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Mac OS Ken: 12.29.2010

Wedge Partners Analyst Says iPad is Awesome and Other Tablets are “Junk” / DigiTimes Hears Tell of a CDMA 2nd-Gen iPad / iPhone 4 Tops eBay Top Ten Sales Items for 2010 / RadioShack Restarts iPhone Discount Sales Promotion / AT&T Expanding Public WiFi Hot Zones in NYC and SF / Paul Allen Re-Files Patent Infringement Case Against Apple, Google, and 11 Other Online Companies / Apple Sued for Allegedly Sharing Personal Info with Ad Networks via iOS Apps / UK VAT Adjustment to Drive Prices Up for iThings / Kaufman Brothers Analyst Hears Tell of Battery Problems for RIM PlayBook / KMart and Sears Teams for Online Video Sales and Rental Service / Android Market Reportedly Approaching 200k Apps Available / Angry Birds Developers Says iOS will Be Number One with Developers for a While / CNN Puts Antennagate and Ping on Top 10 Tech Fails of 2010 List

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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2010

Tapulous Says Christmas 2010 Download Traffic Up 2X Versus Christmas 2009 / Facebook for iPhone Sees 1.6 Million New Users Since 24 December / Apple to Hold 1Q FY2011 Conference Call on 18 January / Secret DigiTimes Sources Say CDMA iPhone for 1Q CY2011 / Apple Confirms One-Million Apple TVs Sold / Softbank Offers Free 16GB 3G iPad in Japan with 2-Year Data Contract / Economic Daily News Says Foxconnn Likely to Stay Only iPad Manufacturer for Apple / French Journalist Revisits Foxconn and Says it Still Sucks to Work There / Samsung Outing Android-based Competitor to iPod touch at CES / Amazon Says Current Kindle is its Best Selling Product Ever / Kobo Issues Me-Too Press Release in Wake of Amazon Kindle Announcements 

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Mac OS Ken: 12.27.2010

Apple Wins Big on Amazon Most Gifted Items Lists / Apple Says Early Last Week That It Is Close to Selling a Million Apple TVs / Shaw Wu Says So What to Apple TV Press Release / AT&T Now Selling 3G iPad Online / AT&T Offers Deep Discounts on Refurbished iPhones / China Unicom Starts Sales of Contract-Free iPhone 3GS / iPad Available for Sale in Israel / Alcatel-Lucent Patent Holding Co Sues Apple and Others Over Video Compression IP / Hybrid Audio Sues Apple, Dell, and HTC for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Updates Remote App to Version 2.1 / Apple Updates iPhoto 11 with Stability Fixes and a Few New Features / Mossberg Names iPad Best Tech Product of 2010 / NPR Names Ping One of the Worst Ideas of 2010 / Reports Have Microsoft Talking New Mobile Internet Device OS at CES / The Financial Times Names Steve Jobs Person of the Year / President Obama Cites Jobs as Exemplary Business Leader

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Mac OS Ken: 12.21.2010

comScore Sees Huge Growth in Online Computer Hardware Holiday Sales Thanks in Part to iPad / Munster Says Android Tablets to Come Close to iPad in Market Share in 2012 / iPad Clamcase Finally Available for Order / Motorola Tablet Teaser Teases iPad and Galaxy Tab / Sam’s Club Cuts 52-Dollars Off Cost of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS / Walmart Giving Away 50-Dollar Gift Cards with iPhone Purchases / Verizon Wireless Twitter Account Teases 4G and Android at 6 January 2011 CES Address / Apple Killing Mac OS X Downloads Site with Launch of Mac App Store / Samsung Galaxy S Sells 2 Million Units in South Korea in First Six-Months / iPhone 4 Still Hard to Get in China / Apple Launches “iAd Producer” Application for the Mac / Please Download the iAd-Supported Secret Crypto Wonder Badge for Free from the App Store / Roku Sees Renaissance in Face of Apple TV and Google TV / Epic Games Updates Infinity Blade

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Mac OS Ken: 12.20.2010

JP Morgan Says Apple to Make Majority of Tablets in 2011 / Apple Launches iPad in the Philippines / Best Buy Giving Away 3G and 4G Routers with WiFi iPad / UK Retailer TK Maxx Pulls a TJ Maxx with a Few iPads for Sale / New Rumor Gives “The Daily” a 17 January 2011 Launch / TUAW Says 99-Cent EA Games Could Be Land Grab for Holiday Sales / Former Apple and Current HPalm Exec Jon Rubinstein Joins Amazon Board / iTunes Digital-Download Market Share Grows in 2010 / iTunes Music Exec leaves for EMI / Sony Cordially Reminds CNET That They Sell eReaders as Well / Apple Releases Six Free Books for Mac and iOS Developers Through iBookstore / Apple Hiring Four Developers with Navigation Software Experience / RIM Updates BlackBerry to Mac Syncing Utility to Version 2.0 / Artist Offers Limited Edition Prints of Original Mac Icons for Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2010

Apple Opening Mac App Store on 6 January 2011 / CES Starts 6 January 2011 / Shaw Wu Ups Apple Target to 395-Dollars / JP Morgan Analyst Ups Apple Target to 420-Dollars / Nokia Takes Apple Patent Fight to UK and Europe / Apple, Oracle, EMC, and Microsoft in Novell Patent Deal / Flextronics Exec Accused of Selling Insider Info on Apple / Flextronics, Dell, AMD, and TSMC Execs Accused of Selling Inside Information / Nikkei Says Sharp Building Plant to Make LCDs for iPhone / Rogers and Fido Offering iPhone Unlock Service in Canada / Apple Updates AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware and AirPort Utility / Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.5 / EA Drops Prices of 68 iOS Games to 99-Cents for Holiday Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 12.16.2010

ChangeWave Survey Says 78-Percent of Businesses Planning to Buy Tablets in Q1 2011 Plan to Buy iPads / Best Buy Drops Dell Streak Price to 100-Dollar with Two-Year Contract / T-Mobile Drops Prices of Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy Tab / Munster Buys the Idea of a Verizon iPhone in 1Q CY2011 / CNET Takes a Look at Munster and His Take on Verizon iPhones / Reports Say Apple in Fifth in Cellphones in Japan / Report Says iAds to Debut in Europe Next Week / Apple Issues iTunes Update to Address Crashing and Syncing Issues / Apple Insider Says Some Users Having Problems with iTunes Update Downloaded Through Software Update Utility / Apple Updates iBooks App for iThings / NYT Says Over 100 Illustrated Books Added to iBookstore Along with iBooks Update / Apple Issues Snow Leopard Driver Updates for Some Canon, FujiXerox, and Lexmark Printers / Apple Updates 27-inch LED Cinema Display Firmware / Canadian Ministry Formally Approves iBookstore Canada Paving the Way for More Homegrown Content

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Mac OS Ken: 12.15.2010

Goldman Analyst Says Apple Would Work Without Cook or Jobs / Morgan Stanley Still Recommends Apple But Not as a Best Idea / Best Buy Sees Weakness in TVs and Strength in Smartphones and Tablets / Apple Ships Minor Software Update for Apple TV / BMO Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target to 355-Dollars a Share / NPD Expects as Many as 4.3-Million Macs Sold This Quarter / Imagination Technologies Buys Caustic Graphics / 3 Set to Offer Unlimited Mobile Data Plans in the UK / Toshiba Kind of Denies Apple LCD-Panel Plant Rumor / Japanese Publishers Bash Apple for Copyright Infringement in App Store / WSJ Says Epic Games Releasing Unreal Development Kit for iOS Tomorrow / Apple Announces Return of 12 Days of Christmas iTunes Promo for UK and Parts of Europe / Google Voice Updated with Some Support for iPad and iPod touch / Android Update to Make Barnes and Noble Nook Color into Full Anroid Tablet / Nokia Plans 4 to 5 Revamps of Symbian OS Over Next 15 Months / TRON: Legacy Shows Up as First iPad-Specific iAd

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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2010

Hackers Steal Usernames and Passwords from Gawker Sites / Goldman Sachs Restarts Apple Coverage with 430-dollar Target / NYT Blog Says Ballmer to Show a Slew of Slates at CES / Goldman Sachs Sees Tough Year Ahead for Microsoft Due to Weaknesses in Tablets and Phones / Judge Dismisses Allen Patent Suite Against Apple and Others for Being Too Vague / Apple Reportedly Investing in Toshiba LCD Panel Factory for iPhones / Apple and Other Handset Makers Said to Be Bidding on Nortel Networks 4G IP / MacDaily News Posts a Host of Early 2011 Verizon iPhone Rumors / Enderle and Gold Say “No Way, No How” on Post-Christmas LTE Verizon iPhone / Microsoft Updates Office for Mac 2011 with Three Bug Fixes / Cydia Developer Plans Cydia for Mac to Compete with Mac App Store / Google Latitude App Hits iOS App Store / Apple Pulls SSD Option from Xserve Orders / Amazon Says It Has Sold “Millions” of Kindles in the Past 73 Days / Samsung Set to Offer One-Thousand-Dollar Galaxy Tab with Case and Bluetooth Headset and Nothing Else Extra / Reports Say Infinity Blade Takes in at Least 1.6 Million-Dollars in First Five Days

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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2010

Best Buy Starts Online iPad Sales / Apple Hiring for Verizon iPad Systems Engineer / Radio Shack Reportedly Runs Out of iPhone 4s During Sales Promotion / Collapse of BlackBerry May Pressure Verizon on iPhone Deal / HTC Expects to Triple Handset Shipments  to 60 Million in 2011 / Verizon Totally Killing Kin Features by 31 January 2011 / Apple Adds Playlist Creation and Publication to Ping / Apple Uses Addresses to Shorten Tweeted Links / Apple Disables Jailbreak-detecting API in iOS / Gorillaz Giving Away Album Crafted on iPad on Christmas Day

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Mac OS Ken: 12.10.2010

Best Buy Offers Free iPhone 3GS to Qualified Customers Friday 10 December Only / Analysts Up Apple Targets Based (In Part) on Verizon iPhone Expectations / Ben and Jerry’s Giving Away Free iPhone Cases in Singapore / Ad Firm Chitika Says iPad to Account for Over 2 Percent of US Web Traffic By End of 2011 / Apple Takes Four of Top 10 Gadgets of 2010 List from Time Magazine / Barnes and Noble Chairman Says 18k nook Color Devices Made Every Day / iTunes US Sees Arrival of 90-Second Song Previews / Costco Phasing Out Apple Inventory / Apple Updates Aperture Photography Software / Apple Games Guru Goes Back into Games of His Own / Infinity Blade from Epic Games Hits the App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.09.2010

Bernstein Analyst Keeps on Keeping on Calling for Apple to Pay Dividends / Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Ups Apple Target to 390-Dollars / Interpret Says iOS Poised to Dominate Handheld Gaming / Apple Drops Prices on Refurbished iPads / Apple Drops Appeal in OPTi Patent Infringement Loss / The Loop Says the Mac App Store Will Launch in January of 2011 / European Wireless Carriers Want Content Providers to Share Network Upgrade Costs / RIM Co-CEO Praises Choices Made for PlayBook Versus iPad / RIM Giving PlayBook App Developers a Free PlayBook / Rubin Tweets Google Activating 300k Android Phones Per Day / Nokia Exec Praises iPhone and Disses Reality Distortion Field / Apple Releases Software Update for MacBook Air / Microsoft Updates Office 2008 for Mac with Security and Stability Fixes / iOS App Promo Codes Go Global / Reports Say Apple is Emailing Some iTunes Customers Free Movie Rental Coupons / Fortune Says China Nabs iThing Smuggling Housewives / MarketWatch Dubs Steve Jobs CEO of the Decade / Data Robotics Would Like to Ask You About Data Storage and Podcasting at

