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Mac OS Ken: 08.07.2012

Apple Releases iOS 6 beta 4, New Xcode 4.5 beta, and Device-Specific iOS Builds

9 to 5 Mac: Hey! Where’d the YouTube App Go in iOS 6 beta 4?

Apple Confirms Removal of Built-In YouTube App in iOS 6

Business Insider: Apple Adds (Though Does Not Explain) “Bluetooth Sharing” to iOS 6 beta 4

Sprint Cuts $50 Off the Cost of iPhone 4S Ahead of Expected Refresh

iMore: Secret Source Says All iOS Devices Get Smaller Dock Connector Next Month (Even the 9.7-Inch iPad)

Raymond James Analyst Unimpressed with 50 Million Samsung Smartphones Since Apple Still Makes All the Money

Last Week: Samsung Sends Out Press Release with Exhibits Excluded from Apple Trial in San Jose

This Week: Samsung Attorney Admits to Bringing Samsung Witnesses Into Courtroom Unsupervised (Which is a No-No)

Apple Posts iAd Ad to Advertising Section of

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