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Mac OS Ken: 12.30.2011

BMO Capital Analyst Raises Price Target on Stronger Than Expected iPhone Sales / Apple Hits New Personal Best in ForeSee Online Customer Satisfaction Survey / iPad to See Big Buys by Small and Medium Business in 2012 / Milwaukee Zoo Orangutans Using iPads / Rumor of New Intel Chip Releases Point to New Macs in the Spring / DigiTimes Jumps the Shark; Calls for Multiple iPad Announcements at Macworld|iWorld / Business Insider Seriously Doubts Most of DigiTimes iPad Story / The Loop: Sources Say No iPad 3 or Apple TV at Macworld/iWorld or CES / DigiTimes Says Apple Reducing iPad 2 Orders Ahead of iPad 3 / Apple Hiring iCloud Application Developer / Stanford Holds (and Hides) Largest Collection of Apple Artifacts in the World / WSJ: Eight of Top Ten Corporate Stories of 2011 Involved Apple, Jobs, or Both / Amazon Says It Sold Enough Copies of Steve Jobs Bio to Create a Stack Taller than Mt. Everest (No Plans to Do So) / Find My iPad Thwarts Christmas Gift Thief

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Mac OS Ken: 12.29.2011

Flurry Analytics: Christmas Day Activations of iOS and Android Devices Hits 6.8-Million / Fortune: iOS Christmas-Day Activations Likely Beat Android Activations by 1.6-Million Units / IBM Benchmark: iOS Accounted for 13.4-Percent of All Online Sales on Christmas Day / comScore: 20-Percent of Online Spending on Christmas Day was on Apps and Digital Media / CNET: Anobit Purchase Could Do for Apple What PA Semi Did / Apple Awarded Core Multitouch Patent / UK PM to Get Personalized iPad App to Help Run Country / Poland’s Parliament Switching from Paper to Digital with iPad 2s / Apple Reportedly Hiring for First Retail Location in Berlin / Argentina Bans Sales of iPhones and BlackBerries Until They’re Built in Argentina / 9 to 5 Mac: iTunes Connect Reconnects a Day Early / WSJ: Apple is Doing Something in Television and Anything Could Happen / Wu: Content is Key in Any Apple Television Play / Electronista: Far-East Reports Have Component Production for Apple Televisions Starting as Early as Last Month / Electronista: Other Far-East Reports Have Apple Finalizing Television Design By Summer for Late 2012 Launch

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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2011

Munster Stoked for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in 2012 / BGR: Next iPhone to Hit Fall of 2012; May Have Built-In Rubber or Plastic “Bumper” / Report: iPhone Gains Share in US and UK and Loses Share in France and Germany / Report: Foxconn iPhone Plant Expansion Could Double Device Output / Explosion at Pegatron iPad-Production Plant Injures 61 Workers / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees No 7-Inch iPad in Near Future / Apple Launches Explainer Page for iTunes Match at / Report: Apple to Start Construction on New Retail “Prototype” in Palo Alto “Any Day Now” / Apple Replacing Recalled First-Gen iPod nanos with Current-Model Machines / Apple Seeds Fourth Build of Mac OS X 10.7.3 to Developers / Intego Sees “Vast Phishing Attack” Targeting Apple Customers / Apple Wins Patent Infringement Claim Against HTC Before USITC / Apple Suing Samsung in Australia Over Patent Infringement Involving Tablet and Phone Cases / German Judge Thinks Changes to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Probably Enough to Make it Legal / Apple Fined 900-Thousand Euros for Allegedly Misleading Consumers Regarding AppleCare / AT&T Drops Bid for T-Mobile USA; Pays 4-Billion-Dollars to Walk Away / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iOS with Textbook, Newspaper, and Magazine Support / comScore: Apple Beats Walmart in US Web-Visits in November / Advertising Analytics Firm Says Santa and Siri iPhone 4S Ad Particularly Effective / Apple Launches Boxing Week/Great Albums, Great Prices Sale on iTunes / Rumor: Gannett Company Buying Thousands of iThings for Its Journalists / Steve Jobs Awarded 2012 Special Merit Grammy / 2012 CES to Be Microsoft’s Last / GigaOm: Sources Say CEA Booted Microsoft from CES Keynote / NYC Police Make 141 Arrests in Stolen iThings Sting / Bathrooms at the Apple Grand Central Store: Are There or Aren’t There?

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Mac OS Ken: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Mac OS Ken: 12.16.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / Morgan Stanley/AlphaWise Survey Predicts Bigger Than Anticipated 2012 for iThings / Amazon Says It’s Sold Over a Million Kindles a Week for the Last Three Weeks / IDC: Android Tablets May Push iPad Below 60-Percent Market Share by Summer / DigiTimes Seeks to Revive the 7-inch iPad Rumor / Samsung Ad in Australia Highlights “The Tablet Apple Tried to Stop” / Apple Refunds Money to Early International iTunes Match Subscribers; Officially Launches Service Hours Later / Apple Seeds Third beta-Build of Mac OS X 10.7.3 to Developers / Apple Releases Printer Driver Updates for Brother and Lexmark Machines / Apple Issues Minor Updates for Apple TV and iPhone 4S / Minor iPhone 4S Update Leaves Underlying Code Accessible to Code Monkeys / Barbara Walters Names Steve Jobs Most Fascinating Person of 2011 / Jobs Biographer Considering Expanding the Biography Down the Road

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Mac OS Ken: 12.15.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / TUAW: iTunes Match Showing Up for International Users (Kind Of) / Netflix Takes Streaming to iOS Devices in Latin America; Updates iOS Apps and Adds “Just for Kids” to Apple TV / Flipboard Says Flips-Per-Month Could Triple with Addition of iPhone App / One Week Ago: Google Chairman Says Developer Interest to Shift to “Android First” Within Six Months / One Week Later: Flurry Analytics Doubts Impending Shift in Developer Interest / Samsung Says Temporary Sales-Ban Made Galaxy Tab 10.1 a “Household Name” in Australia / Apple Updates Logic Express to v9.1.6 / Survey: Apple 10th Best Employer in the U.S. / Piper Jaffray Analyst Doubts Intel’s Ability to Make It In Mobile / Intel Reorganizes Internally to Accelerate Mobile Chip Development / Acer Chairman Predicts Gloom and Doom for Apple (Again or Still)

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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken10 at / NPD: Android and iOS Grow Smartphone Shares in the States in 2011 While All Others Suffer / Apple Insider: Best Buy Comments Indicate Record Holiday Quarter for Apple / Barclays Capital Analyst Says Apple Unlikely to Be Affected by HDD Shortage / IDC Sees Big Growth in Notebook and Netbook SSDs Last Quarter / Apple Rumored to Be Buying Flash-Memory Solutions Provider Anobit / Strategy Analytics: Apple TV Likely Makes Up 32-Percent of Connected Set-Top Boxes in 2011; Sets Up Market for Full Apple Television / Apple Launches iTunes in the Cloud Across Latin America and iTunes Match in Brazil / Apple Releases Apple TV in Brazil / ZDNet: FAA Approves iPads for American Airlines Cockpits / Korea Times: iPhone 4S Sees Lackluster Sales in South Korea / Apple Sued by Cequint Over Alleged Patent Violations Related to Caller ID / USITC Delays Ruling in HTC Patent Infringement Case to 19 December / Microsoft Issues Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and Office for Mac 2011 / Microsoft Releases SkyDrive App and Kinectimals Game for iOS / Microsoft Releases OneNote Mobile App for iOS / Original Apple Papers of Incorporation Auctioned Off for 1.6-Million-Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code MACOSKEN (all caps) at / Piper Jaffray Analyst: Mac Sales Up 13-Percent for First Two-Months of Current Quarter / Intel Lowers Q4 Guidance Due to HDD Shortage / J.P. Morgan Analyst: First Round of Ultrabooks Will Not Damage the MacBook Air / Apple Says Over 100-Thousand Apps Downloaded Through Mac App Store in Less Than a Year / Fortune Wonders Over iPad Sales and DigiTimes / Web Tracker Shows iOS Devices Owning the Mobile Web Experience in the Middle East/North Africa Region / Apple Issues Second beta of iOS 5.1 as Well as Updated Apple TV and Xcode betas / Report: Apple Adds Dummy Hardware References to iOS 5.1 beta 2 / Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update to v10.5.2 / Apple Issues Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update to Deal with Fan Noise / Apple Expands iTunes Store Offerings Across Most of Latin America / WSJ: Secret Sources Say Apple is Tweaking iAd to Regain Lost Mobile Advertising Market Share / Report: FBI Declines Disclosing Information Related to Carrier IQ / Amazon Reaffirms Steve Jobs Bio as Best Selling Book of 2011 (Physical and Kindle Editions) / Apple Pulls Fake Driver’s License App After Two-Years on App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.12.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off of VMWare Fusion 4 with Coupon Code macosken at / Motorola Mobility Wins Injunction Against Import of 3G-Enabled iOS Devices in Germany / Morgan Stanley: Mac Sales Grow the Week of Black Friday 2011 While the Rest of the PC-Sector Shrinks / Apple Insider: Shipping Times Improve for BTO iMacs with 2TB HDDs / Thousands Turn Out for Apple Retail Grand Central Terminal Opening / Check Out the Apple Photos of Its Grand Central Store and the Grand Central Opening at / Rumor: Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer Put in Temporary Charge of Apple Retail / Radio Shack Cuts 30-Dollars from Price of On-Contract AT&T iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S for This Week Only / Apple Drops as Much as 100-Bucks Off of Refurbished iPads / Apple Promotes The Beatles on iTunes (a Year After Bringing The Beatles to iTunes) / Report: Apple May Finally Have Approval to Sell iPhone 4S in China / DigiTimes and Other Citi Analyst Call Shenanigans on Talk of February Release for iPad 3 / Sharp Exec Appears to Appear Unfazed by Idea of Apple Television / HP to Turn webOS Open Source / Apple Picks the Best of the Store with iTunes Rewind 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 12.09.2011

Citi Analyst: “Several Sources” Say Next iPad Due in February / Citi Analyst Expects Much Higher iPhone Sales This Quarter Than Previously Anticipated / DigiTimes Says Lenovo to Take All-In-One PC Lead from Apple in 2012 / Munster: iTunes Match Likely Priced to Break Even / TV Shows Now Available for Purchase Through Apple TV in Canada, Australia, and the UK / Biggest Plant for MacBook Air Unibody Chassis Production Still Out of Commission / Apple Updates Aperture to Fix Photo Stream Issue / Apple Updates Logic Pro to Fix Compatibility Issues with Lion Features and Other Minor Bugs / Apple Kills Logic Studio and Logic Express; Leaves Logic Pro and Main Stage in Mac App Store / Samsung Loses Bid to Block Sales of iPhone 4S in France / Apple Loses Bid to Keep Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Off the Market in Australia / Apple Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement Over Nike + iPod Tech / Twitter Monthly Sign-Ups Rise 25-Percent Per-Month with iOS 5 Integration / Rumor: HP CEO to Announce Plans for webOS Business Today / Yellow Submarine: Free iBook in the iBookstore Now

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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2011

USDoJ Investigating Apple, Publishers, and eBooks / Evercore Analyst Says Kindle Fire will “Vaporize” non-iPad Tablets / AT&T Expects Record Quarter for Smartphone Sales; Talks Up iPhone 4S / UBS Analyst Stoked for iPhone Sales After AT&T Statement / Shaw Wu Raises iPhone and Mac Sales Expectations for the Quarter; Lowers iPad / Wu Blames Amazon Kindle Fire and MacBook Air for Reduction in iPad Expectations / Intego: DevilRobber Trojan-Variant Now Infecting Macs Via Pirated Copies of Writer’s Cafe, EvoCam, and Twitteriffic / Apple Launches 12 Days of Christmas App for UK, Canada, and Parts of Europe / Wedge Partner Analyst Thinks Apple May Build TV into iMacs on the Way to an Apple TV Set / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple TV in Canada (and Maybe Australia) Now Selling TV Episodes / Google Chairman Says Google TV will Dictate TV Landscape by Next Summer / Flipboard Launches for iPhone and iPod touch; Buckles Under the Strain / Microsoft Releases My Xbox Live App for iThings / Media Gets Sneak Peek at Grand Central Terminal Apple Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.07.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst: November 2011 Likely Best November Ever for Apple / IHS: iPad to Hold onto 65-Percent Tablet Share Through Year’s End / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPad to Hold on to 53-Percent Tablet Share Through Year’s End / Sterne Agee Analyst: RIM Being Battered by Amazon Kindle Fire in Tablets and by iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS in Low-End BlackBerries / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: Older iPhones Being Pushed Down Sales Lists on US Carriers / The European Commission Launches Antitrust Investigation into Apple and Five Publishers Over eBooks / Apple Lands at Top of PCWorld Reliability Satisfaction Survey for Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets / Apple Loses Cases for iPad Trademark in China; May Be on the Hook for 1.5-Billion-Dollars / Apple Updates iBooks with a Few New Features / Apple Issues Minor Update for Cards App for iOS / Apple Insider: CNBC Hears That Apple Retails EasyPay Self-Checkout Program is Going Well / Global BBC iPlayer Hitting iPhone and iPod touch This Week (Still Missing U.S.)  /Google and Telstra Launch Melbourne Retail Presence in “Androidland” / Amazon Says Jobs Bio is Top Selling Book of 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2011

Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Carrier IQ Named in New Lawsuit / Senator Franken Asks Carrier IQ Questions of Sprint, AT&T, HTC, and Samsung / JP Morgan Analysts Meet with Apple Execs, Walk Away Excited / Sprint Shooting for Second-Half 2012 Launch for LTE-Phones; Pleased with iPhone / JP Morgan: Verizon Likely Biggest Winner from iPhone 4S Among US Carriers / GigaOm: US Cellular Holding Out for a 4G-LTE iPhone / Smarthouse: Secret Sources Say Apple Plans Three Televisions by the End of 2012 / Fortune: Rumor Has Apple Considering New Data Center in Oregon / New Lion beta May or May Not Point to New Mac Pro / Electronista: Garnet Digital Targets Anyone who Has Anything to Do with Smartphones in Trollish Patent Infringement Suit / USITC Pushes HTC Apple-Patent Infringement Ruling Back to 14 December / Apple Grand Central Store Operations Seem Timed for Commuters / Early Bird Pricing to Macworld|iWorld Ends Monday, December 12 / Get more info on Macworld/iWorld at / Computer History Museum Launches Online Steve Jobs Exhibit

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Mac OS Ken: 12.05.2011

Congressman Markey Asks FTC to Investigate Carrier IQ / German Data Protection Authority Quizzes Apple Over Use of Carrier IQ / Carrier IQ, HTC, and Samsung Sued for Alleged Federal Wiretap Statute Violation / Report: Leaked T-Mobile Memo Shows Carrier Putting Carrier IQ on BlackBerry Phone Against RIM’s Direction / CNET: Carriers - Not Carrier IQ - Biggest Cause of Carrier IQ Privacy Issues / Brazil and Russia to Start Official iPhone 4S Sales on 16 December / comScore: Apple Fourth-Largest Cellphone Maker in the U.S. / Apple Seeds Second Build of 10.7.3 to Developers / Apple Insider: Thailand Flooding Likely Cause of Massive Delay for BtO 2TB iMac / Hearst Magazine President Pleased With Progress on Digital Subscriptions / Report: Apple VP of Government Sales Is No Longer with the Company / US Federal Judge Denies Apple Request for Preliminary Injunction Barring Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales / Electronista: Apple ACTUALLY Seeks as Much as 16.2-Billion-Dollar Bail in German Case with Motorola Mobility

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Mac OS Ken: 12.02.2011

Apparent Rootkit - Carrier IQ - Installed on Most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Phones / iPhone Dev Team Member chpwn Finds Reference to Carrier IQ in iOS 5 / Apple Says It Stopped Supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 on Most Products / RIM Says It Has Nothing to Do With Carrier IQ / Nokia Says Carrier IQ Not on Its Phones (No Way, No How) / HTC: Blame the Carriers for Carrier IQ / Verizon Wireless Says It Does Not Use Carrier IQ / Sprint Says It Uses Carrier IQ But Does Not (and Cannot) Snoop / AT&T and T-Mobile Say They Use Carrier IQ for Quality Not Snooping / Senator Franken Seeks Answers from Carrier IQ on Software and Consumer Info Collected / Business Insider: Carrier IQ Offers “Weak” Statement on Service / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Sees Upside for Apple in Big Sales for Wintek; iPhone 4S Into China Soon / Vodacom South Africa to Get iPhone 4S on 16 December / ChangeWave: 96-Percent of iPhone 4S Owners Satisfied with Their Phone / CIRP: 45-Percent of iPhone 4S Buyers Paid a Penalty/Premium to Get Their New Phones / GigaOm: Mophie and Best Buy Recall Some Battery Packs for iOS Device / Australian Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Blocked for at Least One More Week / BBC Expands Global iPlayer for iPad App to Canada; Keeps Dissing U.S. / Official: Grand Central Terminal Apple Store to Open 9 December / New York State Looking into Terms of Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Lease

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Mac OS Ken: 12.01.2011

Amazon Kindle Fire Unseats 16GB iPad as Best Buy’s Top Selling Tablet / Corning Cuts Estimates Due in Part to Weakness in Tablets / UBS Analyst Thinks Corning Cut Due to Non-iPad Tablets / J.P. Morgan Analyst Lowers Current-Quarter iPad Sales Expectations Slightly; Raises iPhone Target / comScore: Android Steals Share from RIM and iOS in Canada in the Summer / iPhone 4S Sales Trump Android Phone Sales in UK in October / Apple and Google Decline Participation in CTIA-Sponsored Ratings Plan for Mobile Games / The Telegraph Mixes Blog-Posts, “Respected Sources,” and Probably Gin to Predict March 2012 Launch for iPhone 5 / CNET: Reports of a Second “Exploding” iPhone / Munster Spins a Detailed Tale of the Apple Television / TMO: Apple Retail Promoting (RED) Products to Mark Today’s World AIDS Day / Disney CEO and Apple Board Member Bob Iger Buys One-Million Dollars Worth of Apple Stock / HP CEO Says Apple Could Overtake HP in PCs Next Yea (If We Count Tablets as PCs) / HP CEO Says webOS Decision to Be Handed Down in Next Two Weeks / Infinity Blade II Hits the App Store / Yahoo Says “iPhone” Most Searched Term on Yahoo in 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2011

Nielsen: Android Top Smartphone OS in US, Apple Top Smartphone Maker / Wired: Developers Find References to New iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 5 in iOS 5.1 beta / Barclays Analyst Sees an iPad 2, an iPad 2S, and an iPad 3 as Possibilities for 2012 / The Daily: Secret Sources Say Microsoft Working on Office for iPad / Forrester Research Says Microsoft May Arrive Too Late to the Tablet Game / Apple Releases Minor Safari Update / Australian Court Reverses Injunction Against Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; Issues “Stay of Orders” Pending Apple Appeal / Apple Seeks to Have Sales of Slightly Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Barred in Germany / Florida Court Denies Motorola Move to Add Products to Ongoing Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple / Apple and Graphics Properties Holdings Play Suit/Countersuit / Apple Approves iTether App for App Store / Apple Pulls iTether App from App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2011

Munster “Comfortable” with iPad Projections Based on “Black Friday” Sales / Deutsche Bank Analyst Sees “Black Friday” Sell-Outs of iPhone 4S / Amazon Says It’s Sold a Lot of Kindles and Kindle Fires This Holiday Season Without Saying How Many (As Usual) / Best Buy Cancels a Number of BlackBerry PlayBook Orders; Pulls PlayBook from Site / Report Has RIM Offering PlayBooks to Employees at Ridiculously Low Prices / Best Buy Says It Will Have More PlayBooks Soon; Doesn’t Say Why It Pulled PlayBook from Site and Cancelled Orders / Piper Jaffray Survey: Cash, Clothes, and Apple Gear Top U.S. Teen Holiday Lists / Apple Offers Free Shipping for Online Orders in US Through December 22 / Google Launches Catalogs App for iPad (Just in Time for the Holidays) / Apple Issues iOS 5.1 beta to Developers / Code Monkeys Find Coded Reference to Third-Gen Apple TV in iOS 5.1 beta / iPhone 4 Begins Smoking and Glowing on Regional Express Plane in Australia / TBR and ISIG Analysts Expect 15-Inch MacBook Air Soon / Seagate Says HDD Shortages to Continue for Several Quarters Due to Thai Flooding / Rolling Stone Publisher Bringing Titles to iPad / Original Document Establishing Apple Computer Up for Auction at Sotheby’s Next Month

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Mac OS Ken: 11.28.2011

NPD VP Sees Bad Sales This Holiday Season Thanks to Economy and Changes in Technology / IBM and comScore Say “Black Friday” Buying Online Up About 25-Percent / IBM: iOS Devices Account for 10-Percent of Online Retail Sales on “Black Friday” / 9 to 5 Mac Source Says Apple Smashes “Black Friday” Forecasts and Records / Best Buy Runs Holiday TV Spot Centered Around Apple Gear / Apple Runs Something Rare: A TV Commercial for an iPod / GfK: iPhone Users Most Likely to Stay with Their Smartphone Platform / HTC Lowers Guidance Due to Competition and Economic Concerns / HTC Reconsidering S3 Graphics Purchase After S3 Loss Against Apple / Foxconn Appears to Be Producing iPhones in Brazil for Brazil / Jefferies and Company Analyst Says Work Under Way on Next iPad, iPhone, and Maybe the Apple TV / WSJ Says Sharp Ramping LCD Panel Production for Next iPad / Macotakara Hears Talk of iPad 4 and Unspecified iOS Device with 4-Inch LCD / Apple Posts “Arriving Soon” Sign Outside Grand Central Terminal Store / First Subscription Game App Pulled from App Store on Day of Release / USPTO Presentation Commemorates Inventions and Trademarks of Steve Jobs

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Mac OS Ken: 11.25.2011

Macworld/iWorld is two months away. Today we learn more about it with IDG VP and Macworld/iWorld GM Paul Kent.

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Mac OS Ken: 11.23.2011

WSJ: Apple Recruiting Execs with Background in Web-Based Software / Credit Suisse Sees Hard Times for RIM Thanks in Part to the Lower-Cost iPhone 3GS / Jefferies and Co. Analyst Lowers iPad Sales Expectations; Says Bad News Around iPad Overblown / NPD: HP a Surprise Second in US Tablet Sales for First Ten Months of the Year / Apple Approves First Subscription Game App for iPad from Big Fish Games / Royal Caribbean Outfitting a Line of Ships with iPads for Passengers / Apple Takes Ownership of iPhone Related Domains That Had Linked to Porn / Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Store Will Apparently Miss Black Friday / Most Apple Store Opening Between “Kind of Early” and “Wicked Early” for Black Friday / Apple Teases 25 November Sales Event for UK Online Store / Ron Johnson Writes a Retail Manifesto / Aaron Sorkin Considering Writing Screenplay for Steve Jobs Bio-Pic

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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2011

USITC Says Apple Not Violating S3 Graphics Patents / Canalys: Apple Will Be No. 1 PC-Maker by Mid-2012 (If We Count iPads as PCs) / ChangeWave: Amazon Kindle Fire Takes a Sudden and Secure Second-Place in Expected Tablet Sales / Survey: People Who Read Magazines on Tablets Want More Magazines to Read / Ultrabook Makers Turing to Alternatives as MacBook Air Eats All of the Aluminum Unibodies / Sprint Starts iPhone Ads Playing-Up Unlimited Data Offering / All Things D Says Regulatory Testing Seems to be Complete for iPhone 4S in Mainland China / German Site Says Unannounced iOS 5.0.2 Update Delayed for More Testing / Musnter: App Dollars Tiny for Android Compared to iOS / Web-Trackers Say Apple Second Most Popular Retail Site in UK in October / Apple Teases “Black Friday” Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 11.21.2011

Apple Extends Window for Buying AppleCare+ iPhone Coverage to 30-Days After Phone Purchase / Metrico Wireless: AT&T Tops for iPhone 4S Data, Verizon Best for Calls / AT&T Raises Price of iPhone 3GS with 2-Year Contract from Free to 99-Cents / DigiTimes Sources Say Mid-Range Tablet Makers Likely to Leave the Field / 9 to 5 Mac Sources Say Apple to Officially Announce Grand Central Station Store Tomorrow / Apple Insider: Apple Seeks 2.7-Billion-Dollar Bail in German Case with Motorola Mobility / All Things D: Judge Questions Bail Amount in Apple/Motorola Mobility Case in Germany / Report Says Replacement First-Gen nanos Are Also First-Gen nanos / Apple Issues Maintenance Update for Xcode / Apple Now Accepting Yaun for App Store in China / Apple VP Greg Joswiak Shares Four Top Lessons from 20 Years at Apple / Rumor: George Clooney and Noah Wyle Both Vie to Play Steve Jobs in Bio-Pic

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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2011

