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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2012

Jury in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Finds in Apple’s Favor; Awards Damages of $1.049 Billion

Samsung Issues Response/Rebuke Statement Post-Verdict

Tim Cook: Suit Against Samsung Was About Values

Apple’s Official Statement Mirror’s Cook Memo

Apple Seeks Preliminary Injunction Barring Sale of Patent-Infringing Samsung Products

Wired: Effects of the Apple Over Samsung Victory Long-Term

USITC Clears Apple of Two Counts of Patent Infringement Against Motorola Mobility and Asks Judge to Reconsider a Third

All Things D: Secret Sources Say Two Separate Events for iPhone and iPad mini This Fall

RadioShack Knocks $75 Off of Every Model of iPhone 4S with 2-year Contract Sells Back Plates for 4/4S Thought to Look Like Back Plates of Next iPhone

Apple Sends Ceases and Desist Notice to

Pacific Crest Analyst Meets with Apple CFO and Services Exec; Expects No Full-On Apple TV Soon

IDC Expects Only 0.9% PC Unit Growth Worldwide in 2012

Friday 24 August Marked One-Year for Tim Cook as Apple CEO

Creative Director Behind “Get a Mac” and “Genius” Campaigns Leaves Apple’s Firm for Samsung’s

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