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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2010

Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster Asks and Answers 12 Questions About Apple / A T and T CFO Stresses Eventual End to Hardware Exclusivity Deals / Other A T and T Exec Says He Is Not Worried About Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / Sprint CEO Sure Would Like the iPhone for Sprint / Ticoneroga Analyst Says iPhone Still Super Hard to Get in China / Two Firms Downgrade RIM on Competition from iPhones and Androids / DigiTimes Says Foxconn to Ship iPad 2 in Next 100 Days / DisplaySearch Says If the iPad is a Computer Then Apple Wins Big / Samsung Aims for Big Share Gains in Phone in 2011 / IDC Says Apple Overtakes Nokia as Number One Smartphone Vendor in Australia / Apple Updates QuickTime 7 with Security Fixes / Google Gingerbread Talk Indicates Slowing Growth for Android Devices / Google Exec Andy Rubin Teases Android 3 Tablet OS / Rubin Defends Android ‘Craplets’ and Bags on WinPhone 7 and Praises iPhone / Rubin Disses iTunes as Music Buying Experience

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Mac OS Ken: 12.07.2010

Kaufman Brothers Analyst Says Verizon May Deal to Keep iPhone from T-Mobile and Sprint in the States / A T and T Ranks Last in Consumer Reports 2010 US Wireless Carrier Survey / Rumor Puts Mac App Store Opening at Next Monday / CNET Says iOS 4.3 with Subscription Support Could Hit on Thursday / Google Launches eBook Store / Electronista Argues for the Importance of the Google eBook Store / Google Confirms Samsung-Built Nexus S for US and UK in Next Two Weeks / Amazon to Demo Kindle for Web Today / Signs in Apple Retail Stores Reiterate White iPhone for Spring 2011 / Apple Reportedly Taps Architect Norman Foster to Design New Cupertino Campus

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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2010

Apple Expands Number of Patents in Motorola Case to 24 / Caris and Company Analyst Sees More Apple Growth from iPad than from iPhone in 2011 / NetApplications Sees Huge Online Growth for iOS Throughout 2010  / Radio Shack Cuts iPhone Prices by 50 Bucks for This Week / Chinese Regulators Eye China Unicom Rules Around iPhone 4 / Apple to Bar beta and Demo Software from Mac App Store / Samsung Says Galaxy Tab Hits Sales of One Million Units / Bloomingdale’s Promoting Shopping with “Free” iPads

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Mac OS Ken: 12.03.2010

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Like Apple in Mobile Space for 2011 / Munster Says Apple Not Likely to Control Online Video the Way it Did/Does Online Music / Wintek Upping 10-inch Touch-Panel Production Ability / Apple Seeds Second beta of Snow Leopard 10.6.6 to Developers / Ping Hosts World Premier of Michael Jackson Single / Old Navy Stores Testing Apple Point of Sale System / Adobe Outs Flash Player 10.2 beta with Purported Resource Improvements / Dell CFO Says Tablet will Likely Cannibalize Business PCs at Some Point / RIM Buys The Astonishing Tribe to Work on BlackBerry and PlayBook UIs / CVS and iPads and the Art of No Commenting / Please take a sec to answer a question about unfriending at the Spark Minute website

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Mac OS Ken: 12.02.2010

Nielsen Survey Shows Mixed Messages in Smartphone Platform Desirability / StatCounter Says RIM OS Beats iOS for US-Mobile Web Usage in November / Nokai Siemens Networks Says Tech in iOS 4.2 Could Ease Congestion on Cell Networks / Safari Takes Fourth in Net Applications Browser Market Share for November / Apple Partner PhotoFlash Drops 256GB Upgrade Kit for MacBook Air / MacNN says iPad to Hit Thailand This Friday 3 December / Google Editions Set to Go Live in the Sates by End of Year / Amazon Advertises Device Independence of Kindle Books / Early Bird Registration for Macworld Expo 2011 Ends Friday 3 December / Apple Awarded Patent for Glasses-Free Multi-Viewer 3D Projection System

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Mac OS Ken: 12.01.2010

Security Researcher Outlines Vulnerability in Mobile Safari for iOS Devices / Olivier Sanche - Director of Global Data Center Operations for Apple - Passes Away at 41 / iPad Lands in 10 New Countries in Asia and Europe / Apple Insider Looks at Subsidized iPads / Bloomberg Looks at Financial Sector Move from RIM to iOS Devices / Barnes and Noble Trumpets nook Success Without the Benefit of Numbers / ChangeWave Says iPad Gaining Quickly on Kindle in Two-Horse eReader Race / Project Digital-Only Magazine Hits the App Store / Morgan Stanley Analyst Says iPhone Outselling Nokia N8 Six to One in Europe / Apple Requires True Names for iOS Game Center / First-Month Sales of Microsoft Kinect Beat First-Month Sales of Apple iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2010

Deutsche Bank and Piper Jaffray See Strong Black Friday Sales for Apple / Macs Score Big on PCWorld Reader Survey / Gartner Sees Tablets Impacting PC Sales in a Small Way This Year and in a Much Bigger Way by 2014 / ZDNet Looks at Why the USB/iPad Rumor Might be True / Survey Says Smartphone Owners Worldwide Not Overly Loyal to Their Phone Platform / IDC Predicts Android Overtaking iOS and Symbian in Europe in 2011 / UK Site Says HTC Phones More Searched for Than iPhone 4 on Its Site / Apple Support Forums Show Issue with Random and Unaided FaceTime Calls / Bloomberg Says Apple Lawyering Up for Phone Fights / Richard Branson to Launch Tablet-Only Magazine Today / Reuters Report Says Microsoft Making Concerted Effort for Digital Living Room Dominance

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2010

More Far-East Rumors Around 2nd-Gen iPad / ChangeWave Survey Sees Increased Laptop Purchase Intent Thanks to Apple / NPD Says 11-Percent of Consumers Surveyed Plan to Get iPad in Next Three Months / Financial Times Says Early 2011 Launch More Likely for The Daily Than December 2010 / Jobs and Bezos Share Spot on Foreign Policy Global Thinkers List for Work in eReaders / App Developer Says Android News App Rejected for Being About Android / Apple Blocks Popular Unlock with iOS 4.2.1 / Acer CEO Wants to Take Lead in Tablets from Apple in 2 to 3 Years / Australian Survey Shows Kids Craving iPod touch / Apple Buys More Offices in Cupertino

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Mac OS Ken: 11.25.2010

Today we feature a shortened sample edition of Mac OS Ken: Day 6 during which we talk with Paul Kent - executive at IDG in charge of the Macworld Conference and Expo. Please enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mac OS Ken: 11.24.2010

USITC to Investigate Apple Patent Infringement Claims Against Motorola / iOS 4.2 Includes a Slew of Security Fixes / Apple Adds WebSockets and Accelerometer Support to Mobile Safari via iOS 4.2 Update / Rumors Put Subscription-Focused iOS 4.3 in First Half of December / Gruber Kind of Confirms Reports of News Corp Daily for Tablets / Some Users See Problems with Sony and Philips TVs and 2nd-Gen Apple TV / Apple Announces Black Friday Sale for UK Shoppers / Apple Announces Black Friday Sale for US Shoppers / US Survey says 6-to-12-Year-Olds Wants iPads More Than Anything / Apple Hiring and Poaching RIM Execs for Enterprise Sales / Acer Announces Three Tablets for 2011 and an iTunes-esque Store / Sony Teases Reader Apps for iPhone and Android / Beatles Sales Top 450k Albums and 2-Million Singles in Week One / Apple 1 Sells at Auction for Nearly a Quarter of a Million Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 11.23.2010

Apple Releases iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad and iPod touch / John Martellaro of The Mac Observer Hits Starter Points for iOS 4.2.1 and iPad / Apple Updates iWork for iPad Apps with iOS 4.2 Support / Some Have Issues Seeing Content on iThings After iOS Upgrade / Apple Updates Apple TV with Support for AirPlay and VoiceOver / iPad to Hit South Korea on 30 November / Samsung Claims 600k Galaxy Tabs Sold So Far / Orange UK Announces Plans for Subsidized iPads with New Data Contracts / Gleacher and Company Analyst Expects Second-Gen iPad in April 2011 / TJ Maxx Exec Says Chain Bought iPads at Retail / Restaurant Operator Puts iPads at Delta Gates in JFK / Saab Reportedly Giving Away iPads with 9-4X Pre-Orders / Oprah Says iPad is Her Number One Favorite Thing Ever / Google Kicks Chrome OS Devices into 2011 / Amazon Launches Price Check - Comparative Shopping App - Just in Time for the Holidays

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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2010

RBC Analyst Sees Reduction in CDMA-iPhones and Increase in iPad Production / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees More and Stronger iPads in 2011 / Apple Applies for Carbon Fiber Casing Patent / Scandinavian iPad Release Appears Imminent / Code Monkeys Find Hints of Free MobileMe Services in Latest iOS GMs / The Telegraph Says Apple Has Scrapped Integrated SIM-Card Plans / Foxconn Workers Reportedly Stage Protest for Higher pay and Against Relocation / Amazon Wirless Offers Android Phones for One Penny Through Today / ChangeWave Says One-Third of Smartphone Buyers Who Cannot Buy an iPhone Really Wish They Could / Jobs Reportedly Says TJ Maxx is Not an Apple Authorized Reseller / Piper Jaffray Analyst Applauds Apparent TJ Maxx iPad Move / Reports of Jobs and Uncle Rupert’s New News Machine / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2010

Apple Ships Golden Master of iOS 4.2.1 to Developers / Apple Tweaks Safari with Security and Reliability Fixes / Apple Upadtes Boot Camp and Firmware for MacBook and 13-Inch MacBook Pro / Apple Expanding iAd Coverage to UK and Europe / SAI Impressed by Start for iAds But Wonders About Recurring Ad Sales / Reduced-Price ipads Spotted at Some TJ Maxx Stores in the Northeast / Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 to Get Discount Pricing 25 November through 29 November / Ticonderoga Analyst Diagnoses China with Apple Fever / Financial Times Says European Carriers Concerned Over Possibility of Integrated SIM Cards in iPhones / UBS Analyst Looks at Near-Term Future for the Tablet Space / What Woz Said Versus What Woz Meant: The iOS Versus Android Edition / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2010

Apple and HTC and RIM Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Names Former Northrop-Grumman CEO to Board of Directors / Retrevo Survey Finds US Shoppers Spending More on Gadgets and Seeking Tablets / Report Says Law Requires Apple to Offer Two-Year Warranties on iPads in China / Books from Pearson and Peachpit Show Up in the iBookstore / Google Makes Google Docs Editable on iOS Devices / Hulu Plus Lowers Price and Offers One-Week Free Trial / Netflix CEO Says Tablets Not Terribly Important to His Company Right Now / Netflix CEO Does Not See Hulu Plus as Competition Right Now / News Corp Exec Confimrs Plans for Tablet-Only News Source / Dell Exec in Charge of Phones is Out / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.17.2010

Apple Finally Lands The Beatles on iTunes / EMI Says Beatles Downloads Exclusive to iTunes Into 2011 / Apple Approves Google Voice iOS App / Sams Club Starts Sales iPad with Slight Discounts / Inquirer Sees Significant Price Drops for Samsung Galaxy Tab in UK / Adobe CEO Talks Apple and Would-Be Flash Killers / Adobe CEO Says Company Working on Optimized Version of Flash for MacBook Air / RIM Posts Video Pitting PlayBook Against iPad / RIM Co-CEO Argues for Web Development Versus Apps in Tablets / Facebook CEO Says Apple Has to Get on the Social Bus / HPalm Exec Jon Rubinstein Compares Palm in 2007 to Apple 1997 / Oprah Magazine Lands on the iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2010