Needham and Co. Analyst: Mac Now at 5.2-Percent Market Share Worldwide / Mac OS X-Malware “DevilRobber” Morphs; Now Disguised as Pirated PixelMator / DigiTimes Clarifies Report That Seemed to Indicate Drop in iPad 2 Demand / iPhone 4S Still Hard to Get Through U.S. Carriers / Citigroup Analyst Says Amazon Plans a Smartphone of Its Own for 2012 / IHS iSuppli: First Look Puts Kindle Fire Cost-to-Build at 203-Dollars / Apple Amends Suit Against Amazon Over Use of “Appstore” in Kindle Fire Marketing / Samsung Denies Apple Request for Customer Confusion Information / Nielsen: iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone Top Holiday Wish Lists for US Kids 6-to-12-Years-Old / Shopping Site Finds iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Topping Holiday Wish Lists in the UK / Apple Issues Minor Update for Final Cut Pro X / Apple Issues Minor Update for Second-Gen Apple TV / Apple Pulls Its Texas Hold ‘em App from the App Store / Motorola Mobility Shareholders Approve Acquisition by Google / Porn-Producer Vivid Entertainment Threatens HTC America Over Alleged Trademark Infringement / Microsoft Opens Store in Same Mall as First Apple Store; In-Store DJ Spins with a Mac

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Mac OS Ken: 11.17.2011

Iger Gets a Tiny Amount of Money for Iger for Joining Apple Board of Directors / Jobs Bio: New Chairman of Apple Board Thinks Apple Needs to Check Its Hubris / AT&T Says Churn Unchanged Since Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / German Site Says New iOS 5 Update to Really Fix Battery Issues This Time Due By End of Next Week / GMail App for iOS Returns to App Store (Bug Free!) / Juniper Global Threat Center Says Android Malware Up 472-Percent Since July / Samsung Makes a Second Run at Germany with a Slightly Redesigned and Slightly Renamed 10-Inch Galaxy Tab / Chinese Environmentalist Says Apple Working on Cleaning Up Pollution in the Supply Chain / Business Insider Runs Down Features of Google Music / Another Look at Google Music from TechCrunch / T-Mobile Partners with Google Music for Customer Billing / Legendary Photographer Annie Liebovitz Names iPhone “the Snapshot Camera of Today” / Stanford iOS 5 App Development Course Available through iTunes U

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2011

Apple Adds Disney CEO Bob Iger to Board; Promotes Art Levinson to Chairman / All Things D: Levinson and Iger Good Moves for Apple Board / Bernstein Research Analyst Sees Apple Spending Money on Supplier Operations / Australian Court to Hear Samsung Case Against Sale of iPhone 4S in March of 2012 / Wireless Legend Says Jobs Wanted to Replace Wireless Carriers / WSJ: NTT DoCoMo CEO Says Apple Carrier Restrictions Keep iPhone Off of His Network / International Strategy and Investment Group Analyst Thinks Apple Under Cook Will Start Paying a Dividend / Goldman Thinks Surprise Rise for Retail Sales in October Thanks Largely to the iPhone / Apple Sends Next Lion Update beta to Developers / Apple Informs Developers of iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown From December 22 through 29 / CNET: Changes in Apple TV Listing on Amazon Might Point to Imminent Refresh of the Device / Apple Insider: Korea Times Pulls Story About Screens for Bigger iPhones and Smaller iPads / Former Apple Retail Chief Gets Former Apple Retail CFO to Come to JC Penney

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2011

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1; Flips Switch on iTunes Match / Fortune: iTunes Match Over-Subscribed in Early Hours / UBS Analyst Sees Big Holiday Quarter for iPhone in the States / NPD: iPhones Are Top Two Smartphones in US in 3Q CY2011 / Reports Have iPhone 4S Landing in India on 25 November / Piper Jaffray Sees Another Record Quarter for Macs in NPD Numbers / Morgan Stanley: MacBook Air Made Up 28-Percent of Mac Sales in October / Macs See Significant European Growth in 3Q CY2011 / Goldman Sachs Sees Potential Weakening of iPad Demand / Appcelerator/IDC Survey Shows Significant Application Developer Interest in Amazon Kindle Fire / Apple and AT&T Hit with New Patent Infringement Suit / Samsung Not Seeking Injunction Against iPhone 4S in South Korea / Korea Times Secret Source Says Apple Plans to Intro Bigger Screened iPhone and Smaller Screened iPad / Apple Opening Eighth Store in Germany This Thursday / Apple Forces to Shut Down Over Five-Years After Forcing a Name Change

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Mac OS Ken: 11.14.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Apple Looking Into Reports of Battery Issues Post-iOS 5.0.1 Update / iOS 4/iPhone 3G/iBrick Case Tossed Out / Apple Starts Sales of Unlocked, Contract-Free, GSM-Only iPhone 4S / Sprint Starts Locking SIM on iPhone 4S / Claro Puerto Rico Offers 16GB iPhone 4S for 99-Dollars with 2-Year Contract / UAE Carriers Disable iMessage Due to Regulatory Investigation of Service / UAE Site 7 Days Says iMessage Running Again in UAE / Saturday: Apple Nukes iTunes Match Libraries to Prepare for Launch / Later Saturday: Apple Issues New iTunes beta Meant to Improve iTunes Match Stability and Performance / Apple Says Some iCloud Users See Two-and-a-Half Hour Outage on Friday / Apple Offers Replacements for Some First-Gen iPod nanos Due to Overheating and Safety Issues / Australian Court: Apple Does Not Have to Reveal iPhone 4S/Wireless Carrier Contract Details to Samsung / Phil Schiller Gets Slightly Modified Title Change at Apple / Google Invites Media to Suspected Music Store Event / Apple Launches Holiday Gift Guide in Online Store / IBM Coremetrics: Consumers Buy More and Spend More When Shopping Via iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.11.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Report: Hong Kong Apple Store Sells Out of iPhone 4S by Lunchtime / Apple Releases iOS v5.0.1 as OTA Update / iOS Update Patches Vulnerability Recently Revealed by Charlie Miller / iOS Update Fixes iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw / Apple Issues MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update, Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update, and Airport and Time Capsule Update / Apple Updates iAd Producer to v2.0 / Publicis Exec Pretty Much Likes iAds / Logitech Getting Out of the Google TV Business (for the Foreseeable Future) / Sony CEO Says He’s Finally Ready to Compete Against Steve Jobs / Jobs Biographer Hems and Haws on Apple and Televisions / Apple Rises to Fourth in Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics / Report: Apple Matching Gifts Program Earns Combined 2.6-Million Dollars for Charities in Less Than Two Months / WSJ Says Ron Johnson Trying to Hire Former Apple Retail CFO to Work at JC Penney / Want Ron Johnson’s Old Job? Send Your Apple Retail Application to

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Mac OS Ken: 11.10.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / RBC/ChangeWave Survey Shows Kindle Fire “Intent to Buy” Numbers That Could Ding iPad Sales / Apple Shares Fall Wednesday After Far East Report of Possible iPhone and iPad Slowdown / Research Firm Says Verizon Loses More iPhone Share Than AT&T to Sprint Post-iPhone 4S / Wired: Reports Say Second iOS 5.0.1 beta Completely Solves Battery Drain Issue / “Intent to Buy” Numbers from Morgan Stanley Survey Bode Well for the Mac in China / Apple Publishes Support Doc on MagSafe Power Adapter Settlement / Adobe Dropping Development of Flash Player for Mobile Browsers / RIM Commits to Continuing Support for Adobe Flash Player for PlayBook / Google Dropping Support for GMail App for BlackBerry / Walmart Updates iPhone App and Introduces Separate App for iPad / Upcoming Starbucks Holiday App to Feature Fun with Augmented Reality

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Barclays Analyst Calls iCloud Most Important Apple Service Since iTunes Store / Sterne Agee Analyst Says Apple Store Revenue - Not Technology - Keeps iPhone Off of China Mobile / IDC and Forrester Analysts Say Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet Pose No Threat to iPad / Amazon to Launch Kindle Fire at 16,000 Retail Locations on 15 November / Australian Judge Orders Apple to Reveal Details of iPhone Deals with Carriers Down Under / Apple Insider Says Resellers Keep Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia Despite Injunction Barring Such Sales / Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App with EasyPay and Personal Pickup Options / Consumer Reports Can Recommend iPhone 4S (Though It Likes Some Android Phones Better) / Apple Reportedly Says No Plans for Siri on Older Devices / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Giving Some End Users Access to Battery-Fix iOS Update for Testing / Apple Adds Titles from The Criterion Collection to iTunes Movies

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Security Guy Charlie Miller Uncovers Serious iOS Exploit via “Stealth App” / Apple Boots Charlie Miller from iOS Developer Program / Detusche Bank Analyst Sees No Slowdown Yet of iPhone 4S Demand / Fortune: iPhone 4S Pre-Orders See Unprecedented Demand in Hong Kong and South Korea / CNET Says Apple Holding “Union Awareness” Course for Retail Management Today / VirnetX Files Complaint Against Apple with USITC to Go Along with Lawsuit / Motorola Mobility Wins Preliminary (and Temporarily Meaningless) Injunction Against Apple in Germany / Barnes and Noble Announces Nook Tablet / Canaccord Genuity Analyst Expects Continuing Dominance for iPad / Developer Finds Hidden Panorama Feature in iOS 5 Camera App

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Mac OS Ken: 11.07.2011

comScore Survey: Apple Only Top-Five Phone Maker to Grow U.S. Share in 3Q CY2011 / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: Apple Makes Over Half of World’s Cellphone Profits Selling Less Than a Twentieth of World’s Phones / Taiwan Clears iPhone 4S for Sale / U.S. Cellular Passed on Carrying iPhone / UK-Firm Finds Android Phones Most Prone to Breakage Among Smartphones / Report: EC Investigating Samsung for Possible Violation of EU Competition Laws / Apple Sued Over Alleged VPN-Patent Violation / Apple Issues Second iOS 5.0.1 Battery-Fix beta / Apple Seeds Safari beta with PDF Fix to Developers / Walgreens Piloting Program for In-Store, iPad-Equipped “Health Guides” / Apple VP of Global Security Resigns / CNET: Security Expert Doubts Apple Security VP was Forced Out / Apple Issues New Boatloads of Stock to Many Top Execs / Sanford Bernstein Analyst Thinks Apple Will Make an “Apple TV 3” Rather Than a Full-On Apple Television / HP Offering webOS Developers Discounted TouchPads / “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” Headed to Landmark Theatres

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Mac OS Ken: 11.04.2011

Some iPhone 4S Users Report Siri Outages / Ars Technica: Siri Uses Relatively Little Data to Do What It Does / Sprint Says It’s Working on Finding and Fixing 3G-Speed Issues for iPhone 4S / IDC: Estimated Samsung Shipments Make It the Number One Smartphone Vendor in 3Q CY2011 (Maybe) / Canalys Keeps Counting Tablets as Computers, Leading to Decent Growth for Computers in 3Q CY2011 / Engadget Says Leaked Document Show Next Barnes and Noble nook a Powerful Competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire / Barclays Analyst: Apple Not Concerned Over Amazon Kindle Fire / DigiTimes Sources Say Apple to Overhaul Entire Line Next Year; Release Two iPads / CBS CEO May Have Let Some Apple TV Plans Out of the Bag / Apple Click-to-Mortar Pick-Up Option Expands Over All of California / CNET Says Glass Cube at NYC Apple Store Should Re-Open Today

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Mac OS Ken: 11.03.2011

Apple Admits to iOS 5 Problem Draining Batteries on Some Devices / beta to Fix iOS 5 Battery Issues Crashes Some Developer Devices / iOS 5.0.1 beta Fixes Unlikely Smart Cover Security Issue / Apple Issues iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 to Developers as Work on iTunes Match Continues / Apple to Mac App Store Developers: Everybody in the Sandbox / South Korea Lifts Ban on iOS Games Ahead of iPhone 4S Release There / Czech Division of Telefonica Opts to Drop iPhones / Jony Ive and Other Apple Designers to Be Deposed by Samsung This Month / Apple Loses Case Over Competing Tablet Design in Spain / Jobs Bio Sells 379-Thousand Copies in the US in First Week of Release / Google Launches (Then Yanks) Flawed iOS App for GMail / Business Insider: Google Didn’t Really Care About the GMail iOS App / Fortune: Apple May Have Okayed Faulty GMail iOS App to Make Google Look Bad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2011

Apple Launching iPhone 4S in 15 More International Regions on 11 November / US-Regional Wireless Carrier C-Spire to Start iPhone 4 and 4S Sales on 11 November / Sterne Agee Analyst Sees Strong Sales of iPhone 4S for Verizon and Sprint / RW Baird Analyst Sees iPhone 4S Demand Outpacing Supply in the States / NetApplications: iOS Grows October Market Share to Over 61-Percent / NetApplications: Safari Dominates Mobile Web Browsing; Grows a Bit on the Desktop / Samsung Wants to See iPhone 4S Firmware Code and Apple Deals with  Australian Carriers / DevilRobber: New Multi-Pronged Malware Hits the Scene / Apple Misses “End of October” iTunes Match Release Date / Apple Retail Chief (Finally) Leaves for JC Penney with No Successor Named / GarageBand for iOS Now Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2011

