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Mac OS Ken: 09.27.2011

Apple Sets 4Q Earnings Call for Tuesday 18 October / JP Morgan Analyst Freaks Over Perceived Reduction in iPad 2 Production While Other Analysts Keep Cooler Heads / Fortune: JP Morgan Analyst May Have Forgotten About the New Foxconn iPad Facility in Brazil / Nielsen: Android Widens Lead in US Smartphones While iPhone Holds a Strong Second Place / San Francisco Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 5th / Seattle Apple Retail Location Set to Reopen After Renovations on October 7th / Ars Technica: New Mac Trojan Disguises Itself as PDF / Apple Adds New Trojan to Malware Definitions for Snow Leopard and Lion / Another Trojan Posing as Adobe Flash Installer Spotted in the Wild / Apple and Samsung Square Off in Australian Court / Apple and Samsung Also Square Off in Dutch Court / USPTO Denies Apple Application to Trademark the Term “Multi-Touch” / Amazon Signs Fox Video Deal Ahead of Expected Tablet / All Things D Sources Say Three Major Magazine Publishers On Board for New Amazon Tablet / TechCrunch Says New Amazon Tablet to Be Called “Kindle Fire”

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