Apple Promises Unforgettable Day / Munster Sees Cloud-based iTunes Today / Apple Insider Says Today May or May not Bring Some Sort of Cloud-based iTunes Service / All Things D Says Probably No Cloud-based iTunes Service Today / WSJ Says Apple to Announce The Beatles in iTunes / Billboard Says Apple to Announce The Beatles on iTunes / Rodman and Renshaw Analysts Sees iPad Sales of 5-Million for Holiday Quarter / Munster Sees Another Record Quarter for Mac Sales / UBS Analyst Reiterates Buy Rating After Meeting with Apple Execs / Waits for Apple Products Shorten in China / Apple Pulls Snow Leopard Server Update from Site / Apple Returns Snow Leopard Server to Site / Forbes Deems Scott Forstall a Name You Need to Know in 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2010

Apple Issues Second GM of iOS 4.2 to Developers / iPhoneHellas Source Puts iOS 4.2 Release at 16 November / Source for The Telegraph Puts iOS 4.2 Release at 24 November / Apple Releases iTunes Update / Apple Pushes Ping Support to iPad / Apple Uses URL Shortener for Twitter/Ping Posts / Apple and Oracle Secure Future for Java SE in Mac OS X / WSJ Says iAd Increases Overall Interest in Mobile Advertising / Mark Papermaster Lands VP Gig at Cisco Systems / HP Says Extraordinary Demand Pushes Slate 500 Shipments to Early 2011 / Engadget Source Says Extraordinary Demand for HP Slate 500 Capped at Nine-Thousand Units / iPad Makes Time List of Top 50 Inventions of 2010 / News Corp Sees Paper Sales Decline in Face of iPad and Appears to Be Cool with That / Gorillaz Member Making Next Album on an iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.12.2010

ZDNet Looks at the Issue Around 10.6.5 and AirPrint / Jobs Says AirPrint Not Pulled from Nascent iOS Update / The Ars Technica Take on AirPrint and 10.6.5 / Security Update for Leopard Patches CFF Vulnerability / Ping Activity Integrated into Twitter / Apple Launches iTunes Movies in Japan / Apple Expands International Availability of Apple TV / Apple Hiring Seven Mac App Store Application Reviewers / Steve Jobs Calls App Developer Over Private APIs / NYT to Start eBook Best Seller Lists in Early 2011 / Electronista Says There Are Plenty of Windows Phone 7 Phone to be Had / Computerworld Says Supplies of Windows Phone 7 Phones Are Tight / Verizon Set to Reintroduce Kin One and Kin Two with Less Service / Auction House Expects 240,000-Dollars for Apple-1 Computer

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Mac OS Ken: 11.11.2010

Apple Updates Snow Leopard / Apple Outs Security Update 2010-007 for Leopard / Apple Insider Says Nearly Half of Vulnerabilities Addressed in Security Update Tied to Adobe Flash Player Plugin / Apple Updates MainStage / Apple Alerts Devs to iTunes Connect Closure Over Week of Christmas / SquareTrade Dubs iPhone 4 Most Reliable and Most Breakable Smartphone / Apple Teams with Dentsu Group to Take iAd Platform to Japan / Bluetooth Headphone Maker Wi-Gear Not Purchased by Apple / Sprint to Sell ZTE Peel 3G Case for iPod touch Beginning This Sunday / RIM Says PlayBook Will Sell for Under 500-Dollars in 1Q of 2011 / iLounge Spots iBook Gift Cards at Apple Retail / UK Shopping Site Says iPad and iPhone 4 Top Two on Christmas Wish Lists / CEA Christmas List Sees Either Peace/Happiness or a Laptop as Number One Wish

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Mac OS Ken: 11.10.2010

Consumer Reports Rates Every Laptop Apple Makes the Best in Their Respective Size Categories / Apple Pulls iPhone 4 Slider Cases from Its Retail Stores / MacStories Says iTunes and Mac OS X Updates Today and iOS 4.2 on Friday / Core Security Technologies Outs Vulnerability in Leopard / Boonana: Now with Less Koobface and More Evil / Some See Signs of Verizon iPhone in Verizon-Produced Ad for iPad / UK Survey Surprises World with Popularity of iPhone Over Androids / TheStreet Sees Super Slow Start to WinPhone7 Sales in the States / BGR Says Apple Looking Past LCIs for Damage in iPods / Apple Reportedly Buys Bluetooth Headphone Maker Wi-Gear / Apple Opening Stores in Ohio and Indiana This Weekend / Microsoft Ships First Update for Office 2011 for Mac / Adobe Releases Public beta of Audition for Mac / Hasbro Plans Spring Release of My3D Clip-On for iPhone and iPod touch

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2010

TiPb Test Shows iOS 4.2 Speeding Up iPhone 3G / TMO Expects iOS 4.2 Out to the Masses in the Next 48 Hours / Apple Seeds Yet Another Build of Mac OS X 10.6.5 to Developers / Toshiba to Offer Same Type of Flash in MacBook Air to Other Computer Makers / Jobs Reportedly Says Hardly Anyone Was buying Xserve / Apple Server Exec Posts Then Deletes Message After Apple Ditches Xserve / KT to Sell iPad in South Korea Sometime This Month / Apple Insider Sources Say iWork ’11 to Hit Along with Mac App Store / Google Giving Away WiFi on AirTrans/Delta/Virgin America Flights in the US Over the Holidays / The Washington Post Posts Free(ish) App for iPad / FT Rumors Say HTC Hiring for App Store of Its Own / Adobe CTO Takes Issue with Flash as MacBook Air Battery Killer Stories

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2010

Bloomberg says BofA and Citigroup are Testing iPhone and Androids in Blow to RIM / Apple Seeds Additional Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build / Apple to Nix Xserve on 31 January 2011 / Apple Intros Mac Pro Server to Fill Imminent Xserve Void / 14th Suicide Victim Found at South China Foxconn Factory / Skyfire to Sell Flash Viewing App for iOS in Batches / Wired Names iPad 3G Best Mobile Product of 2010 / Rumor Has Apple Shooting Ad/Ads for Second Edition of iPad / Cult of Mac says Xbox Kinect Could Have Belonged to Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 11.05.2010

Boonana Trojan Variant Discovered in the Wild / Gartner VP Urges CEOs to Adopt iPad in Their Businesses / ARM CEO Stoked About Tablets and ARM Dominance in Them / Seattle PI Has Microsoft Exec Saying Tablets are Cannibalizing Netbooks / BGR Says Apple Quietly Looking Into MacBook Air Issues / Benchmarks Indicate Adobe Flash Sapping MacBook Air Battery-Life / Apple Reportedly Expanding Offices in NYC for iAd Staff / iAds Apparently Rolling Out on a Worldwide Basis / iOS 4.2 to Bring Full MIDI Support to iThings / iPhoto 11 Update Returns Calendars and Adds New Letterpress Card Themes / Apple Seeding 10.6.6 beta to Developers Ahead of 10.6.5 Release / Apple Ships HP Printer Driver Update / Apple Sends Out Reminder Email About Ping / Deutsche Telekom Bemoans Lack of iPhone for TMobile USA / Apple Patents Interactive iPhone Gaming System / Jobs 17th Most Powerful Person on Forbes Super Power List 2010

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Mac OS Ken: 11.04.2010

USITC Staff Sides with Nokia in Ongoing Apple Patent Lawsuit / Apple Sued Over iOS4 Performance on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3GSs / Apple Acknowledges DST Bug and Says It Will Be Better on Sunday / PayPal Updates iOS App to Patch Security Vulnerability / Apple Puts Out the Call for Mac App Store Submissions / HP Exec Talks Touchscreen PCs Post Apple CEO Dismissal of the Category / CNET Says Big-Four Labels Signed Off on 90-Second iTunes Previews in August / Warner Digital Lawyer to Be iTunes and Apple Internet Services Lawyer in Europe / Apple Signs Publishers to iBookstore Australia / Best Buy Mobile to Start iPad Sales Sunday 7 November / Facebook Talks Mobile Initiatives / Facebook CEO Says iPad is More Computer than Mobile Device / Creative Labs Set to Enter the Tablet Fight / nPad Manufacturer Backs Down in Face of Apple Legal Threat / BGR Sources Say Apple Makes AppleCare Protection Plans Transferable to New Purchases / Skyfire Hits the App Store a Day Early / Skyfire Sells-Out in Five Hours

Direct download: macosken101104.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 11.03.2010

Apple Hits 24-Hour Shipping Time for iPhone 4 / Broadband Genie Suggests Quick Fix for iOS Daylight Saving Time Alarm Bug / Strategy Analytics Says Apple Owns 95-Percent of Tablet Space in 3Q 2010 / ChangeWave Says iPad Eating Into Planned Purchases of Netbooks / Apple Drops Prices for Mac mini in UK and Europe / Reports Surface of Troubles with New MacBook Airs / Apple Nixes Personal Shopping Service / Morgan Stanley Analyst Predicts Triple Growth for Apple in China in Next Two Years / MacNN Says Next Update of Snow Leopard is Finished and Should Be Out Soon / MacNN Eyes Changes in the iOS 4.2 Golden Master / More Details on iOS 4.2 GM / Apple CEO Reportedly Says iTunes LP and iTunes Extras on the Way to Apple TV 2 / Skyfire: App for Viewing Some Flash Files on iOS Devices Set to Go Live in App Store This Week / TechCrunch Says 90-Second Song Previews Coming Soon to iTunes US / Apple Confirms 90-Second Song Samples to CNET

Direct download: macosken101103.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2010

Net Applications Says Safari Still Fourth in Five-Horse Browser Race / Net Applications Says iOS Steals from Mac OS X Worldwide not in US / Canalys and NPD Both See Gains for iPhone and Android / Target to Start iPhone Sales Sunday 7 November / iOS 4.2 Goes Gold Master / Daylight Saving Time Goes from Down Under to Europe and the UK / Apple (Apparently) Settles iAd Suit with Money in the Millions / Hypermac to Change Name to HyperJuice as Part of October Settlement with Apple / Former AdMob CEO Leaves Google / Insider Tells Silicon Alley Insider That Goog/Mob Integration is Not Going Great / Apple and Google Rumored to Be Wooing the Same Mobile-Payment Start-Up / VLC Contributor Calls for VLC Media Player App to Be Pulled from App Store

Direct download: macosken101102.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2010

Apple Sues Motorola Over Patent Infringement / Fortune Joins List of Publications Calling for Verizon iPhone in Early 2011 / UBS Analyst Sees Possibility of Verizon iPhone Soon / Investment Firm Says Next iPad to Use Two Image Sensors from OmniVision / Sprint CEO Sees Benefit from iPad Without an iPad Deal for Sprint / Microsoft Shifts Online Focus from Silverlight to HTML5 / Ingram Micro to Sell iPads to the Enterprise / Apple Updates Most Recent Edition of iPhoto / Apple Patents Way to Toughen Stainless Steel Devices / Jobs Says USB 3 Quite There Yet

Direct download: macosken101101.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.29.2010

IDC Says Apple Now Fourth Largest Phone Maker in the World / Apple Online Store in China Reportedly Sells Out of iPhone 4s in 10 Hours / Apple Pulls Placeholder for White iPhone 4 Offline / Adobe Finds Critical Flaws for the Mac and Other Operating Systems in Flash Player as Well as Adobe Reader and Acrobat / Apple 10-K Shows Increase in Full-Time Employees and Expected Decrease in Margins / Apple Increases Dollars Spent on Advertising in FY2010 / Verizon and A T and T Start In-Store iPad Sales / Apple Updates iTunes Terms and Conditions to Clarify Rules Around Rented Content / Apple Updates Logic Pro and Logic Express / Apple Releases Two Firmware Updates for Mid-2010 Mac Pro / TSA Says 11-Inch MacBook Air Can Stay in Bag Through Security / Angry Birds Halloween Edition Hits One-Million Downloads in Six Days / Apple Overtakes Microsoft in Quarterly Revenue

