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Mac OS Ken: 02.25.2015

- IDC Confirms Android as Sun, iOS as Moon, Everyone Else as Dust

- Chase Says Over One-Million Customers Have Turned On to Apple Pay

- Visa Europe Lays Technological Ground for Apple Pay

- Apple Ordered to Pay Half-A-Billion-Dollars to Patent Troll Smartflash

- Morgan Stanley Analysts Think Apple Could Grow Into Cars from Inside Out

- Daimler Chairman Dismissive of Apple Car Talk

- Pebble Goes Back to Kickstarter to Launch New Smartwatch

- Pebble Time Raises One-Million-Dollars in First Hour

- iOS 8.3 Beta Reveals Ethnically Diverse Emoji

- The Daily Mail: Some Asians Offended by Yellow Emoji

- Business Insider: Yellow Emoji Are Not Asian

- FTC Faults Apps That Claim to Diagnose Skin Cancer

- Modern Family Episode Shot with iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6; Takes Place on Mac Desktop Learn Apple software, plus business and creative skills, from easy-to-follow video tutorials at

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