UBS: China Telecom Likely to Get CDMA-iPhone in First Half of 2012 / Analysts Say Weak HTC Forecast Likely Thanks to Strong iPhone 4S / Rumor: Apple Testing 15-Inch MacBook Air-Type Laptop / Rumor: Apple Considers Dumping Mac Pro Line / Apple Insider: First Machines Claiming to Run Mac OS X 10.8 Show Up in Website Data Logs / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Preference for iPads Over Android Tablets in IT for EDUs / South Wales Primary School Sees Anecdotal Results Deploying iPads and iPods / Brazilian Foxconn iPad Plant Could be Slowed by Expensive and Unskilled Workforce / Foxconn Parent Company Breaks Ground on Robotics R&D Facility / Apple Expands In-Store Pick-Up Option to NYC; Says Wider US Expansion of Program ‘Coming Soon’ / Rumor: Apple Store App to Enable Self-Checkout for Some Products at Apple Stores / Barnes & Noble Invites Press to Event Likely for Nook Color 2 Introduction / Acer Chairman Happy HP is Staying in PCs / Pete Townshend Likens iTunes to a “Digital Vampire”

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Mac OS Ken: 10.31.2011

The Guardian: Apple Engineers Reaching Out to Some iPhone 4S Users with Battery Issues / The Guardian: iPhone 4S Battery Drain May Be Caused By Bug in Location Services / iOS Developer Ports Fully Functional Siri App to iPhone 4 as Proof-of-Concept / Report: Apple Owns Third Mapping Software Company C3 / RIM Running “Buy Tow PlayBooks, Get One Free” Promo for the Enterprise / All Things D Hears Hints of a Windows 8 Tablet from Nokia (Though I’m Not Sure I Do) / Best Buy Promo Has Chain Selling HP TouchPads with Select Computers / The Guardian Says HP to Shutter webOS Division Soon / HP PSG Head Calls Talk of HP Killing webOS “Unfounded Rumor” / Taiwan Premier Pledges to Help Local Phone-Makers If Apple Sues Over “Slide-to-Unlock” / NYT Runs Mona Simpson’s “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs” / Apple Sues German Cafe Over Logo

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Mac OS Ken: 10.28.2011

Apple Full-Time Staff Up from 49,400 in FY2010 to 60,400 in FY2011 / Apple Grows R-and-D Spending from 1.8-Billion Dollars in FY2010 to 2.4-Billion Dollars in FY2011 / Apple Nearly Doubling CapEx to Eight-Billion-Dollars in FY2012 / Sprint CEO Says iPhone Deal is for Four Years; Valued at 15.5-Billion Dollars / Sprint CEO Praises Efficiency iPhone Data Use / Forrester Reverses Years-Long Stance; Suggests Enterprise IT Support the Mac for Those Who Want It / Apple Issues Aperture Update; Printer Driver Updates for HP and Epson Machines / NYT: Bilton Says Siri the Key to Steve Jobs Cracking the Connected TV Experience / Samsung Granted Appeal Hearing in Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction / HP Decides to Stay in the PC Business / HP Plans to Get Back Into Tablets with Windows 8; Leaves Fate of webOS in the Air / Motorola Mobility Only Ships 100-Thousand Xooms in 3Q

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Mac OS Ken: 10.27.2011

CNN/Money: Sprint Sees Most Customers Added in 3Q in Five Years (And That’s Pre-iPhone) / Sprint Says iPhone Attracting More New Customers Than It Expected / Gazelle Sees Record-High BlackBerry Trade-Ins After RIM Service Outage and iPhone 4S Launch / Nokia Shows Off Its First WP7 Phones / iPhone Replaces Nokia Phones as Most Desired 3G Phone in China / Morgan Stanley Says Less-Expensive iPhone Would be Huge in China (Where iPhone is Already Huge) / Italian Court Hearing Samsung Case Against Apple Adjourns Until Mid-December / Sophos Spots New Backdoor Trojan Targeting Mac OS X Machines / Apple Issues EFI Updates for a Number of Macs as Well as a Thunderbolt Update and a QuickTime Update for Windows / Apple Issues Bug-Fix Update for iPhoto ’11 / MacBook Unibody Producer Catcher Technology to Be Back to Production Next Week / Apple Warns Developers of iTunes Match Reset Ahead of Anticipated Public Launch / 9 to 5 Mac Says Apple Piloting New Option to Buy Online, Pick Up in Store / Some Jobs Bio iBook Buyers Encouraged to Delete and Re-Download to Fix Formatting Issue / PBS to Air New Steve Jobs Documentary 2 November at 10pm Eastern / Hotel Wifi Provider Says iPad to Blame for Crappy Hotel Wifi / iPads and an “Angry Bird” Doll Headed to International Space Station

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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2011

ABI Says Tablet Sales Eclipse Netbook Sales for the First Time in 2Q CY2011 / CEA Says Tablets Most Desired Gadget-Gift This Holiday Season / Harris Poll Shows Apple Dominance with Kids in America / Pew Study Shows Majority of Tablet News Seekers Unwilling to Pay / Conde Nast Sees Significant Rise in Subscriptions and Single-Issue Sales with Launch of iOS 5 Newsstand / Shaw Wu Says Content and Licensing Deals - Not Tech - Are Holding Back an Apple Television / Ive Comments in Jobs Biography Indicate Three-Year Pipeline for Apple Products / Rumor Has Sony Pursuing Aaron Sorkin to Write Script for Rumored Film Adaptation of Steve Jobs Biography / Apple Awarded Patent for “Slide to Unlock” Gesture / Report Has Apple Eyeing Solar Power for NC Data Center / The Flaming Lips to Honor Steve Jobs at O Music Awards Next Monday / Director of Photography for The Avengers Says None of Film Was Shot on iPhone After All / Father of the iPod Tony Fadell Launches a Smart and Sexy Thermostat / IDG Reboots Macworld Expo as Macworld/iWorld; Opens 2012 Registration

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Mac OS Ken: 10.25.2011

Morgan Keegan Analyst Thinks iPhone 4S Is Stealing Android Market Share in the States / Some Sprint Users Complain of Slow 3G Speeds for iPhone 4S / Apple Quietly Upgrades MacBook Pro Line / Apple Quietly Updates Part of the Smart Cover Line / Apple Issues Updates for Apple TV (Again) and for Mid-2010 15-Inch MacBook Pro / Bloomberg Sources Say Developer Behind iTunes Leading Full-Sized TV Charge for Apple / Munster Source Says Apple Television Prototypes Are in the Works / ABI: Android Apps Top iOS Apps in Quantity in 2Q CY2011 While Quality (and Money) Go to iOS / One JP Morgan Analyst Loves the Kindle Fire, One Has No Use for It / Steve Jobs Biography Tops Sales Charts for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple’s iBookstore / Macworld UK: IHS iSuppli Plants Seeds of Doubt About a Jobsless Apple / Apple Settles Class-Action Suit with Millions for Lawyers; Three-Dollars-and-25-Cents for Consumers

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Mac OS Ken: 10.24.2011

Verizon Activates 2-Million iPhones in 3Q; Sells Out of iPhone 4S on Day One / Apple Opens iPhone 4S Pre-Orders to 22 More Countries / UBS Analyst Sees Between 28-Million and 42.5-Million iPhone 4S Units Sold This Quarter / Report: Exec Behind Siri Leaves Apple / 9 to 5 Mac: Smart Cover Security Issue Spotted for iPad 2 and iOS5 / Strategy Analytics: Apple’s Share of the Tablet Market Slips / USITC Dismisses Google and T-Mobile Arguments in Apple v. HTC Case / Xinhua: An Update on the Floods in Thailand / Electronista Looks at Hard Disks, PCs, Apple, and Floods / Yahoo! Data Center Exec Joins Apple / 9 to 5 Mac Source Says NYC Grand Central Station Store to Open by November 25 / Part of Next Summer’s The Avengers Shot on an iPhone / Apple Posts Video of “ A Celebration of Steve’s Life” / Jobs Tells Isaacson He’s “Cracked” the Connected TV

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Mac OS Ken: 10.21.2011

Factory That Makes MacBook Air Casing Should Be Back On-Line by November / WSJ Says Suppliers are Currently Filling Orders for Parts for iPad 3 / AT&T Expects This Quarter to Be Best Smartphone Quarter So Far / AT&T Says “Free” iPhone 3GS Seeing Sellouts Across the Country / Apple Insider: WSJ Source Says Samsung Shipped More Smartphones Than Apple in Most Recent Quarter / CNET: There’s a Big Difference Between Smartphone Shipments and Sales / Samsung Considers Seeking iPhone 4S Ban in South Korea / Samsung Case Seeking Ban of iPhone 4S in France Delayed / Apple Announces Tech Talk World Tour 2011 / Apple Reopening Victoria Gardens Store in Rancho Cucamonga This Weekend / Best Buy Launches “App Discovery Center” for iOS and Android Applications / The iPad: 23 October Marks Ten Years in the Public’s Consciousness / Apple Site Goes Back to Business as Usual with iPhone 4S Promo Info / Apple Starts Siri-Centric iPhone 4S TV Ad / Steve Jobs Biography to Be Released Monday (iBookstore Link) / Gore: Jobs Didn’t Want Apple Execs Asking “What Would Steve Do?”

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Mac OS Ken: 10.20.2011

Forbes: Analysts Suggest Buying Apple Shares on Wednesday’s Dip / U.S. Regional Carrier C Spire Wireless to Start Selling iPhone 4S “Soon” / Some Apple Insider Readers Say iCloud is Eating Their “Documents and Data” / Rethinking Siri and iPhone 4: It’s Probably Not the Microphone / Sophos Sees Reason for Concern Around Siri and Security / Google’s King of the Androids: I Don’t Believe That Your Phone Should Be an Assistant / Head of Windows Phone 7 Says Siri Implementation Not “Super Useful” While Playing Up Voice Recognition in WP7 / Google Exec Says Google Music Store Will Be Different; Doesn’t Say How / Samsung Exec Says Design of Galaxy Nexus Intentionally Seeks to Steer Clear of Apple Patents / Apple Re-Issues Apple TV 4.4.1 Update / Option to Turn on iTunes Match Turns Up on iOS 5 Devices Though the Service Is Not Live / CNET: Taiwanese Report May Hint at Seven-Inch iPad in the Works / Softbank CEO Says Steve Jobs Worked on Unreleased Products Until Day Before He Died / Apple Celebrates the Life of Steve Jobs with Employees; Posts Public Tribute on its Site / Researchers Use Pieced Together Computer to Figure Pi to 10-Billionth Digit / Former Short-Time Apple Exec Mark Papermaster Lands Gig at AMD

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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2011

Apple Reports Record Mac and iPad Sales for 4QFY2011 / Apple Shares Drop 6.68-Percent in After Hours Trading Post Earnings Report / Fortune Looks at Misses on Expectations for iPhone Sales and Revenue / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Brian White Encourages Clients to Buy Apple Shares on “Any Weakness” / Get the Apple Quarterly Earnings Call Podcast on iTunes Here / Report: Apple Retail Locations in the States to Close for a Few Hours Today to Honor Steve Jobs

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Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2011

Apple Says iPhone 4S Sales Top 4-Million Units in First Three Days / Wired Puts Stunning iPhone 4S Sales Numbers in Context / Apple Initiates iPhone 4S Reservation Requirement for US and Canada / iPhone 4S Turns Up on Chinese Grey Market for Between 13-Hundred and Two-Thousand Dollars / Some iPhone 4S Buyers Complain of Issues with Screen / CNET: Some iPhone 4S Users Still Seeing Trouble with Siri / Apple to Release Fourth-Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Earnings Today / Macworld Marks Todays Earnings Call as the First Under CEO Cook / Samsung Sues to Stop iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Sales in Australia and Japan / USITC Says Apple Did Not Violate Patents in One HTC Case / Pollution Problem at Chinese Plant Could Disrupt Product Shipments for Apple and a Number of Other Companies / Sears Gives Employees iThings and Customers In-Store WiFi

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Mac OS Ken: 10.17.2011

Munster Expected iPhone 4S Sales of Up to 2.5-Million Over the Weekend; Yankee Group Says 4-Million / Analysts Looks at Who’s Dropping What for iPhone 4S / Sprint and AT&T Trumpet iPhone 4S Sales on Release Day / AT&T Customers See (the Usual) Day-One iPhone Activation Issues / Softbank Sees Three-Hour Activation System Outage on First Day of iPhone 4S Sales / Apple Closes at a Record-High 422-Dollars on Day One of iPhone 4S Sales / CNET: Some See Trouble with Siri on Its First Night Out / Apple Gives Siri Attitude / Mobile Developer Hacks Siri into an iPhone 4 / Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Lower Priced iPad Early Next Year / CNET: Unnamed Industry Source Says Chatter Picking Up for 7-Inch iPad / Susquehanna Analyst Hears iPad 3 Production Should Start By End of Year / Foxconn and Brazil Say iThings Factory is a Go / Dutch Court Rejects Samsung Request for Ban on Sale of iThings