Direct download: macosken101029.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.28.2010

SecureMac Spots Critical Mac OS X Trojan Horse in the Wild / Intego Says Risk Around New OSX Trojan is Low Rather Than Critical / Apple to Fix Locked iPhone Security Flaw with November iOS Update / Spotify Says It Is Not for Sale / Entry-Level MacBook Air Shipping Time Slips a Couple of Days / Apple Selling Unlocked and Contract-Free iPhones in Germany / Rumor Has Apple Working on Embedded Multi-Carrier SIM-Cards for iPhones / Far East Report Says Both Foxconn and Pegatron Set to Build CDMA iPhone 4 Soon / SAI Hears Talk of a Secret Special Developer Event in CA Next Week / Apple Reportedly Locking Down iTunes Connect for Third Week of November / Acer Expected to Unveil Android-Tablets in NYC on 23 November / Verizon and Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile and Best Buy All Set to Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab / Strategy Analytics Says Carrier Subsidies Could Give Significant Boost to Tablet Sales / ABC News App Adds Features with 2010 US Election Theme

Direct download: macosken101028.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.27.2010

Apple Opens Online Retail Store in China and Makes App Store Accessible in Simplified Chinese / Apple Adds Gift-Wrap Service and Laser Engraving Options to iPads Ordered Online / Apple Updates Apple Store App for iPhone / Reuters Says Apple Pushes White iPhone 4 to Spring of 2011 / Latest PRO Kit Update Kills Soundtrack 1.5 / Amazon Releases Windowshop Shopping App for iPad / Greenpeace Lowers Apple Ranking in Latest Greener Electronics Guide / Barens and Noble Nook Color is Part eReader and Part Tablet / Barrons Reporter Savitz Says Sony Spikes Thanks to a Misunderstanding of Savitz / TechCrunch Says Apple and Spotify in Early Acquisition Discussions / The Gleach Wants Apple to Buy Netflix / Mac OS Ken: Live is Live Each Wednesday - 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

Direct download: macosken101027.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2010

Bernstein Analyst Wants Apple to Pay Dividends and Not Buy Something Stupid / Security Flaw Gives Busybodies Access to Info on Locked iPhones / Some Users See Trouble Upgrading to iPhoto 11 / Apple Inks Deal with Unisys to Support Business and Government Sales and Services / Apple Seeds Ninth beat of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / PBS Launches PBS for iPad with Full Episodes of Shows / Android Market Passes 100k Apps Available / Adobe Throws More Weight Behind Android / RIM Shows Working PlayBook Tablet at Adobe MAX Conference / Conde Nast Goes All-Adobe for Tablet Versions of Magazines / iLounge Says Gourmet Live iPad App Can Seriously Mess with Your Day / Sprint/Nextel to Start Samsung Galaxy Tab at 400-Dollars with 2-Year Data Contract / NC Apple Data Center Set to Go Live as Speculation Bubbles of a Second / Amazon Says Kindle Numbers Are Great Without Sharing Kindle Numbers (Again) / Borders Drops Various eReader Prices to Fight Amazon and Everyone Else / iThings Take Top Spots on Tech-Dominated Duracell 2010 Toy Report

Direct download: macosken101026.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.25.2010

Defendants in Interval Licensing Suit Seek to Have Case Dismissed / New MacBook Air Comes with Keep Out Signs / Apple Not Including Adobe Flash-Player in Future Mac and Mac OS X Releases / Gleacher and Company Analyst Says Apple Increases Margins on New MacBook Airs / Canacord Securities Expects 700k MacBook Airs Shipped This Quarter / iMovie Update Keeps Studio Names Off of Associated Logos on Trailers / Strategy Analytics Says iPhone Beats BlackBerry in 3Q CY2010 / CNET Says Call-Center Hirings May Point to Verizon iPhone Soon / Verizon Subscriber Growth Slows in Most Recent Quarter / MySpace Launches iOS App to Post to Numerous Social Networks / Nielsen Amends iPad App Download Survey Numbers / Apparent Jobs Email Confirms iPad Switch for Mute After iOS Update / WSJ Says News Corp Tablet-centric News Surface Put on Ice / Barnes and Noble Accidentally Ruins Its Own Tuesday Surprise / President Obama Signs Autograph on an iPad

Direct download: macosken101025.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.22.2010

Apple Ups Core i7 Processor Options on MacBook Pros / Apple Updates Java for Leopard and Snow Leopard and Pro Apps for Snow Leopard / Apple May Be Draining the Java / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at the Apple/Java Reduction / Apple Updates Aperture with a Boatload of Fixes and Tweaks / Apple Updates Software for Brand New MacBook Airs / New MacBook Air Ships Without Flash Player Installed / FaceTime for Mac Sees Short Live Security Risk / TidBits Says iMovie 11 Brings Back Traditional Timeline Option (Kind of) / Gleacher Analyst Says New MacBook Air Will Not Hurt iPad Sales / A T and T Activates a Record Number of iPhones in 3QFY2010 / Nielsen Survey Says One-Third of iPad Owners Have yet to Download an App / HP Quietly Launching Windows 7 Slate for Business Only / Ballmer Seems to Indicate Possibility of Windows Phone 7 OS on Tablets / CNET Source Says Next nook a Full-Color Touchscreen Android-Powered eReader / Barnes and Noble nook to Start Sales at Wal-Mart This Weekend / Dell Spending Millions to Market Against Apple / Jobs on the Thursday Schedule of President Obama

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Mac OS Ken: 10.21.2010

Apple Releases iLife 11 / Apple Releases Public beta of FaceTime for Mac / Apple Updates MacBook Air with Two New Models and an Eye on the Future / Apple Shows Off Mac OS X Lion and Mac App Store / Video of Back to the Mac Event Available at Apple Site and Through iTunes / Jobs Bashes Idea of Touchscreen Laptops / Western Digital CEO Feels iPad Effect on Spinning Hard Drives / Acer Chairman Says Tablets Do Not and Will Not Hurt Traditional Computers / Verizon to (Try to) Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab Beginning 11 November

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Mac OS Ken: 10.20.2010

Fortune Says 16 Analysts Up Apple Price Targets After 4Q Earnings Call / Barclays Capital Analyst on Good and Bad of Apple 4Q Numbers / Fortune Highlights Analyst Reactions to Apple 4QFY2010 Earnings / iSuppli Ups iPad Sales Expectations on Component Availability / TweetDeck CEO Says Developing for Android Not a Nightmare / RIM Co-CEO Balsillie Strikes Back at Apple CEO Conference Call Swipes / BGR Source Says CDMA iPhone Now in Field-Test Stage / Palm Reenters the Smartphone Fray with the French Release of the Pre 2 / Amazon Adds Notes and Highlighting to Kindle for Mac Software / Barnes and Noble Calls Press to Possible Nook Update Event Next Week / iAd Exec Leaves Apple for Google Mobile Commerce Group

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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2010

Apple Reports Record Quarterly Earnings on Stellar Mac and iPhone Sales / Apple Drops 5-Percent in After Hours Trading on Lower Than Expected iPad Sales / Deutsche Bank Analyst Says We Should Count iPad Sales as Computer Sales / Qantas Subsidiary Expanding iPad as In-Flight Entertainment Solution / Dispatch Times Slip for All MacBooks in UK and Europe / HyperMac Pulling MacBook Battteries with MagSafe Chargers from Sale / Apple Opening New Chicago Store This Weekend / Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie Stepping Down / Ad Age Names Apple Marketer of the Decade

Direct download: macosken101019.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2010

Best Buy Site Shows iLife and iWork Backordered / Reports and Rumors of Smaller and Less Expensive MacBook Airs / Code Shows the Possibility of More Faces in FaceTime / AMD CEO Sees Cannibalization and Opportunity in the Rise of the Tablet / Gartner Analyst Sees Massive Tablet Growth Driven by iPad / A T and T Deals for the iPad and Business Could be Bad News for Research in Motion / Motorola Seeks to Have Apple Patents Invalidated / Apple Updates Recently Updated Remote App / LA Times Blog: Facebook-Founder and Apple CEO Dine and Discuss Ping / Bloomberg Steve Jobs Bio Available Online / Apple Reports 4Q Earnings Today (10/20/10) at 5PM EDT/2PM PDT

Direct download: macosken101018.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.15.2010

Verizon Wireless to Start Sales of iPad on 28 October / iLounge Looks at 3G MiFi Plans for Verizon Wireless iPad Bundle / UBS Analyst Sees Support for Verizon iPhone Rumors in Verizon iPad Deal / A T and T to Start Sales of iPad on 28 October / Gleecher Analyst Says Verizon iPhone on Track for 1Q 2011 / Wu Says Work on Multi-Touch Macs is Well Underway / Apple Seeds Seventh Build of Snow Leopard Update beta to Developers / MobileMe Calendar Update Exits beta / Mossberg Gives Office for Mac 2011 a Thumbs Up / Apple CEO Reportedly Gives Chilean Miners iPods of Some Sort / Registration Open for Macworld Expo 2011

Direct download: macosken101015.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.14.2010

CrunchGear Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Apple Insider Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Next Wednesday as Non-Event for Apple Investors / Gartner Sees Apple as Fourth-Largest Computer Maker in the US / IDC Sees Apple as Third-Largest Computer Maker in the US / Wal-Mart Division Sams Club to Carry iPhone and iPad / Apple Insider Hears Rumors of Target Landing the iPhone / T-Mobile Loses iPhone Exclusivity in Holland / Orange Announces Plans to Launch iPhone 4 in Kenya / Report Says Apple Exec to Answer iPhone Service Questions Before South Korean Parliament / Microsoft to Allow Syncing Between Windows Phone 7 Handsets and Mac OS X / Intel Praises and Plans to Bury Apple in Tablets / Apple Opening Redesigned Store in St. Louis This Weekend / Apple Wins Limited Patent for Pinch-to-Zoom Gesture for Multi-Touch Devices / Apple Wins Patent on Texting Filters and Controls

Direct download: macosken101014.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.13.2010

Barclays Capital Analyst Ups Apple Price Target to 385-Dollars / Wal-Mart to Start iPad Sales in the US This Friday / O2 and Vodafone Get iPhone in Germany Ending T-Mobile Exclusivity / WSJ Sources Says Two Carriers in India in Talks with Apple for CDMA iPhone / WSJ Says Chinese Buyers Still Face Trouble Getting iPhone 4 / Warranty Provider SquareTrade Says More iPhone 4s Breaking than iPhone 3GSs / Apple Seeks Approval to Sell iPad in South Korea / Ottawa Hospital to Deploy One-Thousand iPads for Patient Record Access / Munster Sees Android Taking Over the Tablet Space at Some Point / DeNA Buys iOS Game Developer ngmoco / Electronista Says Currently Only 80 Apps Ready for Windows Phone 7 / PreCentral Sees Signs of New Palm Pre / Apple Ships Third iOS 4.2 beta and Accompanying SDK to Developers / Two Jailbreaks Released for iOS 4.1 Devices / Netgear Branded Roku HD Lands at Frys Electronics / Foxconn Denies Renewed Allegations of Worker Mistreatment and Abuse / Apple Releases Artist Page Guidelines for Ping / Bloomberg TV Series to Profile Steve Jobs 10/14/2010 9PM EDT / Mac OS Ken: Live Tonight at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2010

