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Mac OS Ken: 02.15.2012

WSJ: Apple Is Testing 8-Inch Tablet Screens

Fortune: No Reason to Expect 8-Inch iPad

Daring Fireball: No Reason to Expect an 8-Inch iPad

NYT: Confiscation of iPads in China Escalates as Proview Complaints Increase

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Proview Seeks to Block Export of iPad from China as Trademark Complaints Continue

Apple Sees Significant Delays in Time Capsule Shipping

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek: Pegatron Says It Hasn’t Heard Anything About Inspections of Working Conditions at Factories

JP Morgan Analyst: First Round of PC-Based Ultrabooks Not Likely to Meet With Success Enjoyed by MacBook Air

Barclays Capital Analyst Sees Six Potential Catalysts for Apple Shares

Jeffries and Company Analyst Says Apple Will Start Paying Dividend in Second-Half of 2012

Tim Cook Talks iPhones, Cash, Workers Rights and More at Goldman Sachs Conference

Hear the Tim Cook Presentation at Goldman Sachs Conference at

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