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Mac OS Ken: 10.14.2011

All Three Carriers in the States Sell Out of Pre-Order iPhone 4Ses (Even Sprint!) / Munster Sees 18.8 Million Existing iPhone Owners Upgrading to iPhone 4S / TUAW: Apple Extends Time to Buy AppleCare+ for Some Who Pre-Ordered New Phones / Apple Updates iPhoto to v9.2 / Apple Updates iWork Apps for iOS with iCloud Integration and Various Tweaks / Apple Updates iMovie for iOS, Remote, and Find My iPhone / Apple Updates iPhone Configuration Utility to v3.4 / Apple Releases New iOS Apps Cards and iTunes Movie Trailers / Appel Releases New iOS Apps “Find My Friends” and “AirPort Utility” / Apple Starts Selling 99-Cent Alert Tones for iOS Devices / Electronista Says MacBook Pro Update Looks Likely Soon / Judge in Apple v. Samsung Case Says Galaxy Tab 10.1 Does Violate Apple Patents, But She’s Not Sure Those Patents are Valid / Samsung Lawyers Cannot Tell iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 Apart from Ten-Feet Away / Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Gives Cupertino-Crew Full Week Off for U.S. Thanksgiving / Bloomberg/Businessweek Profiles Apple iOS Lead Scott Forstall / Statements Around the Original “Ice Cream Sandwich” Postponement / Samsung Sets Up Pop-Up Shop Near Apple Store with 2-Dollar Smartphones / Samsung and Goole Reschedule “Ice Cream Sandwich” Event for Wednesday 19 October

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Mac OS Ken: 10.13.2011

Gartner: Mac and iPad Sales Disrupt Status Quo in PC-Land / IDC: Mac and iPad Sales Disrupt Status Quo in PC-Land / Apple Insider Reader Gets iPhone 4S Delivery on Wednesday / Australian Court Imposes Temporary Injunction Barring Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Down Under / Samsung Says It’ll Upgrade Phones to Beat Sales Ban in the Netherlands / LA Times: Sources Say Apple Working to Take Movies into iCloud / Apple Updates Lion to v10.7.2 / Apple Updates Safari to v5.1.1 / Apple Releases iOS 5 / Many See Snags Upgrading to iOS 5 / MacNN: iOS 5 Addresses 95 Security Vulnerabilities / Apple Update Second-Gen Apple TV with iOS 5 Support and Hockey!

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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Mossberg Impressed, Though Apparently Not Overwhelmed with iPhone 4S / Pogue on iPhone 4S: Apple Has Done an Excellent Job / CNET: Pundits Pour Praise on iPhone 4S / The Loop’s Dalrymple Calls iPhone 4S a Product “Other Companies Just Can't Compete With” / A Little Bird Says A5 + New Mic in iPhone 4S Both Key to Siri / Deutsche Bank Analysts Expects iPhone 4S to Steal Android Sales / German Telekom Customer Gets Early Delivery of iPhone 4S / Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 One Day Ahead of iOS 5 and iCloud / Apple Seeds iTunes 10.5.1 beta to Developers About an Hour After the 10.5 Release / Apple Issues Minor Update for iBooks / comScore Says Just Over 97-Percent of US Web Surfing Via Tablet COmes Via iPad / Upper House of Dutch Parliament Ditches Paper for iPads / Facebook App for iPad (Finally) Goes Live / Apple Applies for Patent Covering “In Application Purchasing” / Apple CEO Sets 19 October as Day for Company to Celebrate the Life of Steve Jobs / Guys Who “Found” and Sold Prototype iPhone 4 in 2010 Get Probation, Community Service, and 250-Dollar Penalties

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Mac OS Ken: 10.11.2011

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Top One Million in First 24 Hours / AT&T Sees 200-Thousand iPHone 4S Pre-Orders in First 12 Hours While Sprint Orders Exceed Carrier Expectations / Sprint CEO Pins Turnaround Expectations on iPhone / Sprint Shares Tumble as Wall Street Reacts to Cash Plans / Sprint Still Has 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4S Available in Both Colors (Which Can’t be Good News for Sprint) / Apple iPhone 4S Shipping Dates Slip to 1-2 Weeks After First 24-Hours of Orders; 16GB Models First to Run Low at Sprint and Verizon / Unlocked iPhone 4S Available in UK, France, and Germany Now; US Next Month; GSM-Only / Report: AT&T Would Like “4G” Indictor at Top of iPhone 4S Screen (Event Though It’s Not True 4G) / AT&T Says Theoretical HSDPA Speeds Rarely Met by Compatible Devices on Network / Google and Samsung Postpone Ice Cream Sandwich Android Phone Event After Passing of Steve Jobs / Google and T-Mobile USA Ask ITC to Not Ban HTC Phones (Even if They Violate Apple Patents (No Foolin!)) / Apple Loses Bid to Suspend Motorola Mobility Patent Cases During Motoroogle Deal / Windows Phone Exec Expresses Surprise Over Apple Releasing Just One New iPhone / Macotakara: Lion and iTunes Updates Could Hit Today

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Mac OS Ken: 10.07.2011

Munster, White, and Wu Voice Support For Apple Despite Passing of Jobs / Canaccord Genuity Analyst Likes Apple and CEO Tim Cook Going Forward / Apple Stock Ends Off a Fraction the Day After Jobs’ Death / Release Date of Official Jobs Biography Moved to 24 October / Apple Insider: Analysts Wednesday Line Up Behind iPhone 4S / Fortune: Analysts Weigh-In on iPhone 4S / JMP Analysts Starts Countdown to “True” Fifth-Gen iPhone (and Makes Me Hulk Angry) / Samsung Plans Court Cases in France and Italy to Block Sale of iPhone 4S / Samsung Stacks Galaxy S II Specs Against Those of iPhone 4S / Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data Plan Option for iPhone 4S / iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Get a Late Start and Long Waits

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Mac OS Ken: 10.06.2011

Steve Jobs - 1955 - 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Apple Announces iPhone 4S / iPhone 4S to Feature AirPlay Mirroring / iPhone 4 Drops to 99-Dollars While 3GS Goes Free / Apple Adds KDDI as Second iPhone Carrier in Japan / Apple Offers AppleCare+ with Accidental Damage Coverage for iPhone / Siri - the App - Nixed for Siri - the iPhone 4S Feature / iOS 5 and iCloud to Go Live October 12 with iTunes Match Hitting Later in the Month / Apple Announces “Find My Friends” App for Release Next Week / Apple Announces “Cards” App / Apple Issues GM of iOS 5 and Updated 10.7.2 beta to Developers / Apple Calls for iOS 5 and Lion 10.7.2 Compatible Apps / Apple Updates and Lowers Prices for iPod nano and iPod touch / Apple Makes iPhone Event Available as a Podcast

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Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2011

Reuters Says Former Apple CEO Jobs Expected at Oct 4 Event But he May Not Be There and That’s Cool Too / Ticonderoga Analyst Expects Record Sales of Next iPhone in First Three Days / Janney Capital Analyst Sees Huge 2012 for iPhone / Vodafone Germany Site Indicates 16, 32, and 64GB iPhone 4S Models / WSJ: Sources Say Sprint Make “Bet the Company” Deal for Next iPhone / CNET: Most Important New Thing from Apple is iCloud Not a New iPhone / Apple PR: No Live Stream of iPhone Event / Code in iTunes beta Shows Apple Mulling iOS App Rentals / Apple and Google Among Companies Lobbying for Corporate “Tax Holiday” / BBC: Samsung Offers to Pull Features and Functions to Get Galaxy Tab 10.1 Okayed for Sale in Australia / Apple Rejects Samsung Proposal in Australian Case / Target Adds Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook Color to Store Shelves / The Microsoft Zune: 2006 - 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 10.03.2011

Radio Shack Inventory System Indicates iPhones for Sprint / Apple Issues Ninth beta of iTunes 10.5 to Developers / Apple Insider: References to iPhone 4S Found in iTunes 10.5 beta / Apple Issues New betas for iWork Apps for iOS / AT&T Upping Device Insurance Cost Same Day as Apple iPhone Event / MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Opening Seven New European Countries to Apple TV / Apple Quietly Kills Access to Clickwheel Games in iTunes / Safari Cracks 5-Percent Browser Share Worldwide / iOS Responsible for Nearly 55-Percent of Mobile Browsing Worldwide / Report: Apple and Samsung Talk Temporary Deal for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in Australia / U.S. Judge Accepts “Friend of the Court” Briefs from Verizon and T-Mobile in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Proceedings / 7-Inch HTC Flyer Sees Permanent Cut from 500-Dollars to 300-Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 09.30.2011

China Unicom Exec Says Next iPhone to Support HSPA+ / T-Mobile Files “Friend of the Court” Brief Supporting Samsung Against Apple-Requested Product Ban / Apple Exec Says Steve Jobs Tried Talking to Samsung Before the Explosion of Lawsuits / Shanghai Police Bust Counterfeit iPhone Operation / Report: Brazilian Foxconn iPad Plant May Be in Jeopardy / JP Morgan Analyst Not Sure Kindle Fire Can Lock Up Second in the Tablet Space / TUAW: Amazon Uses Terms Used by Apple for a Couple of Its New Offerings / UK Retailer Carphone Warehouse Giving Away PlayBook Tablet with Purchase of BlackBerry Phone / RIM Denies Reports That It Is Killing the PlayBook / CNET: Psystar Loses Appeal in Mac Clone Case / Lego Launches iOS App/Physical Toy Combo for Kids in U.S. / Disney Launches iOS App/Physical Toy Combo / iTunes Store Opens to 12 News European Countries; Now Covers Entire EU

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Mac OS Ken: 09.29.2011

Amazon Announces the 199-Dollar Kindle Fire / Amazon VP Coyly Keeps Mum About Larger Successor to 7-Inch Kindle Fire / Amazon Introduces Silk Browser Technology for Kindle Fire / Barnes and Noble Drops Price of nook color in Wake of Kindle Fire Announcement (Still Priced Higher) / Piper Jaffray Analyst Says Kindle Fire Could Hurt Sales at Best Buy / Best Buy Hiring Half as Many Temporary Holiday Workers as it Did Lasy Year / Forbes: Kindle Fire an All Out Assault on Apple / Forbes: Kindle Fire No Threat to iPad (Yes the Same Forbes) / Piper Jaffray’s Munster: Kindle Fire Impressive But Not an iPad Yet / Piper Jaffray's Keith: Survey Shows Interest in Fire Versus iPad / Ticonderoga Analyst: iPad and Fire Competing for Different Buyers / Computerworld: TBR and Gartner Analysts See Little Worry in the Fire for iPad / Jefferies and Co Analyst Hears (Questionable) Talk of January 2012 Launch for iPad 3 / Apple Insider: Talk of Multiple iPhones Cooling in Wake of Event Invitation / 9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says New iPod touch and iPhone SKUs Show Up in Apple Retail Inventory System

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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Apple Invites Press to 4 October Event on Cupertino-Campus to Talk iPhone / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Voice Recognition Features a Big in iOS 5 / UBS Analyst Expects Enough Changes for iPhone 5 to Drive Strong Adoption Cycle / BGR: AT&T Blocking Vacation from 10/3 through 10/14 / CMO of T-Mobile USA Wishes the Carrier Had the iPhone (But Have You Heard How Awesome Androids Are?) / TUAW: Secret Source Says shuffle and nano are Circling the Drain / Sterne Agee Analyst Says iPad Demand Remains Strong Despite JP Morgan Report on Production Reduction / Janney Capital Analyst Initiates Apple Coverage with Buy Rating and 495-Dollar Target / Apple Fights Verizon Amicus Brief Fighting Ban on Some Samsung Products in the States / Judge May Impose Temporary Injunction Against Sale of Samsung Galxy Tab 10.1 in Australia / USITC Agrees to Investigate Patent Infringement Charges from HTC Against Apple / Fortune Bundles 30 Years of Articles About Steve Jobs into Kindle Only eBook

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Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2011

Apple Sets 4Q Earnings Call for Tuesday 18 October / JP Morgan Analyst Freaks Over Perceived Reduction in iPad 2 Production While Other Analysts Keep Cooler Heads / Fortune: JP Morgan Analyst May Have Forgotten About the New Foxconn iPad Facility in Brazil / Nielsen: Android Widens Lead in US Smartphones While iPhone Holds a Strong Second Place / San Francisco Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 5th / Seattle Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 7th / Ars Technica: New Mac Trojan Disguises Itself as PDF / Apple Adds New Trojan to Malware Definitions for Snow Leopard and Lion / Another Trojan Posing as Adobe Flash Installer Spotted in the Wild / Apple and Samsung Square Off in Australian Court / Apple and Samsung Also Square Off in Dutch Court / USPTO Denies Apple Application to Trademark the Term “Multi-Touch” / Amazon Signs Fox Video Deal Ahead of Expected Tablet / All Things D Sources Say Three Major Magazine Publishers On Board for New Amazon Tablet / TechCrunch Says New Amazon Tablet to Be Called “Kindle Fire”