Oppenehimer Analyst UPs Apple Target and Doubts Imminent Verizon iPhone / Exec Says Verizon Working on Simultaneous Voice and Data for CDMA / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees Big Qualcomm Chip Orders for CDMA iPhone / NYT Source Says Verizon iPhone Early in 2011 / China Telecom Said to Be in Talks with Apple for CDMA iPhone / Apple Acknowledges iOS 4 Alarm Problem in Australia / ACCC Demands Two-Year iPhone Warranty from Telstra / Intel Plans iOS App Conversion Helper / Apple Trademarks App for That Phrase / CNN Money Looks at the Windows Phone 7 Event / Macworld UK Talks Windows Phone 7 Across the Pond / Survey Indicates Continued Worker Abuses at Foxconn / Apple Issues SMC Firmware Update for Some MacBooks and MacBook Pros / Apple to Discontinue Viewing of .Mac HomePage Pages on 8 November / CNET Says Apple Speaks to Music Labels Against US Deals for Spotify / NY Post Says Apple in Talk for Music Subscription Service

Direct download: macosken101012.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.08.2010

WSJ Goes Deeper on Verizon iPhone Story / Verizon Wireless CTO Says 3G Will Be Around Long Into This Decade / JP Morgan Ups Expectations for Apple 4Q FY2010 / GDGT Says Apple in Quiet Panic Over iPhone 4 and Slide-On Cases / Silicon Alley Insider Wonders Over the Lack of Noise Around the GDGT Shatter Story / Intel Says MeeGo Will Not Hit Phones Until 2011 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Says 7-inch iPad is Coming / Amazon Kindle Landing at Staples This Weekend / Apple Patent Covers Screens That Switch Between Modes for Display and Touch / NYT Blog Says CEOs of Microsoft and Adobe Meet to Discuss Wrecking Apple / Macworld Expo 2011 Announces MacIT Track / Jobs Appears with CA Gov Scharzenegger at Living Donor Legislation Signing / Logitech CEO Questions Price of Cisco Umi Without Questions Price of Logitech Revue

Direct download: macosken101008.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.07.2010

WSJ Rekindles CDMA iPhone Talk / Verizon Wireless CEO Fails to Explicitly Deny WSJ Report / Wu Says Bigger and Smaller Screened iPhones in the Works / Motorola Brings Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple / Motorola Exec Says He Could See a MotoWinPhone 7 at Some Point / Piper Jaffray Sees Record Intent to Buy iPhone Among Teens / Jobs Tops Junior Achievement Survey as Entrepreneur Most Admired by Teens / JMP Research Analyst Notes Continued Sell-Outs of New Apple TV / Logitech Shows Off Revue - the First Ever Google TV Device / Apple Insider Sees Refresh of MacBook Air in Drying Up of MacBook Air Supply / TUAW Hears More Rumors Indicating Imminent Refresh of MacBook Air / Jefferies and Company Initiates Apple Coverage with a Buy Rating / Apple and Mirror Worlds Given Until End of November to Submit Arguments Over Damages Award / Adobe Issues Security Updates for Acrobat and Reader / HP Exec Says New webOS Smartphones Slated for Early 2011 / Apple Settles Lawsuit Over Backdating Stock Options

Direct download: macosken101007.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.06.2010

Bernstein Retail Analyst Goes Nuts Over iPad Adoption / Fortune Looks at iPad Sales Estimates for 4Q FY2010 / Mercedes Benz Takes iPads to All Dealerships Across US / Neowin Hears Microsoft Tablet Rumors That Microsoft Pretty Much Shoots Down / Nielsen Says Android Outpaces iPhone in Recent Sales / iPhone 4 Shipping Time Down to About a Week / Sophos Warns Against Free iPhone Facebook Links / Netflix Adds Video-Out to App for iPhone 4 and 4th-Gen iPod touch / Nokia VP of MeeGo Smartphone OS Calls it Quits / Apple Wins Patent for Cover Flow One Week After Losing the Mirror Worlds Case / iSuppli Puts Cost of New Apple TV at 64-Dollars in Parts / Sintek Photronics Denies Touchscreen for iMac Rumor / Actor Tony Curtis Laid to Rest with his iPhone / Father and Son Send iPhone into Space / Apple Pays 1.7-Million-Dollars for Less Than an Acre of Property in North Carolina

Direct download: macosken101006.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2010

Ticonderoga Securities Starts Apple Coverage with 430-Dollar Target / iPad Now Available on Amazon / LG Puts Android Tablet On Hold / Deutsche Bank Analyst Sees Tough Times Ahead for iPad Competitors / Apple Questions Mirror World Penalty / Microsoft and T-Mobile and A T and T Set to Launch Windows Phone 7 Next Monday / T-Mobile Gets Android-Powered Video Phone / Microsoft Names New Presidents of Mobile and Interactive Entertainment Divisions / Goldman Sachs Downgrades Microsoft on Weakness in the Mobile Space / A T and T Updates myWireless App for iPhone Users / Apple Drops AirPrint Support for Second-Gen iPod touch / Google Launches Google TV Teaser Site

Direct download: macosken101005.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2010

UBS Says Apple Best Positioned to Own the Consumer in the Global Digital Living Room / Bucknell University Sounds Alarm Over iOS Apps and Privacy / NPD Says iPad Not Cannibalizing Netbooks and Notebooks / iLounge Looks at the NPD iPad Survey / Microsoft Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement in Android Phones / Apple Loses Graphic Display Suit to Mirror Worlds, LLC / Apple Settles Patent Suit Over Online Music Sales / Apple Sued for Patent Infringement by Olympic Developments / DigiTimes Hears Talk of Testing for Touchscreen Macs / Rumor Says Adidas Pulls Out of iAd Campaign Over Control Issues / Apple Updates MobileMe Galllery App with iPad and iOS 4 Support / App Store Runs Sale on 50 iOS Games / MLB Brings Post Season Play to iThings

Direct download: macosken101004.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 10.01.2010

Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Ups Apple Target on iPad and and iPod and iPhone Strength / DisplaySearch Says iPad Carries Mini-Computing Segment in 2Q 2010 / Target May See iPad Supply Constraints When it Starts Sales This Weekend / Pearson and Virginia Schools Pilot iPad in Education Tests / Gleacher and Company Analyst Sees App Store Access for Apple TV in the Near Future / Report: iPhone 4 Scalpers Lead to Temporary Closure of Apple Store in Beijing / Taiwan Upset Over Exclusion from Free iPhone 4 Case Giveaway / PayPal iOS App to Allow Check Deposits Via Photo / ChangeWave Numbers Show Android Interest Nearing iPhone Interest Levels / Apple Sends Sixth beta of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Apple Opens New Store in Calgary / Facebook CTO Confident in Eventual Ping Connection / NFL Talking with Verizon About Football on a Tablet

Direct download: macosken101001.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.30.2010

iFixIt Finds 8GB NAND Flash in New Apple TV / Time Warner Chief Bashes Cheap and Free Online TV Offerings / China Unicom Sells Close to 100-Thousand iPhone 4s in First Four Days / Beta 2 of iOS 4.2 Shows Significant Improvements to Memory Usage / Barclays Analyst Sees Smooth Sailing for Kindle Despite the iPad / Dell Greater China President Talks Tablets / Ballmer on Windows Phone 7 and What We Learned from the Kin / Nvidia Settlement Over Faulty Chips Affects Some MacBook Pros / Apple Looking for Creative Technology Manager to Drive HTML5 Deployment on / Nintendo 3DS Will Miss Holiday Shopping for 2010 / Italian Tourism Minister Threatens Legal Action Over iOS App

Direct download: macosken100930.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.29.2010

Gleecher Analyst Says Apple COO Not Heading to HP as CEO / Jailbreak for New Apple TV Appears Imminent / Roku Signs Deal to Bring Hulu Plus to Its Devices / Apple Updates Remote App with iTunes 10 and Apple TV and iPad Support / Apple Sets 4Q Earnings Call for 18 October / Apple Seeks Trademark for Briefing Room for Business Sales / Apple Sends Second iOS 4.2 beta and First iTunes 10.1 beta to Developers / Goldman Analysts Say New iPad in the Works / Retrevo Looks at Gadget and Media Habits of iPhone and Android and BlackBerry Owners / Nielsen Looks at Demographics and Habits of iPad and Kindle Owners / Apple Sues Nokia for Patent Infringement in the UK / Apple Sues Polish News Site with Apple in its Title / Apple Sued for Patent Violation by Selling Video Through iTunes / Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 to Ship on October 26 / Microsoft Updates Bing iOS App with Travel and Map and Location Improvements / Aston Martin Knocks iPhone Into Second in 2010/11 CoolBrands Survey

Direct download: macosken100929.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2010

DoJ Settles Big-Tech Anti-Poaching Case . EU Ends iPhone and App Store Investigations / Munster Ups Sales Estimates for iPad in 2011 / Target to Start Sales of iPad This Sunday / Canacord Genuity Analyst Sees Apple Owning Tabelts Through 2011 / RIM Announces PlayBook iPad Competitor for 2011 Launch / Amazon Says It Will Have a Kindle App for the RIM PlayBook / RIM Launches BlackBerry Advertising Service / IDC Says iAd Now Ties GoogMob for First in Mobile Advertising / IDG Looks at iPhone 4 Launch in China / iPhone 4 Demand Outstrips Supply in China / No FaceTime for iPhone 4 in UAE and Qatar / iPhone Tops JD Powers Satisfaction Survey for Fourth Year in a Row / Verizon CEO Talks iPhone for 4G with No Mention of CDMA / RBC Analyst Says Apple and Verizon May Not Need Each Other (for Now) / Apple Reportedly Shipping Pre-Ordered Apple TVs / Apple Tweaks Ping and Fixes Bugs with iTunes Update / Apple Opens New Store in Spokane / Microsoft Sends Invites to Likely Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Event on October 11 / Pew Says Apple Grabs Most Press in Tech

Direct download: macosken100928.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.23.2010

Apple Makes Over One-Third of Cellphone Industry Profits with a Fraction of Its Sales / Susquehanna Analyst Says Apple Building 3 Million CDMA iPhones in December / A T and T CEO Reiterates Lack of Concern Over Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / KT Says Over 1 Million iPhones Sold Before South Korean Release of iPhone 4 / Gameloft Passes 20 Million Paid iOS Game Downloads / Apple Takes Highest Score Ever in American Customer Satisfaction Index / iPad Takes Highest Mark Ever for Product Tracked by ASCI / Dell CEO Mentions 7-Inch Android Tablet on the Way / WSJ Says BlackBerry iPad Competitor Could Debut Next Week / Roku Outs New Set Top Boxes Ahead of Apple TV / NBC Says 99-Cent Apple TV Rentals Not for the Peacock / Apple Updates All Three iWork Apps for iPad / Apple Ships Software Update for 27-Inch LED CInema Display / Apple Sues Sanho Corporation for Patent Infringement / Apple Opening a Slew of Stores Around the World This Weekend / Zuckererg Passes Jobs on Forbes 400 Richest Americans List

Direct download: macosken100923.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2010

