calls DoJ Settlements with Publishers in iBookstore Case “Unfair, Unlawful, and Unprecedented”

Apple Seeds New Build of OS X Lion 10.7.5 to Developers

Microsoft Not Jumping to Fix Office for Mac Issues with Retina Display Machines

HP Reportedly Rebrands webOS Division as “Gram”

Apple Updates iTunes Festival London 2012 App with Additional Language Support, Stability and Performance Improvements

Get the iTunes Festival London 2012 App Here

Nielsen: More U.S. Teens Consume Music on YouTube Than on Radio, iTunes or CD (and They Need to Stay Off My Lawn!)

Have you ever heard Radiohead do “Nobody Does It Better?” It's on YouTube Here!

Direct download: macosken120816.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 4:23am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.15.2012

iMore: iPad mini Will Be Thinner and Lighter Than iPad, Though Not Much Smaller

IHS/iSuppli: iPad Extends Tablet Lead to Just Under 70-Percent Worldwide in 2Q CY2012

Dell, Lenovo and Samsung Announced as Early Vendors for Windows RT Machines

Engadget: Rumor Has Microsoft Surface Tablet for Windows RT Starting at $199

Gartner: Android Widens Its Lead Over iOS in Smartphones

Sprint Selling 16GB iPhone 4S for $149 and Tossing $100 Gift-Card in as a Bonus

Business Insider: Apple Matching Sprint Gift Card Deal with $100 Store Credit for Sprint Phones Bought at Apple Stores

Electronista: Deutsche Telekom Starts a Sort of Pre-Registration for Next iPhone in Germany

Apple Releases (PRODUCT) RED Bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Munster Expects 5-Percent Mac Growth Worldwide for This Quarter Despite Apparent Downturn Spotted in NPD Research

CNET: Judge Koh Seems Really Displeased with the Lawyers in the Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Trial

Apple Opening Two New Canadian Stores This Saturday 18 August

Direct download: macosken120815.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:19am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.14.2012

iMore: Secret Source Says Pre-Orders for Next iPhone to Start on 12 September (at Least in the States)

BGR: Secret Source Says AT&T Gearing Up to Launch Next iPhone in Third or Fourth Week of September

Target and Best Buy Drop Prices on Current iPhones

MacRumors: Secret Source Says Apple Matching Other Retailers’ Lower iPhone Prices in its Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Microsoft Licensing Some of Apple’s iOS Design Patents in Deal That Includes “Anti-Cloning” Clause

Apple Offered Samsung Design Patent Licensing Deals in 2010

Last Week: Samsung Lawyer Not Licensed to Practice in Judge Koh’s Court

Apple Seeds OS X 10.8.1 Build to Developers

Apple Releases Printer Driver Updates for Some HP, Samsung and Fuji-Xerox Machines on Macs Running Snow Leopard or Later

9 to 5 Mac: GameStop Seeks New Life in Refurbishing iOS and Android Devices

Ford Develops iPad App for Use by Ford Dealers (iPad Sold Separately)

Direct download: macosken120814.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 5:24am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.13.2012

A look at one journalist's unfortunate run-in with a social engineering hack and ways people can protect themselves with information security professional George Starcher.

Direct download: macosken120813.mp3
Category:Tech News -- posted at: 3:34am EDT

Mac OS Ken: 08.09.2012

IDC: iPhone Grows 27.5% Y-o-Y in 2Q; Controls 16.9% of Smartphone Market Worldwide

NPD: iPhone Grabs 31% or US Smartphone Market in 2Q; Samsung Takes 24%

iPad Dominates the Tablet Space in China (Not as Big as It Might Be)

Apple Offering Refurbished iPad with Retina Display at $50 Discount

Fortune: Munster and Reitzes Weigh the Full-On Apple Television Possibilities

Jefferies & Co. Analyst Makes Up a Story About Samsung Buying RIM or Licensing BlackBerry 10

Bernstein Analyst Makes Up a Story (Maybe) About Apple COnsidering a Stock Split

Apple v. Samsung v. Apple: 2010 Samsung Memo Says Its Stuff Would Be Better If It Was More Like Apple’s

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Mac OS Ken: 08.08.2012

Munster: Google/Apple Split on iPhone Springboard Signals “Phase Three” of the Smartphone Wars

Juniper Research: BYOD Tablets and Smartphones to Reach 350 Million Units in the Enterprise by 2014

Bloomberg Looks at the Ridiculously Symbiotic Relationship Between Apple and Samsung

Acer Chairman and CEO Urges Microsoft to Abandon Surface Tablet Plans

Barclays Capital Analyst Sees Zero PC Growth for 2012 Thanks to Tablets and Confusion Around Windows 8 and Ultrabooks

Creative Strategies’ Tim Bajarin Ponders the Problems of Ultrabooks

Apple Releases Xcode 4.4.1

Kodak Auction of 1,100 Patents Starts Today

Apple Genius Ads Are Off the Air After Decidedly Short Run

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Mac OS Ken: 08.07.2012

Apple Releases iOS 6 beta 4, New Xcode 4.5 beta, and Device-Specific iOS Builds

9 to 5 Mac: Hey! Where’d the YouTube App Go in iOS 6 beta 4?

