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Mac OS Ken: 08.01.2012

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Bloomberg and Reuters Buy Into Talk of Apple Event on 12 September

The Loop: Jim Dalrymple Says “Yep” on 12 September iPhone Event

Canalys: Apple No. 1 in PCs (Again (If We Count iPads as PCs (Again))) and There’s a Rough Year Ahead for the Windows World

Google Delays Nexus Q Shipments While it Tries to Give the Device More to Do

Hulu Plus Lands on Apple TV

Appeals Court Says Samsung Can Keep Selling the Galaxy Nexus Until It Explains Why It 

Should Be Allowed to Do So

News Corp’s Tablet-Only News Source “The Daily” Drops 50 of its 170 Full Time Staffers

Canvasing App "Obama for America" Hits iOS App Store

Romney Campaign Launches “Mitt’s VP” App to Announce Running Mate (at Some Point)

Macworld UK Worker Receives Two Emails from Apple, Yesterday, Urging Them to Sign Up for MobileMe

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