Wu Ups Apple Target to 374-Dollars / South Africa to Get iPhone 4 Through Two Carriers on Wednesday 22 September / Many Countries to Get iPhone 4 This Week / Credit Suisse Analyst Upgrade A T and T Because Losing iPhone Exclusivity Will Not Explode the Death Star / Credit Suisse Survey Says Nearly a Quarter of iPhone Owners Would Like to Ditch the Death Star / Analyst Kumar Trots Out 7-Inch iPad Talk Again / Analyst Kumar Talks iPhone 5 / Apple Reportedly Buys Face Recognition Company Polar Rose / TechCrunch Adds Details to the Polar Rose Report / Apple Strikes Secretive Multi-Year Deal with Software and DRM Provider Rovi / Munster Says Rovi Deal Another Stepping Stone to All-In-One Apple TV / Adobe Fixes Critical Vulnerability in Flash Player for Almost Everything / Apple Releases Security Update 2010-006 for Snow Leopard-Only Issue / Sports Illustrated Freezes iPad Magazine in Landscape Orientation / WSJ Says Apple Working Hard on Digital Newsstand Delas / Apple Approves VLC Media Player for iPad App / Napster Launches iOS App / Google Says Google Docs to Support iPad and Android Soon / HP Launches Three New Printers Ready for iOS 4.2 AirPrint / Palm Exec Targets iPad in Pep-Talk Email to Palm Developer Community / BMW Shows Seat Cradles for iPads at Paris Motor Show / Research In Motion Applies for Trademark for Term Surf Book in Canada

Direct download: macosken100921.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2010

Apple Launching iPhone 4 in China and Opening Two New Stores in China on Saturday / Fortune Says Next to No One Shows Up for iPad in China / Apple Insider on Day One of iPad in China / Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees iPads and Tablets Hurting Notebook Growth / Analysts Argue Over the Current Effect of the iPad on PC Sales / DigiTimes Says Component Suppliers Validating 2nd-Gen iPad Parts with Apple for 1Q 2011 Release / Microsoft Games Exec Says Sales of Kinect will Blow Away Sales of iPad / Engadget Spots Windows 7 Tablet Available for Pre-Order / WSJ Says Apple and Others Near Agreement on Non-Poaching Deals / GV Connect Live (Again) on the App Store / Bloomberg Echoes SJ Merc Report of Digital Newsstand for iThings / Apple Starts Sales of 27-Inch LED Cinema Display / Warner Bros. Entertainment Exec Dismisses 99-Cent TV Show Rentals on iTunes / TechCrunch Says Facebook is Working on a Facebook Phone / Facebook Says It Is Not Building a Phone (Which No One Else Says They Are Either) / Microsoft Says It Nixed Verizon WinPhone 7s for Launch to Concentrate on GSM Network Phones / RIM to Stop Reporting Subscriber Numbers in 2011 / Apple Fastest Growing Brand in Interbrand Global 2010 Study

Direct download: macosken100920.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2010

TBR Says Tablets will Form Third Computing Category and Replace Second Computer for Consumers / iPad Goes on Sale in China and Latin America Friday 17 September / ABC App Syncs With Live TV / Samsung Says iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab to be Sold by Big-Four US Wireless Carriers / Samsung Announces Media Hub for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones / Motorola Co-CEO Talks Tablets and the Digital Living Room / Latest iProd Designation Actually New Apple TV / Google Reportedly Hires Netflix Exec for Google TV Content Deals / A T and T Promises 4G LTE Rollout by Mid-2011 / RIM Sees Higher BlackBerry Sales While New Subscriber Growth Slows / LG Electronics CEO Resigns Amid Falling Handset Sales / Verizon Will Not Sell Windows Phone System 7 System Phones in 2010 / Yahoo CEO Says iAd Platform Doomed to Failure

Direct download: macosken100917.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.16.2010

Apple Seeds First beta of iOS 4.2 to Developers / CNET Spots Tweaks to iOS 4.2 beta / Testing New iOS beta Requires Running Latest Snow Leopard Update beta / Sterne Agee Analyst Sees Apple Upping iPhone 4 and iPad Production / Foxconn Says It Is Making 137-Thousand iPhones a Day / Report Has Apple Hiring New Touch Sensor Maker for iPad Production / iPhone and BlackBerry Lose Market Share to Android in the States / Bernstein Research Analysts Say Apple Has to Expnad iPhone Carriers Worldwide / iOS Devices Pass Sony and Gain on Nintendo in Handheld Gaming in US / Pew Internet Study Says More People in the States Have Apps on Their Phones Than Use Them / Nielsen Study Says Most Smartphone Users Willing to Pay for Apps and Content / SJ Merc Says New Newspaper Subscriptions on the Way for iPad / Apple Updates QuickTime for Windows to Kill Security Vulnerability / Apple Releases Pro Applications Update 2010-02

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Mac OS Ken: 09.15.2010

NPD Data Indicates Another Record Quarter for Mac Sales / Apple Insider Says Info About 27-Inch Cinema Display Showing Up on Mac Configuration Pages / Best Buy Says Same Store Sales Hurt by Lack of iPads Last Quarter / Best Buy to Start iPad Sales at Every US Store on September 26 / Target Rumored to Start iPad Sales Soon with Wal-Mart in the Wings / New Amazon Ad for Kindle Attacks iPad / Leaked Screenshot Seems to Show Samsung Galaxy Tab Details / Adobe Finds Zero-Day Flaw in Flash for PCs and Mobiles / Nokia EVP Takes SHots at Apple and Google from Stage of Nokia World / Nokia Chairman Stepping Down in 2012 / Nokia Hires Palm Hardware Design Lead to Handle UX and Services for MeeGo / Apple Owns One-Fifth of Smartphones in Europe at Expense of Nokia / Apple Seeks Engineers to Work with Liquidmetal Technologies Technologies / Apple to Open Third Store in Italy This Weekend / Disney-ABC Exec Down on HTML5 / Report Has Jobs Stopped from Taking Throwing Stars Aboard His Own Plane / Apple Calls Throwing Star Report Pure Fiction

Direct download: macosken100915.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2010

Apple Relaxes Restriction on Developer Tools for iOS Apps / Adobe Addresses the New Apple iOS App Rules / WiFi iPad to Officially Hit China This Friday / Samsung DRAM Division Expects DRAM Price Drop Due to Tablets / UBS Analyst Sees iPad Hitting Netbook and Notebook Sales / Samsung Galaxy Tab Could See NYC Debut This Week / Google Says Most Current Android OS Not Made for Tablets / Gartner Sees Tougher Times Ahead for Research in Motion / IDC Sees Android Not iPhone Beating the BlackBerry / Goldman Sachs Reiterates Sell Rating on Research in Motion / Nokia Replacing CEO with Head of Microsoft Business Division / Head of Nokia Smartphones Also on the Way Out / UBS Analyst Sees 4.5-Million iPhones Activated by A T and T This Quarter / Apple to End Most iPhone 4 Case Giveaways on September 30 / Consumer Reports Reiterates Non-Recommendation of iPhone 4 in Wake of End of Free Case Giveaway / KT Starts iPhone 4 Sales with About 290-Thousand Too Few Units / Report Has Apple Ditching Infineon for Qualcomm in Next Build of iPhone / Intel CEO Bashes Apple TV and Belittles iPad / Apple Deals with Over 5-Thousand Old iPod nanos in August in Japan / Apple Ships iOS 4.1 About a Week Ago / Apple Updates Safari and iWeb / Apple Updates Printer and Scanner Drivers for Seven Manufacturers and Snow Leopard / Apple Updates iMovie for iOS Devices to Version 1.1 / Apple Updates Find My iPhone and MobileMe iDisk / Nike Releases New App for iPhone and iPod touch / Wired Writes Up iPod touch Vibration Feature / 9 to 5 Mac Says Vibrating References for iPod touch Removed from Site

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Mac OS Ken: 09.08.2010

Delaying Mac OS Ken for a few days. Big bummer. Thanks for your patience.

Direct download: macosken100908.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.07.2010

UK Researcher Says Tablets will Beat eReaders / Tablet OEM President Says many iPad Competitors will be Gone in a Year / British Apple Site Indicates iOS 4.1 Update Tomorrow / iLife 11 Family Pack Shows Up for Sale on Amazon (Then Disappears) / Workaround Worked Up for Automator Bug in iTunes 10 / iPhone 4 Could Hit South Korea and Taiwan in Next Two Weeks / Apple Reportedly Notified of QT for Windows Vulnerability Two Months Ago / Ping Tops 1 Million Users in First 48 Hours / Sophos Says Spammers Turn Ping into Spammalot in First 24 Hours / Apple Insider Says Spammers Pulled from Ping and UI Gets Tweaked / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at Which Apple Execs Are Pinging / Apple Movie Trailer Page Adds Theaters and Show Times / Jobs to Receive Vision Award

Direct download: macosken100907.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.03.2010

Tepid to Warm reactions from Analysts to Apple TV Revision / Amazon to Sell ABC and Fox Shows for 99-Cents Each / Ars Technica Says No Update for Old Apple TVs to Add new Apple TV Features / UBS Analyst Likes Apple Product Lineup Heading Into Holidays / Apple Excludes New iPods in Last Week of Back-to-School Mac/iPod Promotion / Macworld Says iTunes 10 Hoses iTunes Automator Actions / iTunes 10 Fixes 13 Flaws for Windows Users / Live Nation and Ticketmaster to Provide Concert Info for iTunes 10 / Apple Nixes Ringtone Maker in iTunes 10 / The Ping/Facebook Connect Disconnect / Big Beneficiary of iTunes 10 Social network Ping / IDC Names Apple Most Environmentally Friendly Cellphone Maker / WSJ Says T-Mobile to Lose German iPhone Exclusivity Soon / Net Applications Numbers Show iOS Beating Linux and Android Online / Apple Ships Fourth Developer Build of Snow Leopard Update with Two Known Devices / Apple Posts iOS 4.2 iPad Update Promo Page / Sony Beats Apple in the PMP Space in Japan for Month of August

Direct download: macosken100903.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.02.2010

Apple Intros iPod touch with Cameras and Facetime and Retina Display / Apple Intros Thoroughly Redesigned iPod nano / Apple Goes Back to Matchbook Look for 2010 iPod shuffle / iPod Classic Survives Sans Updates / Apple Intros 99-cent TV Show Rentals and New Social Network with iTunes 10 / Apple Negotiates Right to Use Ping Trademark with Golf Sporting Goods Company / Apple Intros Smaller 99-Dollar Apple TV for Streaming Content / Apple to Ship iOS 4.1 Next Week / Apple Sends iOS 4.1 Pre-Release Gold Master to Developers / Apple Posts Video of September 1 Event / Cult of Mac Source Says Wednesday Live Stream of Apple Event a Test of North Carolina Server Farm / Deutsche Bank Analyst Says Apple Still Cannot Meet iPhone 4 Demand / Intel CEO Says Apple Happy About Intel  purchase of Infineon / Sony Revamps eReader Line Increasing Prices of Every Model / Sony Intros Streaming Music Service for Some Sony Devices

Direct download: macosken100902.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 09.01.2010

Apple to Stream September 1 Event to Snow Leopard Macs and iThings / Silicon Alley Insider Does Short Summation on Apple Event Streaming / Apple Insider Says Apple will Not Kill iPod Shuffle / Bloomberg Says New Apple TV at Wednesday Event / LA Times Looks at News Corp. and 99-cent TV Show Rentals / Amazon Said to Be Pitching Online Subscription Video Service of its Own / Telcel Exec Says Reworked iPhone 4 Due By End of September to Fix Antenna Issue / Apple and Nintendo Sued for Using Accelerometers and Compasses in Handheld Devices / AutoDesk to Bring AutoCAD Back to the Mac Next Month / Palm Seeding webOS 2.0 SDK to Select Developers / Staples to Sell Amazon Kindle Beginning This Fall / Borders Takes eReaders Under 100-Dollars / Mac OS Ken: Live Hits the Yerba Buena Event Tonight at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

Direct download: macosken100901.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2010

