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Mac OS Ken: 07.22.2010

Analysts Go Nuts for Apple Post 3Q Earnings / UBS Analyst Surprised by Strong Apple Guidance for 4Q / Apple Adds Nokia Phone to Smartphone Death Grip Example Page / Verizon and Motorola to Replace Small Number of Dysfunctional Droid X Units / Designers Seek to Heal Antennagate Problems with Antenna-Aids / Cult of Mac Source Says Good Chance of iPhone for T-Mobile USA This Quarter / iSuppli Nearly Doubles iPad Sales Expectations for CY2010 / Apple and Frito Lay and 34 Other Companies Sued Over Alleged  Spam Filter Patent Violation / Apple Promotes VP of Operations to SVP of Operations / Skype Updates iPhone App with Multitasking Support and No Charge for Skype-to-Skype 3G Calls / Secret Tethering App Sneaks Into App Store

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