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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2010

Apple Launching iPhone 4 in China and Opening Two New Stores in China on Saturday / Fortune Says Next to No One Shows Up for iPad in China / Apple Insider on Day One of iPad in China / Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees iPads and Tablets Hurting Notebook Growth / Analysts Argue Over the Current Effect of the iPad on PC Sales / DigiTimes Says Component Suppliers Validating 2nd-Gen iPad Parts with Apple for 1Q 2011 Release / Microsoft Games Exec Says Sales of Kinect will Blow Away Sales of iPad / Engadget Spots Windows 7 Tablet Available for Pre-Order / WSJ Says Apple and Others Near Agreement on Non-Poaching Deals / GV Connect Live (Again) on the App Store / Bloomberg Echoes SJ Merc Report of Digital Newsstand for iThings / Apple Starts Sales of 27-Inch LED Cinema Display / Warner Bros. Entertainment Exec Dismisses 99-Cent TV Show Rentals on iTunes / TechCrunch Says Facebook is Working on a Facebook Phone / Facebook Says It Is Not Building a Phone (Which No One Else Says They Are Either) / Microsoft Says It Nixed Verizon WinPhone 7s for Launch to Concentrate on GSM Network Phones / RIM to Stop Reporting Subscriber Numbers in 2011 / Apple Fastest Growing Brand in Interbrand Global 2010 Study

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