Roku Drops Prices of Set Top Boxes Ahead of Apple Event / Nintendo Announces Price Cuts for DSi Line Ahead of Apple Event / CNET Sources Say iTunes Music Previews to Get Longer / Intel Buying Infineon Technologies Wireless Division / AMD Dropping the ATI Technologies Name for Graphics Products / Apple Seeks Marketing Manager for US iBookstore / The New Yorker Gets a Bit More iPad Friendly / Toshiba Dubs Android Tablet Folio 100 / China Unicom Apparently Offering In-Store Jailbreaking of iPhone and iPad / Security Researcher Finds 9-Year-Old Vulnerability in QuickTime Player for Windows / Apple and Other Online Advertisers Sued for Patent Infringement

Direct download: macosken100831.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2010

Microsoft Cofounder Sues Apple and 10 Other Tech Companies for Patent Infringement / Decorations Go Up on Yerba Buena Center for Wednesday Music Event / App Trackers Says App Store Passes 250k iOS Apps / iPad Now Shipping Within 24 Hours from the Apple Online Store / Apple Ends Work with Silicon Valley Design Firm / FTC Settles with PR Firm Over Questionable Reviews in App Store / Apple Staffing Up iAd Division

Direct download: macosken100830.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2010

Wu Plays the Music Event Guessing Game / Muster Sees New iPods and Apple TV and Data Center Announcement Next Wednesday / All Things D Looks at Music Industry iTunes Wish List / Gleeecher and Co Analyst Sees New iPods and Minor Apple TV Refresh Next Week / Silicon Alley Insider Wonders if Day are Numbered for iPod Classic / HTC Answers Apple Complaints of Patent Infringement / Apple and 22 Others Sued for Patent Infringement / Netflix Brings Video Streaming App to iPhone and iPod Touch / Apple Seeds Third beta of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / China Unicom Sees Hefty Loss Despite 3G Superiority and iPhone Exclusivity / Qualcomm Job Listing Fans the Coals Under Verizon iPhone Rumors / Apple to Open First Two Retail Locations in Spain Over Next Two Weeks / Apple Updates EFI Firmware for Specific MacBook Pros / Apple Updates iWork with ePub Support for Pages and Suite-wide Fixes / Target Launches Electronics and Games Trade-in Program / iPhone Dev Team Focusing Jailbreak Efforts on iOS 4.1.x Rather Than Current Versions

Direct download: macosken100827.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2010

Apple Invites Media to Yerba Buena Center in SF Next Wednesday / Wu Works Over Apple TV/iTV Talk / Bloomberg Says TV Focus from Apple will be Rental Agreements Not Apple TV/iTV Hardware / Munster Advises Clients to Buy Apple Shares Ahead of September Event / Sharp Says Its Tablets will Compete Against iPad Soon / iSuppli Expects Apple to Own the Tablet Space Through 2012 / IDC and ZDNet UK Spin Needham Mac Numbers Down / Apple Declines Participation in Eco-Rating of Cellphones by Partner-Carrier O2 / Mozilla Says Firefox 4 Likely to Leave PowerPC Macs Behind / Amazon Trumpets Super Kindle Sales without Supplying Numbers

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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2010

Bloomberg Says Apple Working 99-cent Rental Deals for TV Shows in the States / WSJ Says Disney Closer than News Corp on Apple TV Show Rental Deal / Apple Releases Security Update for Leopard and Snow Leopard / Report Says China Unicom to Give Away Free Cases with iPhone 4s / New Nokia Smartphone Strips Features to Compete / Dell Outs Its First U-S Smartphone / RIM Buys Mobile Infrastructure Firm Cellmania / Motorola Looks to Strengthen Its App Space with Purchase of 280 North / Apple to Open Two New Retail Locations This Weekend / Electronista Compares Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad / Samsung Releases Teaser Video of iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab / Amazon Releases Minor Update to Kindle App for iThings / Barnes and Noble Claims to Be Doing Well in Digital as Traditional Book Sales Suffer / Apple Says iTunes U Passes 300 Million Downloads in Just Over 3 Years / Sumo Association Distributes iPads to Sumo Stables

Direct download: macosken100825.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2010

Wu Makes the Case for More iPhone Carriers in the States / Needham and Company Analyst Tracks Mac Growth in Government and Business in the US and Homes in Europe / iPad Shipping Delay Drops Again / Best Buy Plans to Beef Up Tablet Selection Heading into the Holidays / Acer Chairman Says He Expects iPad to Fall to 20 to 30 Percent Tablet Market Share Soon / News Corp Believed to be Staffing Up Its Tablet-Based News Operation / Apple Patent Describes Dual OS iMac with Touchscreen / Apple Patents Easily Blown Out of Proportion Security Tech for Mobile Devices / Engadget Says Developer Kit for Windows Phone 7 Should Be FInalized in Mid-September / Microsoft Says WinPhone 7 Developer Tools Downloaded Over 300k Times So Far / Opposition to Demolition of Jackling House Apparently Withdrawn

Direct download: macosken100824.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2010

Apple CEO Says Fix Still Coming for iPhone 3Gs Running iOS4 / Apple Insider Says Apple Testing New iPad and New iPod Touch and New Something Else in Latest iOS beta / Analysts Kick Around 7-inch iPad Rumor / Analysts See Shorter Wait Times for iPad / Bloomberg Says BlackPad from RIM May Not Use BlackBerry OS / HP Says webOS Tablet to Hit in Early 2011 / LG Marketing Dude Says LG Optimus Will Beat the iPad in Function and Desirability / Rumor Has Google Launching Chrome OS Tablet for Holiday 2010 Sale / Forrester Sees Interest in Tablets Beyond the iPad / RIM Reportedly Eyeing Mobile Ad Network Acquisition / Apple to Shutter Quattro Wireless at the End of September / KT Hits Server Trouble on First Day of iPhone 4 Orders in South Korea / Apple Updates iTunes Terms and Conditions to Address Volume Purchase Program for Apps / iPad Magazine Subscriptions Appear Closer than Ever / Second Build of Next Snow Leopard Update Seeded to Developers / Singaporean Exec Steps Aside in Wake of Comedia del Kickback / SmileOnMyMac Shortens Name to Smile with Growing Importance of iThings

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Alex fills in but not very well.

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Mac OS Ken: 08.18.2010

Rumor has China Unicom Securing Deals to Sell iPhone 4 and iPad / More Asian Suppliers Talk Comedia del Kickback / Macworld UK Focuses on Alleged Roll of Pegatron Manager in Comedia del Kickback / Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks iPads May Be Cannibalizing Macs / Needham and Company Analyst Says Apple iBookstore May Have Helped Amazon Kindle Business Model / Barnes and Noble Makes Nook App for iPhone and Updates iPad App / 7-Inch iPad Rumor Returns / Apple Ships Snow Leopard Graphics Update Aimed at Games / Midday Tuesday and Things Look Awful for BlackBerry Torch 9800 / End of Day Tuesday and Things Look a Bit Better for BlackBerry Torch 9800 / Microsoft Focuses on Games for Windows Phone 7 / World of Apple Looks at the Overheating iPad Class Action Suit / PA School Will Not Face Federal Charges in MacBook Spying Case / A Number of Pink Floyd Albums Disappear from Online Stores / Mac OS Ken: Live Goes Live Every Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

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Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2010

Munster Says Strong 4Q Guidance from Apple May Still Be Conservative / Munster Keeps Plucking the Apple HDTV Chicken / Asustek Lowers Netbook Sales Numbers Thanks to Competition from iPad / Boy Genius Report Sees Hints at CDMA iPhone and iPad II in iOS 4 Code / New Survey Finds Lots of Verizon Customers Waiting for an iPhone from Big Red / iPhone Pre-Orders for South Korea Begin 18 August for September Delivery / Former Apple Employee Pleads Not Guilty in Kickback Case / Pegatron Subsidiary May Have Participated in Kickback Scheme / Burning iPod nano Delays Japanese Commuter Train / Apple Reportedly Giving Support Forums a Social Network Spin / Sony Mocks iOS Games and Gamers in New PSP Ad / FedEx Driver Held Up by Co-Workers for Apple Deliveries / Adobe Fixes Buggy Photoshop iPad App / Adobe CEO Says His Company is Through Fighting with Apple

Direct download: macosken100817.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.16.2010

ChangeWave Survey Looks at iPhone 4 Owners and A T and T / Apple Insider Says Apple Discussion Forums Appeared Hacks Over the Weekend / Apple Hires Near Field Communications Dude for Mobile Commerce Division / Apple Employee Indicted on Charges of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering and Sued for Taking Bribes and Kickbacks / Apple Adds Restrictions for Multiplayer Games to Game Center beta / Apple Seeds First Developer Build of Next Snow Leopard Update / WSJ Says Apple Has Trouble Out of the Gate with iAds / Technologizer Harry McCracken Rounds Up 32 iPad Competitors in the Works / ITV Rumored to be Upset Over Rumored iTV / MySpace Fires Up Free Music Video App for iPad

Direct download: macosken100816.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.13.2010

Gartner Says Android Overtakes iPhone and BlackBerry in the US / Munster Says US iPhone 4 Supply Improving but Still Sparse / Google Intros Strengthened Voice Search and Chrome-to-Phone for Android / Early Advertiser and App Reviews Look Good for iAds / Bernstein Research Wants Apple to Share Its Billions in Cash with Investors / HP Confirms Windows 7 and webOS Slates / Reg Hardware Says RIM to Debut BlackPad in November / Japan Cool with Apple After Addressing First-Gen iPod Issues / Apple Releases Brightness Fix for Recent 21.5-inch iMacs / Apple Sued for Patent Infringement in iThings / Adobe Update Photoshop iOS App with New Name and iPad Support / Engadget Says Apple Rechargeable Batteries Look to be Sanyo Eneloops in an Apple Wrapper

Direct download: macosken100813.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.12.2010

All Things D Stirs September Apple Event Rumors / Gruber Stokes Talk of CDMA iPhone in Early 2011 / Engadget Renews and Adds to New Apple TV Rumors / Apple Updates iOS to Address Security Vulnerabilities / Apple Replacing Overheating First-Gen nanos in Japan with New First-Gen nanos / Analyst Says Average Smartphone User Consuming 230MB Data Per Month / Microsoft Restoring VBA to Excell 2011 for Mac / Google to Show New Features for Android Today / Reports Says Covent Garden Store Seeing Lines to Get in Four Days Later / RIM Adds Native Support for Podcasts to BlackBerry Line / Links to Apps Discussed on Mac OS Ken: Live 08.11.2010 at

Direct download: macosken100812.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.11.2010

New York Post Says EC Joins FTC in Investigating Apple App Store / Germany Urges Officials to Drop BlackBerry in Addition to iPhone / JP Morgan Analyst Says PC Shipments Fell Off a Cliff in July / Apple Enables Volume Pricing of Apps for Educational Institutions / Microsoft Updates XML Converter and Office for Mac 2004 and 2008 / Dell Streak to Launch This Friday the 13th / Gruber Adds Weight to iPod Touch Camera Talk / UK Survey of BlackBerry Users Shows Lack of Faith in Torch and BlackPad / Engadget Hears Rumors of webOS Tablet from HP in Q1 of 2011 / Plastic Logic Abandons Plans for First-Gen QUE ProReader / Motorola Mobility CEO Talks Potential Growth of iPhone Carriers in the States / Tune in for Mac OS Ken Live - 10PM EDT/7PM PDT Every Wednesday on

