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Mac OS Ken: 11.05.2010

Boonana Trojan Variant Discovered in the Wild / Gartner VP Urges CEOs to Adopt iPad in Their Businesses / ARM CEO Stoked About Tablets and ARM Dominance in Them / Seattle PI Has Microsoft Exec Saying Tablets are Cannibalizing Netbooks / BGR Says Apple Quietly Looking Into MacBook Air Issues / Benchmarks Indicate Adobe Flash Sapping MacBook Air Battery-Life / Apple Reportedly Expanding Offices in NYC for iAd Staff / iAds Apparently Rolling Out on a Worldwide Basis / iOS 4.2 to Bring Full MIDI Support to iThings / iPhoto 11 Update Returns Calendars and Adds New Letterpress Card Themes / Apple Seeding 10.6.6 beta to Developers Ahead of 10.6.5 Release / Apple Ships HP Printer Driver Update / Apple Sends Out Reminder Email About Ping / Deutsche Telekom Bemoans Lack of iPhone for TMobile USA / Apple Patents Interactive iPhone Gaming System / Jobs 17th Most Powerful Person on Forbes Super Power List 2010

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