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Mac OS Ken: 09.26.2011

Barclays Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target to 555-Dollars on Apple’s Power as “Disruptive Force in Hardware” / Fortune: Jefferies Analyst Advises Clients on Oct 4 Event (About Which Apple Has Not Yet Advised Anyone Officially) / All Things D Sources Say Oct 4 Event to Be Held on Apple Campus / Amazon Invites Press to Event in NYC This Wednesday, 28 September / The Next Web: Twitter Events May Indicate Release of iOS 5 by Oct. 10 / Apple Insider: Apple Employee Vacation Blackout Dates May Indicate iOS 5 Release on Oct 10 and New iPhone Release on Oct 14 / Apple Joins Consumer Protection Group DDP / S3 Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement / Samsung Files Four New Suits Against Apple in the Netherlands / Verizon Files Amicus Brief Asking US Court to Not Ban Certain Samsung Products / All Things D: Samsung App Display Uses Icons for Mobile Safari and iOS App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 09.23.2011

Apple Sends (Yet Another) 10.7.2 beta to Developers / Canadian Carrier Telus Offering iPhone 4 for 99-dollars Until October 3rd / AT&T CEO Downplays Negatives Associated with Other Carriers and the Anticipated New iPhone / UBS Survey Shows Notable Retention Rates for iPhone / Credit Suisse Analyst Says More People with Higher Incomes Will Spend More Money on Apple Gear / Gartner Sees iPad Dominance of Tablet Space Through at Least 2015 / Wedbush Analyst Expects Monster Holiday Quarter for Apple (Followed by WHat Sounds Like Craziness) / VIA Technologies Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement Related to Microprocessors / Disney Interactive Shifts Focus from Consoles to iOS Games / First Episode of Ken Burs Doc “Prohibition” Debuts Through PBS iOS Apps Beginning Today / Apotheker Out and Whitman in as HP CEO

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Mac OS Ken: 09.22.2011

All Things D: Sources Say 4 October for Apple iPhone Event / The Loop: What All Things D Said / Al Gore Either Says “New iPhone’s Coming Out Next Month” or “New iPhones Coming Out Next Month” / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees One New iPhone (4S) Only / Bloomberg: Multiple Analysts Show Apple Lots of Love / Sprint CEO Does Nothing to Slow Talk of a Sprint iPhone / Streetspace Sues Apple, Google, and Others for Alleged Patent Violation / Apple Says FaceTime and iOS Meet US Medical Privacy Regulations / Apple Gives Over 9-Thousand Donated iPads to Teach for America / The AP Starts Tracking Top Free and Paid iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad / Bloomberg: HP Board Considers Ousting CEO / WSJ: HP Board Fails to Settle on CEO Replacement (via CNET)

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Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor / T-Mobile USA Exec Reportedly Says Carrier Not Getting iPhone 5 This Year / T-Mobile USA Puts All Smartphones on Sale (with New 2-Year Contract) Ahead of Next iPhone / Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X and Offers 30-Day Free Trial / Apple Outs Thunderbolt Software Update for Snow Leopard and ProApps QuickTime Codecs Update / Apple Now Selling Thunderbolt Enabled “Little Big Disk” from LaCie / Apple Opening Stores This Weekend in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, and the USA / Apple Insider: NYC Glass Cube Renovation May Be Finished Earlier Than Expected / MacRumors Says White iPod touch on the Way

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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2011

“Defence in Depth” Outlines Serious Password Vulnerability in OS X Lion / JP Morgan Analyst: Seriously - Don’t Look for a New Model of iPad Before End of 2011 / JP Morgan Analyst Expects Two New iPhone Models Before End of 2011 / Apple Tops ACSI for Eighth Year in a Row / Apple Thunderbolt Support Document Seems to Hint iMac Update Before End of 2011 / Apple Issues Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update 1.0 / USITC Agrees to Review HTC Patent Loss to Apple / At Least 23 Companies Including Apple Targeted by Apparent Patent Troll Lawsuit / Apple Retail and Online Store Sees Big International Openings This Week / Australia Gets New Apple Retail Location in New South Wales This Saturday / Electronista: Windows Store Exclusivity for Window 8 Metro-Optimized Apps Could Run Afoul of Antitrust Laws / Michael Dell Downplays Post-PC Talk While Predicting Post-PC Offerings from Dell

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Mac OS Ken: 09.19.2011

Apple Issues (Another) beta Build of Lion 10.7.2 to Developers / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Reseting iCloud This Thursday in Anticipation of iOS 5 GM / Engadget: Pic Purports to Show White iPhone 4s Listed in AT&T Inventory System / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Sees Harder Times Coming for Research In Motion with / Expected Launch of New iPhone / German Court Nixes the Samsung “Kubrick Defense” / Samsung Countersues Apple in Australia for Allegedly Violating Seven Wireless Patents / Anonymous Samsung Exec Says Company Will Sue to Stop Apple Selling Next iPhone in SKorea / Google Buys 12-Hundred Patents from IBM to Arm Makers of Android Devices / Apple and Microsoft Among Four Companies Targeted by Tallgrass Prairie Management in Patent Suit / Apple Offers Settlement to Queens Stores Selling Counterfeit Goods / Microsoft Abandons Flash and Other Plug-Ins for Windows 8 Metro UI for Mobiles / Boeing Picks Android for 787 Dreamliner In-Flight Entertainment Systems / Negative Sentiment Expressed Over Proposed Apple Store in Peking University Library

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Mac OS Ken: 09.16.2011

NYT Says Unnamed Apple Employee Puts New and Different iPhone Announcement “Just Weeks Away” / BGR: Case-Mate Case Makes Case for Shape of New iPhone / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Set to Discontinue Bumper for iPhone 4 / Sprint CFO Says Old Yeller is Ready for the iPhone Without Saying It’s Getting the iPhone / Sprint Nixes Premium Yearly Phone Upgrades Ahead of Expected iPhone / RIM Misses Phone Targets and Ships Only 200-Thousand PlayBooks in Most Recent Quarter / RIM Plans Video Service and OS Update for BlackBerry PlayBook / NPD Says Apple On Track to Sell 4.5 Million Macs This Quarter / Steve Wonder Thanks Steve Jobs and Apple for Work to Make Tech Accessible to People with Disabilities

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Mac OS Ken: 09.15.2011

Orange CEO Says iPhone 5 to See Release on October 15 (And There’s Reason to NOT Believe Him) / IDC: iPad Gains Share in Tablets in 1H CY2011 Despite Increased Competition / Report: Brazilian Foxconn Factory Already Building iPads / 9 to 5 Mac Says a Sprint Specific iPad Should Hit Before the Holidays / UK Ad Authority: Apple Can Keep Calling iPhone 4 “World’s Thinnest Smartphone” EVen Though Samsung Galaxy S II is Mostly Thinner / Apple Files Countersuit Against Samsung in UK / Bloomberg: Apple Changes iPhone Warranty Policy in SKorea / Apple Issues EFI Firmware Updates for Most Recent Mac minis and MacBook Pros / iChat for Lion Code Indicates Possible Support for iMessage at Some Point / Apple Activates @iBookstore Account on Twitter / New Apple Store Slated to Open in Glasgow, Scotland This Weekend / New Apple Store Also Slated for Bologna, Italy This Weekend / Reading Rainbow Host Levar Burton Launching RRKids for iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2011

Morgan Stanley Analyst Calls for Share Buyback or Dividend Payments from Apple / RBC Analyst Ups iPad Sales Estimates for This Quarter and iPhone Sales Estimates for Next Quarter / comScore: Android Passes iPhone in Western Europe Smartphones / Apple Insider: Reason to Think iOS 5 May Hit on 10 October (Or Maybe Not) / Apple Insider: Trusted Source Says MBP Could See Speed-Bump Refresh Before the Holidays / Samsung Files Suit Against Apple in France for Alleged Patent Violation in iPhone and iPad / Samsung Appeals Permanent Ban of Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in Germany / Apple Opening Stores This Weekend in El Paso, Texas and Hamburg, Germany / Microsoft Issues Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 / TV Studios Add Closed Captions to Some Shows on iTunes / Best Buy Misses Numbers Thanks to Weak Sales on Things Like TVs and Physical Media

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Mac OS Ken: 09.13.2011

NPD Sees Better Than Expected Mac Growth for the Current Quarter / Apple Issues EFI Firmware Update for Mid-2011 MacBook Airs / IDC: Smartphones and Tablets Combined Will Outnumber Computers Online in the States by 2015 / Researcher Sees Continued iPad Dominance in UK Tablet Sales / Bernstein Analyst Says Widespread Adoption of HTML5 Web Apps Could Eventually Slow Profit Growth for Apple / Microsoft Webcasting Build Windows Keynote Today at Noon EDT/9am PDT at / Apple Seeks to Have Motorola Mobility Suits Against It Halted in Wake of Google Acquisition Plans / HTC Chairwoman Says Company Considering Buying Its Own Operating System; Maybe webOS / HTC America Exec: The Kids Say iPhone Not That Cool / GameStop Confirms “iTrades” Program; Stays Mum on Selling New iThings / GameStop President Says They Have an Android-Based Gaming Tablet in the Works / NBC (Finally) Adds Full Episodes to iPad App / TNT Adds Full Episodes to iPad App (Unless You Subscribe Through Their Parent Company) / TBS Adds Full Episodes to iPad App (Unless You Subscribe Through Their Parent Company) / Apple Adds Low-Priced “Quick Reads” Section to iBookstore / Steve Jobs Biography Gets More Pages and Shaky Publication Date

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Mac OS Ken: 09.12.2011

Fortune: Analysts Start Upping Apple Estimates as End of Quarter Approaches / TMO: Shaw Wu Ups iPhone and iPad Estimates / Apple Wins Permanent Ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in Germany / Bloomberg: Sprint to Get Next iPhone in Mid-October; Offer Unlimited Data / Report Has Sprint Blacking Out Vacation for First Half of October / Apple Issues iTunes beta 8 and iWork beta 3 to Developers / Apple Seeds New Mac OS X 10.7.2 beta to Developers / Apple Issues Lion and Snow Leopard Security Updates to Protect Against Stolen Security Certificates / Apple Drops Ship Times from Browsing Section of Online Store / Apple Revamps Online Process for Shopping for iPad / Droplets Sues Apple and Others Over Alleged Patent Infringement

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Mac OS Ken: 09.09.2011

JP Morgan Analyst Ups Tablet Expectations for 2011 and Lowers Tablet Expectations for 2012 Thanks to Continued iPad Dominance / Gartner Lowers PC Growth Expectations on Weak Economies and Strong iPads / Apple Tops JD Power Smartphone Satisfaction Survey for Sixth Consecutive Time / Electronista: iPhone 4 Delivery for Most Models Slips to 1 to 3 Days; Possible iPhone 5 Indication / Home Improvement Chain Lowe’s Deploying 42-Thousand iPhone 4s as Point of Sale Devices / Apple Seeks Ban on Some Samsung Products in Japan / ClassCo Sues Apple and Seven Other Cellphone-Makers Over Caller ID Patents / The Loop: iTunes U Downloads Double Over Past Year; Now Top 600-Million / Apple to Open New Store in London Next Tuesday 13 September / Cupertino Mayor Says Apple May Build Third Campus Once the Spaceship is Completed / New Apple Program Matches Employee Charitable Donations

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Mac OS Ken: 09.08.2011

Piper Jaffray Lays Out a Rosy Couple of Years for Apple / Shots from the Far Side: 5.1 Megapixel iPhone 4 Pic May Be from 8 Megapixel iPhone 5 / HTC Sues Apple Using Patents Recently Passed to It by Google / MacRumors Hears Word of a Revamping for Logic Pro to Logic Pro X / Adobe Sees Big Growth for Premier Pro for Mac in Wake of Final Cut Pro X Launch / Union Chief: President Obama Should Challenge the Patriotism of Apple / Apple Ups Spending on Lobbying by 41-Percent from 1Q to 2Q CY2011 / Find My iPhone Helps Chilean Authorities Find Plane Crash / CNET: SFPD Launches Internal Investigation into Search for Lost iPhone

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Mac OS Ken: 09.07.2011

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Ups Apple Target on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Strength / MacRumors Sources Say Best Buy Install in Third Week of October Not Related to Next iPhone / This is My Next: Wording in Sprint Suit Against AT&T-Mobile Merger May Hint at iPhone for Old Yeller / Judge in Australian Apple Case Against Samsung Would Like to See US and UK iPad Sales Numbers Please / TMO: Apple Appears to Have Received Regulatory Approval for 3G iPad 2 in China / Apple Puts Out Help-Wanted for “Managers for New Product Security” / Adventures of an Apple Founder: Ronald Wayne Biography Hits iBookstore