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Mac OS Ken: 08.10.2010

Needham Analyst Ups Apple Price Target on Better Than Expected Sales of iThings / Nielsen Examines the iPad/iPhone Halo / Apple Licenses Liquidmetal Technologies IP / Apple Taking Orders for New Mac Pros / Fortune Pokes a Hole in Chowdhry Freshmen Mac Numbers / Microsoft Adds PC Versus Mac Section to Windows 7 Website / Electronista Says Dell Plays Dirty in Mac Comparisons / A T and T Giving U-Verse Subscribers Access to Shows Via iPhone and BlackBerry Torch / Market Researcher Says A T and T Could Be Top US Carrier by Next Year / Apple and RIM Squeezing Out Midrange Phone Makers / Wired Details Cat and Mouse Games in Apple Stores / HP Loses Another Transplanted Palm

Direct download: macosken100810.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.09.2010

Latest iOS beta Adds Ability to Initiate FaceTime Calls by Email Address / Rumor of Apple iPod Event Next Week / BMO Analyst Sees Significant Refresh of MacBook Air and iPod Line / A T and T Says it Sees No Big Loss When it Loses iPhone Exclusivity / TechCrunch Scribe Sees Verizon iPhone for January 2011 / iPhone Hardware Exec Mark Papermaster No Longer Employed by Apple / Daring Fireball Source Says Knowledge of iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Predates Papermaster Tenure at Apple / WSJ: Papermaster and Apple an Ill Fit / HP CEO Resigns at Request of Board of Directors / Best Buy Exec Hints at Best Buy Tablet to Compete with iPad / Japan Orders Apple to Replace Batteries in Some First-Gen iPod nanos / NTT DoCoMo to Officially Support iPhone Unofficially Later This Month / Ono Says No Beatles on iTunes Anytime Soon / Apple Turns on Genius Recommendations for iPad Apps

Direct download: macosken100809.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.06.2010

WSJ: China Unicom to Start Sales of WiFi-Enabled iPhones Next Week / Smartphones: iSuppli Says Android Installs will Top iOS Installs by 2012 / CNN Money Looks at the Importance of Apps to Smartphone Platforms / Google Re-Intros Nexus One as Developer-Only Unit / Global Equities Analyst Downgrades Microsoft on Competition from Mac / iLounge Secret Source Spouts Four Apple Hardware Rumors / Ars Technica Pokes Holes in the iLounge Rumors / Parts Leak Indicate FaceTime Camera for Upcoming iPod Touch / Rumor Has Apple Eyeing Chinese Internet App Company / Amazon Adds Free Word Games for Kindle / Amazon Opens UK Kindle Store / Offers Video Tour of Covent Garden Apple Store / Dish Network Plans to Bring Streaming to iThings (with Special Hardware Requirements)

Direct download: macosken100806.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.05.2010

iPhone Dev Team Releases Unlock for iPhone 4 / Germany Warns Against Exploit Potential in iOS / CNET Says Apple Has Fix for iOS Vulnerability Ready to Go / EC Disses BlackBerry for iPhones and HTC Handsets / ChangeWave Survey Shows Less Satisfied with A T and T than with iPhone 4 Antenna / A T and T Launches WiFi Hot Zone in Chicago / iDigital Says iPad Should Be on Sale in Israel within a Few Weeks / iPad Receives First Approval for Sale in China / Apple Authorized Reseller Opens in Ipswich Next Weekend / News Corp CEO Praises Tablets and the Future of News (Again)

Direct download: macosken100805.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.04.2010

CNET Says iOS4 Jailbreak Points to Potential Security Issue in the OS / Forrester Says Current iPhone and iPad Operating Systems Secure Enough for Most Big Businesses / iPhone 4 Gets Approval for Sale in South Korea (After Five Day Wait) / Apple Seeds Third Beta of iOS 4.1 to Developers / AppleInsider Sees Evidence of Camera for Next Version of iPad / Engadget Finds a Flaw in AppleInsider Evidence of Camera for iPad (Though They Too Think the Next iPad Will Have a Camera) / News Corp CEO Sings Praises of Tablets for News / First iPad Issue of Glamour Hits the App Store / Future of Cloud-based Music Service from Apple Gets Cloudier / RIM Tries at iPhone Space with BlackBerry Torch 9800 / CNET Looks at How and Why the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Became and A T and T Exclusive / Posterous CEO Gives Sneak Peek into Inner Workings of Apple / Some T-Life Stores Reportedly Gouging iPhone 4 Buyers / Join Mac OS Ken: Live - Live Every Wednesday Night 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

Direct download: macosken100804.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2010

Deutsche Bank Analyst Makes Case for Counting iPad as Computer When Counting Computers / NetApplications Says Mac OS X Loses Market Share to Windows in July / Microsoft Announces Pricing and Upgrades for Office for Mac 2011 / Canalys Has Android Phones Gorwing 886 Percent Worldwide and 851 Percent in the States / Nielsen Says Android Sales Beat iPhoen Sales in June Quarter Ahead of iPhone 4 Launch / Foxconn Reportedly Building New Factory Dedicated to iPhone Production / iPhone Dev Team Fixes MMS and FaceTime for Jailbroken iPhone 4s / Microsoft to Roll Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Phones in Europe in October Followed by the States in November / Amazon Exec Questions Apple Share of the eBook Market / Connecticut AG Investigating Apple and Amazon and eBook Pricing / CNET Wonders Over What the Connecticut AG is NOT Looking Into / BBC Testing iPads and Other Tablets Across the Organization / Leicester City Council Wants iPads for Everyone (on the Council) / Apple Updates Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Software to Support Eight More Cameras

Direct download: macosken100803.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 08.02.2010

Canadian Carrier Rogers Sees Activation Troubles on iPhone 4 Day / Report: New Zealand Gets iPhone 4 Late and Sell Out Early / iPhone Dev Team Releases Easy Jailbreak for All iOS Devices / Mobile Safari Sees Market Share Rise Post iPhone 4 Launch / French iPhone Carrier Advises Against Upgrading iPhone 3G to iOS4 / Apple Running Some of its Own Location-based Services for iOS Devices / Apple Pulls Competitor Phone Videos from Antenna Info Page / Apple Settles One Patent Suit As Another One Rises / Android Wallpaper App Developer Defends Against Malware Accusation / MacRumors Says Mac Pros to Be Available for Order on August 9 / Apple Store Covent Garden to Open Saturday at 10AM / Report: RIM to Launch iPad Competitor in November / Samsung iPad Competitor Could Hit in as Little as Two Weeks / 150-Dollar Android Tablet Shows Up at KMart / News Corp Reportedly Considering Tablet-Centric News Offering

Direct download: macosken100802.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 07.30.2010

Softbank CEO Praises iPhone and iPad on Latest Quarterly Earnings Call / Telstra Gives iPhone 4 High Marks - Especially with a Bumper or Case / Norwegian Newspaper Praises iPhone 4 and Harshes on A T and T Over Antenna Issues / A T and T Ranked Second in Wireless Customer Service / Lookout Says Data Stealing Android Wallpaper App Not Quite as Scary as Reported / Lookout Says More Free Apps In Apple’s App Store Invade Privacy Than Free Apps in Android Marketplace / Ballmer versus Analysts on Microsoft versus iPad / Nintendo Reports First Loss in Two Years / FCC Site Shows 3G-Enabled Case for iPod touch with Sprint Branding / Amazon Updates Kindle App for iThings / Apple Looks for Truly Amazing Person to Do Truly Amazing Things with Mac OS X / Japan Demands Answers from Apple Over 5-year-old Overheating iPod nanos / iFixit Breaks a Magic Trackpad

Direct download: macosken100730.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 07.29.2010

Apple Opens Extensions and Extensions Gallery with Safari Update / Apple Issues Security Fixes in Safari 5.0.1 and Safari 4.1.1 for Tiger / Comet Starts Selling iPad in the UK / John Lewis Starts Selling iPad in the UK / T-Mobile and 3 to Start iPhone Sales in the UK this Friday / Motorola Swipes at iPhone 4 with No Jacket Required Ad for Droid X / Apple Investigating iPhone 3G Issues After Upgrading to iOS4 / Apple Opens iAd to App Advertising / All Things D Looks at the Vexing World of Magazine Subscriptions for iPad / Apple Agrees to Honor Mac mini Orders at Accidental Markdown / Analytics Firm Says if the iPad Were a Computer Apple Would Be a Top Five Computer Maker if the iPad Were a Computer / Amazon Unveils 3rd Gen Kindles / Security Researchers Highlight Data Stealing Wallpaper App for Android at Black Hat Conference / Please Subscribe to my new podcast - Search for Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

Direct download: macosken100729.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 07.28.2010

Apple Updates iMac Line / Apple Updates Mac Pro Line / Apple Unveils New 30-inch LED Cinema Display / Apple Releases Magic Trackpad / Apple Ships Software Updates for Magic Trackpad Compatibility / Many Apple Laptops Get New Gestures for Trackpad to Match Magic Trackpad / Apple Releases New Battery Charger for Desktop Peripherals / UBS Analyst Likes New Macs and Peripherals for Back-to-School / Apple Sued Over Overheating iPads / Cult of Mac Has Apple Still Encouraging People to Not Jailbreak iPhones / Harvard Law Professor Says Trafficking in iPhone Hacks Not Exactly Legal / O2 and Vodafone Extend Return Time for iPhone 4 / Yankee Group Analysts Clears the Air on iPhone versus Android Loyalty / First Android Phone G1 Reaches End of Life / RIM and A T and T to Host Joint Press Event Next Tuesday / A T and T Tells PC World It Will Be the Premier Windows Phone 7 Carrier / Apple to Open Downtown Philadelphia Store This Friday at 5pm / Mac OS Ken: Live - Presented by Drobo-maker Data Robotics - Tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on / Find Out More About the Drobo at

Direct download: macosken100728.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 07.27.2010

Sudden Inescapable Buzz Around New Apple Hardware Today / TiVo Stock Spikes on Apple TV Rumor / French Site Says New iLife Suite on August 7 / Jailbreaking and Unlocking Smartphones Now Legal Under DMCA Exemption / EFF Celebrates Jailbreaking Changes / Silicon Alley Insider Says Jailbreak Rules Changes Only Applicable to Niche iPhone Users / iPhone 4 to Hit 17 More Countries This Friday / WSJ Says SKorea Upset at Not Getting iPhone 4 This Weekend / Apple Ships the First of the Free iPhone 4 Bumpers / Citi Sees Security Issue with Old Banking App / Apple Faces Trouble Over Pricing Mistake on Website in Taiwan / A T and T Launches Second WiFi Hotzone in Charlotte-NC / A T and T Says Alcatel-Lucent Fix for HSUPA Upload Speeds Coming in 2 to 3 Weeks / Apple and 12 Other Sued Over Display Patents / Microsoft Tapping beta Testers for Office for Mac 2011 / HMV Launches New Download Service to Compete with iTunes in UK

Direct download: macosken100727.mp3
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Mac OS Ken: 07.26.2010

Apple Pushes Shipment of White iPhone 4 to Later this Year / Apple Releases App for Free iPhone 4 Case Program / Apple Emails Recipients of iPhone 4 Bumper Refunds / Apple Posts Death Grip Demo Video of Motorola Droid X / Microsoft Becomes ARM Licensee / HTC Plans UI Augmentation for Windows Phone 7 / HP Confirms No More Windows-based Smartphones / Engadget Says WP7 Phone from HTC Spotted Without Sense UI / Yankee Group Survey Shows iOS Beating Android in Terms of Platform Stickiness / Apple Issues Update for Recently Updated iBooks App / Apple Opens Newsstand Section of App Store Aimed at iPad / News Corp Exec Sees Tablets as a Do-Over for Online News / Apple Releases Xcode 4 Developer 2 Preview / MacRumors Sees Possible Signs of Mac Pro Update / Experian Hitwise Says Apple Top Electronics Site in Hong Kong / Apple Tops Laptop Tech Support in 2010 Laptop Magazine Survey

Direct download: macosken100726.mp3
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