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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2012

Apple CEO Meets with Chinese Vice Premier

Barclay’s Capital Analyst Thinks Cook Trip to China May Indicate Talks for iPhone/China Mobile Deal

Fortune: Proview, Workers’ Rights, and Retail Expansion Possible Points of Tim Cook’s Trip to China

Barclay’s Analyst Jazzed by iPhone Dominance on Flickr

CNBC Survey: 50-Percent of Households in US Own at Least One Apple Product

Authorities in Sweden and UK Express Concerns Over Possibly Misleading “Wifi + 4G” Marketing

Denmark Consumer Ombudsman Investigating New iPad “Wifi + 4G” Marketing

US Federal Judge Denies Two Samsung Motions in Current Lawsuit with Apple

Report: New Intel Ivy Bridge Processors Should Be Out by Last Week in April

Apple Issues iTunes 10.6.1 with Multiple Bug Fixes

AT&T Says Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Will Be Bigger Than Any Previous Smartphone Launch (Including iPhone)

Nokia Plays Chicken with nano-SIM Standards and European Regulators

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