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Mac OS Ken: 09.06.2011

MacRumors: File in Recent iOS 5 beta Suggests FCC Approval for Next-Gen iPhone / CNET: Two Best Buy Rumors Point to October Release for Next iPhone (Maybe) / Deutsche Telekom Gives Coupons to Customers Looking for Next-Gen iPhone / 9to5Mac: Sources Say GameStop to Start Selling Mobile iOS Devices / Apple Seeds New 10.7.2 beta and New iCloud Test Version to Developers / Apple Insider: SFPD Says It Did Provide an Assist Into Missing Device Search / SFPD Issues Written Statement “Explaining” Lost Item Mixup / Samsung Electronics Forced to Pull Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA Show Floor / Patent Troll WiLAN Sues Apple and Seven Other Tech Companies for Alleged Patent Infringement / Report Has First Apple Retail Location in Hong Kong Opening 24 September / Eddy Cue Promotion Comes with 100-Thousand Apple Shares (Eventually) / Apple Online Store Adds Twitter and Facebook Link Sharing to All Products

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Mac OS Ken: 09.02.2011

Eddy “The Tunes” Cue Promoted to SVP Internet Software and Services / Business Insider: Not Buying the Latest iPhone Prototype Lost in a Bar Story / Cult of Mac: Apple Loses Confidential Info at a Genius Bar? / Apple Opening Three New Stores and 100th International Store This Weekend / Apple Gives Developers Sample Twitter Code for iOS 5 / Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Promotes Upcoming Twitter Hooks in iOS 5 / Apple Selling Remaining Stock of Final Cut Studio Via TeleSales / Apple Outs Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.8 / Lenovo Tries to Out Air the MacBook Air with U300S Ultrabook / Toshiba Tries to Out Air the MacBook Air with Protege Z830 / Toshiba Intros iPad Wannabe That’s Lighter and Thinner Than the iPad 2 / Lenovo Intros 7-Inch Android Tablet Starting at Under 200-Dollars / BlackBerry PlayBook Sees Serious Price Reductions at Best Buy / Apple Outs New iPad 2 Ad Called “Learn” / Google Chairman: We’re Buying Motorola for the Hardware Too / Google Chairman Praises Steve Jobs as Best CEO in 50 Years

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Mac OS Ken: 09.01.2011

CNET: Secret Source Says Another Apple Employee Has Lost Another Unreleased Test iPhone in Another Bar / Apple Wants 3G MacBook Pro-totype Back from Would-Be eBay Seller / Apple Issues Seventh beta of iOS 5 to Developers / Epson Bringing AirPrint Support to New Inkjet Printers This Fall / Report: Sprint Raising ETFs May Hint at iPhone for the Carrier / Apple and RIM Sued by Openwave for Alleged Patent Infringement / Spotify Releases Embedded Player for Third-Party Apps / US Govt. Sues to Block AT&T-Mobile Deal / AT&T Argues That T-Mobile Acquisition is Good for Consumers and the Country / Sony Announces a Couple of Fairly Pricey Android Honeycomb Tablets / HTC and AT&T Announce Jetstream Tablet at a Crash-tastic 700-Dollars Subsidized Price / Apple Adds Refurbished iPad 2s to US Online Store at 50-Dollar Discount / Yale School of Medicine Handing Out iPad 2 to All Students This Fall

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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2011

comScore: Apple Grows Market Share for iPhone and iOS in the States / Apple Hiring iOS QA Location Engineer to Help with “Exciting New Features” / All Things D: Contrary to Early Reports Latest iCloud/iTunes beta Does Not Stream Music / Deutsche Telekom to Sell iPad 2 in Its Stores in FIve European Countries / Financial Times App Removed from iOS App Store / HP Promises OTA Update for Discontinued TouchPad / HP to Produce a Last, Limited Run of TouchPads / HP PSG Lead Says a Spun-Off PSG Could Resurrect the TouchPad / Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Taking Up the Jobs microMail Tradition

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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2011

DigiTimes: Sources Says Screen for Next iPhone Will Not Be Bigger Than Current iPhone Screen / iPodNN: iPod Sales Point to Imminent Refresh of Music-Player Line / MacRumors: At Least One More Snow Leopard Update Expected for Basic iCloud Syncing / Apple Insider: Apple Seed iTunes beta with iCloud “Scan and Match” to Developers / Secret Sources Tell WSJ That Apple is Working on "New Technology to Deliver Video to Televisions" / Apple Television Rumor/Speculation Starts Again / LG Display Cuts CapEx Plans on Weakness in TV Sales / Google Chairman Makes Noise About Google TV (or Something Like It) / Forrester Sees Fabled Amazon Tablet as Serious Disruption to Tablet Space

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Mac OS Ken: 08.29.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Potential for Huge MacBook Air Sales in China / Sprint Advises Employees to Offer “No Comment” to iPhone Questions / Apple Issues New beats for 10.7.2 and iCloud / Apple Case Against Samsung in US Moved Forward to Mid-2012 / Judge Extends Temporary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia Until at Least End of September / Apple Drops TV Shows Rentals from iTunes / Cook Given One-Million Share of Apple to Take CEO Spot / Marathoner Runs 13-Mile Goodbye to Jobs in Shape of Apple Logo

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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2011

Apple Shares Hold Steady on First Full Day of Trading Post CEO Shuffle / Tim Cook Bolsters the Apple Troops Via Email / Sterne Agee Analyst Shaw Wu Reiterate “Buy” Rating on Apple / Apple Insider: Jobs Biography to Include CEO Resignation / Dutch Court Bans Sale of Some Samsung Phones in EU for Apple Patent Violation / Dutch Court Says Apple “Slid to Unlock” Patent Likely Invalid / German Court Maintains Temporary Injunction Barring Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Until at Least 9 September / Acer Chairman Still Thinks Tablets Are Just a Fad / ASUS Fares Well in 2Q Thanks Largely to Eee Pad Transformer / IHS iSuppli Expects iPad to Dominate Tablets Through 2013 / Tampa Bay Buccaneers Says iPad 2 is Ready for Some Football

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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2011

Apple Board: Jobs Resigns as CEO, Now Chairman of Board - Tim Cook Promoted to CEO / Jobs Says He’s Unable to Meet “Duties and Expectations as Apple’s CEO” / Henry Blodget: The Case for Apple Without Jobs as CEO / Apple Insider: Financial Analysts Unfazed by Apple CEO Switch / Jobs Resignation Top Story on Many Mainstream News Sites Wednesday Night / Enderle: Not Overly Optimistic Nor Pessimistic on Apple CEO Shuffle / Mossberg: Why Jobs’ Resignation is Not Like a Typical CEO Resignation / Bloomberg: Secret Source Says Jobs to Stay on Disney Board of Directors / Woz: Jobs Likely to Be Remember as Best Business Leader of Our Time

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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2011

WSJ: Secret Sources Say Sprint to Start Selling Next iPhone in October / Munster: Sprint Could Sell 6-Million iPhones in First Year (Assuming it Gets the iPhone) / Apple Insider: Secret Sources Say Ads for Next iPhone Will Not Be Completed Until First Week in October / Fortune Sees “iCloud iPhone” Where One May Not Be / TBR Analysts Says Cheap iPhone 4 Will Be Standard Move for Apple and Not an iCloud iPhone / China Telecom Hints at iPhone Talks / iTunes Streaming Upcoming RHCP Album for Free / Lion in Mac App Store Finally Makes it to v.10.7.1 / Apple Releases Updated Drivers for Epson Printers / France, North Carolina, and Arkansas to Get New Apple Stores This Weekend / Google Makes Tools for Making Android Apps for Google TV (Now All They Need Are Interested Developers and a User Base) / Samsung Uses 2001: A Space Odyssey as Defense Against iThing “Look and Feel” Lawsuit

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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2011

NPD: Mac Sales See Double-Digit Growth in July / NPD: Android Top Mobile OS in US in 2Q, Apple Top Smartphone Maker / Best Buy Runs One-Day Promo Offering Free iPhone 3GS with AT&T Upgrade or New Contract / Apple Insider: Chinese Supplier Lists Parts for Sale That it Says are for Next iPhone / TechCrunch: Developer Says “World Phone” iPhone Showing Up in App Usage Logs / 9 to 5 Mac: iOS 5 to Add Early Earthquake Notification for Japanese Users / Apple Fixes Five Glitches with iTunes 10.4.1 Update / Japanese Site Claims Something Super-New Coming to Mac Line By End of Year / Korea Times: Unnamed Sources Say Apple Not Likely to Use OLED in Eventual TV

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Mac OS Ken: 08.22.2011

BGR: Source Says AT&T Exec Says New iPhone in Early October / The Loop Says “Yep” to Early October iPhone Talk / Electronista Pic May or May Not Show Touch Panel for Next iPhone with Bigger Screen and Squished Home Button / Promotion Sees Canadian Carrier Telus Cut Price on On-Contract 16GB iPhone 4 / Canadian Carriers Bell and Virgin Mobile Also Cut Prices on 16GB iPhone 4 / Apple Issues a Slew of betas Tied to Impending Launch of iOS 5 / Apple Insider: Latest iOS 5 beta Said to Include 4G/LTE Test Code / TechCrunch: Documentation Says Developer Access to UDID Will Be Cut Off in iOS 5 / Avid Issues Pro Tools 9 beta Update with Lion Compatibility / HP TouchPad Prices Fall to 99 or 149-Dollars / CNET: Is the Future Apple or Dell or Apple and Dell? / Lenovo CEO Says His Company Can Beat Apple in China / With webOS Out of the Picture, Jefferies Analyst Upgrades RIM from Underperform to Hold / Microsoft Exec Argues Against Post-PC Talk / British Airways Tests iPads for Cabin Crew

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Mac OS Ken: 08.19.2011

Holy Crapping Crap! HP Stops webOS Operations, Mulls Spinning-Off Computer Business, and Wants to Buy Another Company / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst: Super-Thin Profit Margins Make HP PC Spin-Off Make Sense / HP CEO: “The Tablet Effect is Real” / DisplaySearch: Apple Beats HP in Mobile PC Sales in June Quarter (Counting iPads as Mobile PCs) / HP Taking a 100-Million-Dollar Charge Tied to Poor TouchPad Sales / China Mobile Says It’s Met Several Times with Steve Jobs to Talk China Mobile-Specific iPhone / Chinese Suits Charge Apple with Selling Refurbished iPhone 4s as New / Apple Sued for Allegedly Violating Patent with Disk Utility / Computerworld Netherlands: Apple Looks to Decimate Samsung Galaxy Product Lines in EU / Motorola Mobility Shareholder Sues Motoroogle for Low Price of Acquisition / Best Buy Promo Gives Away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Select 3D TVs / LG, Sony, Philips, and Hitachi All See Trouble in TV Space / Reader’s Digest Hops on the iPad In-App Subscription Train

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Mac OS Ken: 08.18.2011

Gleacher and Co. Analyst: Apple Still Best Technology Company on the Planet / Needham Analyst: Mac Sees Stellar Growth in China / Mac Sees Growth in W. Europe and France While Other Computers Lose Share / Global Equities Analyst Says Mac Sales Stank Last Week (Though His Research May Be Lacking) / Apple Hit with Class Action Suit in SKorea Over Location Logging in iOS 4 / WSJ: Google Mobile VP Andy Rubin May Have Pushed for Moto Buy to Get an In-House Hardware Maker / Reuters: Sources Say Apple, Nokia, and Qualcomm Still Eyeing InterDigital Purchase / Report: Samsung Chairman Wants to Buy Something in Wake of Googlrola Deal / Apple Store Up and Down and Up for First Half of Wednesday / TUAW: Other Websites and Services Off and On Wednesday as Well / MacNN: Apple Store Comes Back with (Very) Limited Social Network Hooks / All Things D: Sources Say Quattro Founder and iAd Chief Leaving Apple for VC Firm / Designer for iTunes Headed to Square / SplatF: Next Year Might Not Be Too Late for Windows Tablets

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Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2011

Apple Insider: Analysts Don’t See Much Danger for Apple in Google/Motorola Mobility Deal / Jefferies and Co. Analyst Says Apple May Go Patent Shopping in Wake of Google/Motorola Mobility Deal / Orange Exec Likes Potential for Google/Motorola Mobility to Give Chase to iPhone (Which is Sold by Orange) / Verizon Exec Hopes Goolge/Moto Deal will End Patentgeddon / UBS Analyst: Back-to-School Sales Going Well for Macs and iPads / All Things D: Best Buy Would Like to Return 200k TouchPads to HP / Lion on USB Drive Now Available Through Apple’s Site / Apple Ships First Update for Lion / German Court Reverses EU-Wide Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Suspension (Except in Germany) / HTC Files (Another) Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple / Apple Opening Stores in Berkeley, the UK, and Spain This Weekend / Engadget Hears Rumor of 4G LTE Equipment Installed in at Least One Apple Store / Purported Parts of Next iPhone Point to White AND Black Models (!!!) / Electronista: Secret Sources Say iPhone to Consumer on October 7 or October 14 / Starbucks Giving Away “Shazam Encore” iPhone App in “Pick of the Week” Promotion / Isaacson: Change In Pub-Date for Jobs Biography Has Nothing to Do with Jobs’ Health

