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Mac OS Ken: 10.31.2011

The Guardian: Apple Engineers Reaching Out to Some iPhone 4S Users with Battery Issues / The Guardian: iPhone 4S Battery Drain May Be Caused By Bug in Location Services / iOS Developer Ports Fully Functional Siri App to iPhone 4 as Proof-of-Concept / Report: Apple Owns Third Mapping Software Company C3 / RIM Running “Buy Tow PlayBooks, Get One Free” Promo for the Enterprise / All Things D Hears Hints of a Windows 8 Tablet from Nokia (Though I’m Not Sure I Do) / Best Buy Promo Has Chain Selling HP TouchPads with Select Computers / The Guardian Says HP to Shutter webOS Division Soon / HP PSG Head Calls Talk of HP Killing webOS “Unfounded Rumor” / Taiwan Premier Pledges to Help Local Phone-Makers If Apple Sues Over “Slide-to-Unlock” / NYT Runs Mona Simpson’s “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs” / Apple Sues German Cafe Over Logo

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