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Mac OS Ken: 10.17.2011

Munster Expected iPhone 4S Sales of Up to 2.5-Million Over the Weekend; Yankee Group Says 4-Million / Analysts Looks at Who’s Dropping What for iPhone 4S / Sprint and AT&T Trumpet iPhone 4S Sales on Release Day / AT&T Customers See (the Usual) Day-One iPhone Activation Issues / Softbank Sees Three-Hour Activation System Outage on First Day of iPhone 4S Sales / Apple Closes at a Record-High 422-Dollars on Day One of iPhone 4S Sales / CNET: Some See Trouble with Siri on Its First Night Out / Apple Gives Siri Attitude / Mobile Developer Hacks Siri into an iPhone 4 / Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Lower Priced iPad Early Next Year / CNET: Unnamed Industry Source Says Chatter Picking Up for 7-Inch iPad / Susquehanna Analyst Hears iPad 3 Production Should Start By End of Year / Foxconn and Brazil Say iThings Factory is a Go / Dutch Court Rejects Samsung Request for Ban on Sale of iThings

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