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Mac OS Ken: 08.06.2010

WSJ: China Unicom to Start Sales of WiFi-Enabled iPhones Next Week / Smartphones: iSuppli Says Android Installs will Top iOS Installs by 2012 / CNN Money Looks at the Importance of Apps to Smartphone Platforms / Google Re-Intros Nexus One as Developer-Only Unit / Global Equities Analyst Downgrades Microsoft on Competition from Mac / iLounge Secret Source Spouts Four Apple Hardware Rumors / Ars Technica Pokes Holes in the iLounge Rumors / Parts Leak Indicate FaceTime Camera for Upcoming iPod Touch / Rumor Has Apple Eyeing Chinese Internet App Company / Amazon Adds Free Word Games for Kindle / Amazon Opens UK Kindle Store / Offers Video Tour of Covent Garden Apple Store / Dish Network Plans to Bring Streaming to iThings (with Special Hardware Requirements)

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