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Mac OS Ken: 12.27.2010

Apple Wins Big on Amazon Most Gifted Items Lists / Apple Says Early Last Week That It Is Close to Selling a Million Apple TVs / Shaw Wu Says So What to Apple TV Press Release / AT&T Now Selling 3G iPad Online / AT&T Offers Deep Discounts on Refurbished iPhones / China Unicom Starts Sales of Contract-Free iPhone 3GS / iPad Available for Sale in Israel / Alcatel-Lucent Patent Holding Co Sues Apple and Others Over Video Compression IP / Hybrid Audio Sues Apple, Dell, and HTC for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Updates Remote App to Version 2.1 / Apple Updates iPhoto 11 with Stability Fixes and a Few New Features / Mossberg Names iPad Best Tech Product of 2010 / NPR Names Ping One of the Worst Ideas of 2010 / Reports Have Microsoft Talking New Mobile Internet Device OS at CES / The Financial Times Names Steve Jobs Person of the Year / President Obama Cites Jobs as Exemplary Business Leader

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