Apple Confirms Removal of Built-In YouTube App in iOS 6

Business Insider: Apple Adds (Though Does Not Explain) “Bluetooth Sharing” to iOS 6 beta 4

Sprint Cuts $50 Off the Cost of iPhone 4S Ahead of Expected Refresh

iMore: Secret Source Says All iOS Devices Get Smaller Dock Connector Next Month (Even the 9.7-Inch iPad)

Raymond James Analyst Unimpressed with 50 Million Samsung Smartphones Since Apple Still Makes All the Money

Last Week: Samsung Sends Out Press Release with Exhibits Excluded from Apple Trial in San Jose

This Week: Samsung Attorney Admits to Bringing Samsung Witnesses Into Courtroom Unsupervised (Which is a No-No)

Apple Posts iAd Ad to Advertising Section of

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Mac OS Ken: 08.06.2012

Email Between Apple Execs Indicates Steve Jobs was (Eventually) Okay with the Idea of a 7-Inch iPad

Schiller Talks Exponential iPhone Growth and Risk of the iPad at Samsung Trial

RBC Analyst Says Apple Could Sell 40 Million iPad-minis in Year One

9 to 5 Mac Sources Say AT&T Stores Dropping Computers and Checkout Counters for iPads (Eventually)

Business Insider: Secret Sources Say Apple Considering a Purchase of Social-Commerce Site “The Fancy”

Apple Offers Mac Integration Certificate Materials for Mountain Lion

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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2012

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JP Morgan Analyst Still Worried Over iPhone Sales While Reiterating “Overweight” Rating on Apple Shares

Barclays Capital Analyst is REALLY Excited About the iPhone After the Next One

Shaw Wu Surprised by 12 September iPhone Rumors, But Has No Problem Believing Them

eBay Says Smartphone Trade-Ins Up 70% Since 12 September iPhone Stories Started This Week 

New President of Sharp Says His Firm Starts Delivering Screens for Next iPhone This Month

TechCrunch: Source Spots Apparent Next iPhone in Server Logs

IDC: Apple’s Tablet Dominance Grows in 2Q CY2012

MacNN: MacBook Pro with Retina Display Ship Times Drop to Five-to-Seven Business Days

Bankruptcy Judge Denies Apple’s Claim on Two Patents Controlled by Kodak

Nevada Board of Economic Development Gives Symbolic Thumbs-Up to Apple Tax Breaks for Reno-Area Expansion

Apple Refuses to Appear Before Australian House of Representatives to Discuss Retail Pricing

American Red Cross Launches Free Hurricane Preparedness and Awareness App for iOS and Android

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Mac OS Ken: 08.02.2012

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NPD DisplaySearch Expects 7.85-Inch Panel Production for “iPad mini” to Start This Month

Topeka Capital Markets Analyst Thinks Record July for Wintek Means Work on “iPad mini” has Begun

ComScore: iOS Gaining on Android (Though Android is Still Growing)

Business Insider: Apple Only Has Apple to Blame If iPhone Sales Are Weak This Quarter

BGR: Sources Says AT&T Retail is Steering Customers Away from iPhone, an Allegation the Death Star Denies

Cult of Mac: Blogger Sees Anti-iPhone Bias at Verizon Retail Store

From May: CNN/Money Sees a Possible Bias Against the iPhone at Verizon

Apple Brings BTO Options for Low-End Retina Display MBPs Back to Online Store; Adds iWork Preinstall to Any New Mac

Apple Introduces, Pulls, Then Reintroduces Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter

Amazon Launches Instant Video App for iPad in iOS App Store

Apple and P.A. Semi Vet Headed to AMD

Fusion-io Throws Surprise Birthday Party for Woz at SF MoMA

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Mac OS Ken: 08.01.2012

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Bloomberg and Reuters Buy Into Talk of Apple Event on 12 September

The Loop: Jim Dalrymple Says “Yep” on 12 September iPhone Event

Canalys: Apple No. 1 in PCs (Again (If We Count iPads as PCs (Again))) and There’s a Rough Year Ahead for the Windows World

Google Delays Nexus Q Shipments While it Tries to Give the Device More to Do

Hulu Plus Lands on Apple TV

Appeals Court Says Samsung Can Keep Selling the Galaxy Nexus Until It Explains Why It 

Should Be Allowed to Do So

News Corp’s Tablet-Only News Source “The Daily” Drops 50 of its 170 Full Time Staffers

Canvasing App "Obama for America" Hits iOS App Store

Romney Campaign Launches “Mitt’s VP” App to Announce Running Mate (at Some Point)

Macworld UK Worker Receives Two Emails from Apple, Yesterday, Urging Them to Sign Up for MobileMe

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