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Mac OS Ken: 01.07.2011

Apple Opens Mac App Store with Over 1,000 Apps / Mac OS X 10.6.6 Centered On Mac App Store with Few Other Inclusions / Mac OS X 10.6.6 Fixes One Security Issue for Snow Leopard Machines Only / Macworld UK Eyes Savings on Apple-Made Software in Mac App Store / The Loop Note a Lack of iDVD and iWeb in Mac App Store / Apple Updates iWork 09 / TUAW Breaks Down Apparent Price Ranges in Mac App Store / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at the Likely Evolution of Pricing on the Mac App Store / SAI Looks at How Mac App Store Could Lead to More Macs Sold / Computerworld Examines Concerns Some Developers Have Over Mac App Store / Apple Insider Hears Tell of Three-Week Vacation Blackout at Apple Retail / A T and T Drops 8GB iPhone 3GS to 49-Dollars with Two-Year Contract / Bloomberg Says Apple Courted Blackstone Exec for CFO (Apple Denies It) / Bloomberg Says Blackstone Approach Could Mean Apple has an Appetite for Acquisition / Windows President Bashes Apple Devices at CES Address / Ballmer Address to CES Almost Completely Ignores Tablets

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