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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2010

Apple CEO Says Fix Still Coming for iPhone 3Gs Running iOS4 / Apple Insider Says Apple Testing New iPad and New iPod Touch and New Something Else in Latest iOS beta / Analysts Kick Around 7-inch iPad Rumor / Analysts See Shorter Wait Times for iPad / Bloomberg Says BlackPad from RIM May Not Use BlackBerry OS / HP Says webOS Tablet to Hit in Early 2011 / LG Marketing Dude Says LG Optimus Will Beat the iPad in Function and Desirability / Rumor Has Google Launching Chrome OS Tablet for Holiday 2010 Sale / Forrester Sees Interest in Tablets Beyond the iPad / RIM Reportedly Eyeing Mobile Ad Network Acquisition / Apple to Shutter Quattro Wireless at the End of September / KT Hits Server Trouble on First Day of iPhone 4 Orders in South Korea / Apple Updates iTunes Terms and Conditions to Address Volume Purchase Program for Apps / iPad Magazine Subscriptions Appear Closer than Ever / Second Build of Next Snow Leopard Update Seeded to Developers / Singaporean Exec Steps Aside in Wake of Comedia del Kickback / SmileOnMyMac Shortens Name to Smile with Growing Importance of iThings

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