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Mac OS Ken: 08.16.2011

Google Agrees to Buy Motorola Mobility for 12.5-Billion-Dollars / Google Chief Legal Officer: Motorola Mobility Suits Against Apple will Continue / Google CEO: Stoked About Motorola Mobility’s Handset Business But Will Keep Android Open / CNET: Google Buy of Motorola Mobility Could Cause Tension with Other Android Partners / The Loop: Google Plus Motorola Mobility Could Equal Good Time for HP to License webOS / Motorola Mobility Acquisition Could Be Shot-in-the-Arm for Google TV / CNET: Google Buy of Motorola Mobility Likely to Face Regulatory Scrutiny / GigaOm: Sources Say Microsoft Was Courting Motorola Mobility Too / Engadget: Secret Source Says Telefonica Drawing Down iPhone 4 Inventory Through 12 September / Electronista: Rumored Verizon Promotion Could Indicate October Launch for Next iPhone / BGR Says Apple Carrier Partners Testing Some iOS Device with 4G Connectivity / eBay Auction of Alleged 3G-MacBook Prototype Gets Yanked / DigiTimes: Secret Supply-Chain Sources Say iPad 3 Nixed for Second Half of 2012 / Computerworld Netherlands: German Court May Not Have Gotten Full Picture in Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Case / Barnes and Noble Says Official Jobs Biography Due Out on 21 November / Work Appears to Be Underway on Apple Grand Central Terminal Store / Most Flagrant Fake “Apple Store” in Kunming Changes Name to “Smart Store”

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Mac OS Ken: 08.15.2011

Rumor: Japanese Site Says Apple Holding iPod Event on September 7 / Dalrymple: Sources Say No Appel Event on September 7 / TipB: Next iPhone Could Go on Sale in U.S. on October 7 / Report: TSMC Starts Trial Production Run of A6 Processors for Apple / Apple and Samsung to Argue EU Injunction Against Galaxy Tab 10.1 Next Week / Apple Ships Lion 10.7.2 and iCloud beta Updates to Developers / Google Asks USPTO to Re-Examine Two of Four Lodsys Patents / 4G BlackBerry PlayBook Not Headed to Sprint After All / eBay Auction Seems to Offer Prototype MacBook 3G

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Mac OS Ken: 08.12.2011

ABI Research Sees Growth and Cause for Concern in Rise of Android Tablets / CNET: Motorola Addresses Apple Filing Against Xoom in Germany / Court in Netherlands to Rule on Injunction Barring Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by 15 September / FOSS Patents: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still for Sale in Germany / Rumor Has Apple Launching Low Cost “iCloud Phone” Along with iPhone 5 / Verizon Follows AT&T Lead in Blocking “Free” Smartphone Tethering / Lion USB Drives Arrive at Apple Retail Stores / WSJ: Intel’s Ultrabook Initiative Inspired/Driven Largely by Apple / Microsoft Drops Linux as PC Rival in Latest Filing with SEC / Authorities Find 22 More Unauthorized Apple Stores in Kunming, China / Hothead Games Bringing The Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galaxy to iOS This Fall

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Mac OS Ken: 08.11.2011

Sterne Agee Analyst Sees 2x to 3x Growth for Macs and iPhones in Next Few Years / Atari, EA, QuickOffice, and Square-Enix Ask Court to Let Apple Intervene in Lodsys Cases / Apple and Five Major Publishers Sued Over “Agency Pricing” for eBooks / Electronista: Watchers Say Amazon’s Old “Wholesale” eBook Model May Have Been Anticompetitive / Amazon Sidesteps App Store Sales Rules with Cloudreader / Try Out The Amazon Cloudreader at / Walmart Makes Streaming Video Service Vudu Play Nice with iPad Via Web App / Motorola Mobility CEO Acknowledges Initial Weaknesses Around Xoom / Report: Apple Files Complaint Over Design of Motorola Xoom with German Court / Moto Mobility CEO Open to Windows 8 Platform (Especially If It Got a Sweet Deal Like Nokia’s) / Two Charged with Misdemeanor Theft in “Found in a Bar” iPhone 4 / Apple Releases Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Leopard / Speculation Mounts Wednesday Night That HTC Might Have Reached a Settlement with Apple / HTC Announcement About Investment in Beats Audio / HP Makes 100-Dollar Price Drop on TouchPad Permanent / Report: Neighbors Bothered by Greenwich, CT Apple Store’s Plan for Security Gate

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Mac OS Ken: 08.10.2011

Gartner Sees Strong and Steady Growth for Mac at Least Through 2015 / German Court Bars Import of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Most of EU / Samsung Seeks to Downplay EU Ban for Galaxy Tab 10.1 / Computerworld: Analysts See No Way to Downplay EU Ban for Galaxy Tab 10.1 / Forrester Sees Small Window of Opportunity for Android Tablets in Europe (Before Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban) / GigaOm: Apple Opening Five New Retail Locations This Weekend / NPD Group: Lack of Understanding of “Cloud Computing” Will Likely Not Slow Adoption of Such Services / USITC Agrees to Investigate New Patent Infringement Complaints by Apple Against HTC / Apple Expands “Reuse and Recycle” Program / Apple Clears Inventory in Some Stores in England As Riots and Looting Reach Fourth Night / Nokia Dropping Symbian-Based Phone in US and Canada When Windows Phones Start Rolling / Walmart Closing MP3 Download Store at End of Month / CNN Sources Say The Tribune Co Considering Tablet of Its Own for Newspaper Subscribers / Apple “Simplifying” Fifth Ave Glass Cube in NYC / Apple Overtakes Exxon Mobil (for a Short Time) to Become Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company in the World

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Mac OS Ken: 08.09.2011

Deutsche Bank Analyst Stoked About Apple and Computers for Second-Half CY2011 / Apple Outs Education-Only iMac for 999-Dollars / Apple Releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant / RadioShack Discounts iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Through August 20 / Apple Presses to Intervene in Cases Between Lodsys and iOS Developers / Apple Sued by Apparent Patent Troll for Making Macs Start-Up too Quickly / Florian Mueller Thinks OSS May be a Pawn Played Against Apple by LG / Apple Issues Minor Updates for Logic Pro and Logic Express / Conde Nast and The New Yorker Launch “Goings On” App for iPhone / Beijing Reportedly “Cracking Down” on Unauthorized Apple Stores / CNET: Apple Nowhere Near iTunes Replay for Movies with Six Biggest Studios / Orange UK and Apple Tie-Up for Movie-a-Week Giveaway / DigiTimes Posts Pointless Story on “Expected” Growth of Android Tablets / Windows Phone GM Ditches Microsoft for Startup / 10-Year-Old Hacker Demos Zero-Day Exploit for Some Farm-Style iOS and Android Games at Vegas Hacker Conference / Stanford Offering Free Intro to AI Class This Fall

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Mac OS Ken: 08.08.2011

Needham and Co Analyst Ups Apple Target to 540-Dollars / Apple Insider: Apple Ships Updated betas of iOS 5, Apple TV Software, Xcode 4.2, and iTunes to Developers / Conflicting Reports on Apple Nixing iOS 5 betas on Non-Developer Devices / Revived Rogers Data Plan Could Signal September for Next iPhone / Mobile Ad Firm Finds Blue/Grey Division Between iOS/Android Phones / UK Regulator Ofcom Sees Adults Preferring iPhones While Teens Prefer BlackBerries / FBI Launches Child ID App for iPhone / RightNow Seeks to Have Lodsys Patents Invalidated / Acer Founder Sort of Calls Tablets and Ultrabooks “Fads” / Ultrabook Manufacturers Forced to Use Alternate Materials as MacBook Air Eats All the Magnesium-Aluminum / Epic Games President: Future Mobiles Could Eliminate Need for Future Consoles

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Mac OS Ken: 08.05.2011

RBC Analyst: Apple Won’t Make a Low-Cost iPhone Unless They Can Make It Awesome / 3 Sweden iPhone 3GS Sale Seen as Sign of New iPhone Coming Soon / IDC: Yep. Apple is Top Smartphone Maker in the World / Apps Updated for iOS 5 Start Showing Up in App Store / Some iMac Users See System Freezes While Viewing Video in Lion / Cult of Mac: Source Says Apple is Discontinuing Magic Mouse / Cult of Mac: Source Says “Whoops! Apple is NOT Discontinuing Magic Mouse” / Reports: Apple Turns on “Find my Mac” Feature in Developer beta / Apple Appears to Take Legal Action Against Stores Imitating Apple Retail / USITC Judge in Kodak/Apple/RIM Case Steps Down / Vonage Releases iOS VoIP App with Calls Billed Through iTunes / HPalm Drops Price of TouchPad by 100-Dollars for This Weekend Only / Apple Sued Over Unauthorized Use of Photograph

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Mac OS Ken: 08.04.2011

Jefferies and Company Sees Apple Beginning the Merge of Mac OS and iOS Next Year / Jefferies Analyst Sees Apple Video Subscription Service Coming Soon / AppAdvice: Apple Plans “iTunes Replay” Service for Re-Downloading and Streaming More TV Shows and Movies / DigiTimes Says Pegatron Gets Orders for 10-Million Units of iPhone 5 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Sees China Telecom Getting iPhone 5 and “Simplified” iPhone 4 as Soon as October / Fujitsu CTO Sees Tablet Sales Beating PC/Laptop Sales in ABout 5-Years / Time Inc Taking All 21 of Its Periodical Titles to Tablets (BlackBerry PlayBook Apparently Not Included) / Google Counsel Complains Publicly Over Patent Disputes in Mobile Space / Microsoft Counsel Says Google Turned Down Invitation to Bid on Nortel Patents with Apple and Microsoft and Crew / South Korea Fines Apple and Google 28-Hundred-Dollars Over Smartphone Location Logging / Apple Rolls Out Printer Driver Updates for Brother, HP, and Samsung Machines on Snow Leopard and Lion / Apple Issues Quicktime Security Update for Leopard and Windows / Facebook Buys Push Pop Press for Undisclosed Sum / Instagram Tops 7-Million Users and 150-Million Photos Shared in Nine Months / EA and Digital Chocolate Founder Sees End Coming Soon for Apple’s Mobile Dominance (Unless Apple Does What He Says)

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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2011

Creative Strategies Exec: Jobs Spends Medical Leave Managing, Not Micromanaging / RBC Capital Analyst: September (not October) Likely for Fifth-Gen iPhone Launch / Electronista Finds Support for September versus October iPhone Launch in Target and Radio Shack Sales / Electronista: Target Discounts iPhone 4 Prices in Some Regions of the Country / Sources for The Guardian Say Locked Boxes Packed with Fifth-Gen iPhones in the Hands of Wireless Carriers / Shaw Wu Hears Talk of a Slightly Bigger Screen for the Fifth-Gen iPhone / Canalys: iOS Topples Symbian to Become Second Largest Smartphone OS Worldwide / iSuppli: Nobody Builds Tablets Better than Apple / Ship Times for iPad 2 Drop to “Within 24 Hours” in U.S. and Canada / Jeweler Fashions 8.14-Million Dollar iPad 2 / USITC Agrees to Investigate Apple Complaint Against Samsung / Samsung Says It Will Have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 Available in Australia Soon / University of Southern Mississippi Outfits Select Students with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 / WSJ Sources Say Apple Takes Hunt for Retail Chief Replacement International

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Mac OS Ken: 08.02.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Popularity and Occasional Sell-Outs for Revamped MacBook Air / Needham and Company Analyst Stoked About the Number of PC to Mac Switchers Waiting Outside the States / Net Applications: Mac OS Hits New Heights Online / Munster Sees Huge Numbers (in Small Numbers) Waiting for iPhone 5 / All Things D Secret Sources Say iPhone 5 will Hit in October Rather Than September / Rodman and Renshaw Analyst Sees Upscale iPad 2 Available by End of September / Apple Adds TV Show Buying and Re-Watching and Access to Vimeo with Second-Gen Apple TV Update / Canacord Securities Analyst Expects No New Hardware for Apple TV This Year / Global Equities Analyst Expects Three HDTVs from Apple in March of 2012 / Apple Opens to Developers and Outlines Prices for Extra iCloud Storage / Apple Releases iWork for iOS betas and iCloud-compatible iPhone beta to Developers / Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Barred from Sale in Australia Pending Review of Apple Patent Suit / Amazon Blocks German Developers from Submitting Apps to Appstore Due to Trademark Fight with Apple / HTC Files Suit Against Apple in the UK / iOS Developer Mike Lee Seeks to Unite Indies Against Patent Trolls with Appsterdam Legal Defense Team

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