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Mac OS Ken: 12.09.2010

Bernstein Analyst Keeps on Keeping on Calling for Apple to Pay Dividends / Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Ups Apple Target to 390-Dollars / Interpret Says iOS Poised to Dominate Handheld Gaming / Apple Drops Prices on Refurbished iPads / Apple Drops Appeal in OPTi Patent Infringement Loss / The Loop Says the Mac App Store Will Launch in January of 2011 / European Wireless Carriers Want Content Providers to Share Network Upgrade Costs / RIM Co-CEO Praises Choices Made for PlayBook Versus iPad / RIM Giving PlayBook App Developers a Free PlayBook / Rubin Tweets Google Activating 300k Android Phones Per Day / Nokia Exec Praises iPhone and Disses Reality Distortion Field / Apple Releases Software Update for MacBook Air / Microsoft Updates Office 2008 for Mac with Security and Stability Fixes / iOS App Promo Codes Go Global / Reports Say Apple is Emailing Some iTunes Customers Free Movie Rental Coupons / Fortune Says China Nabs iThing Smuggling Housewives / MarketWatch Dubs Steve Jobs CEO of the Decade / Data Robotics Would Like to Ask You About Data Storage and Podcasting at

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