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Mac OS Ken: 12.03.2014

- Canaccord Ups Apple Target to 135-Dollars on iPhone Strength

- B of A Merrill Lynch Ups Apple Target to 130-Dollars

- JMP Analyst Hot on Apple for Holidays

- Parks Associates: Chromecast Shoves Apple TV into Third in Set-Side Streamers

- Munster Keeps Banging the Apple Television Drum

- IDC: Chromebooks Beat iPads in 3Q2014 Sales to U.S. Schools

- LA Unified School District Officially Kills iPad Program; Hand Documents Over to Feds

- The Stuff Speaks Ahead of the Apple eBook Appeal

- Apple Opening Toledo Store This Weekend; Reopening Portland Store

- Russian Steve Jobs Memorial Up for Sale

- Get your FREE TRIAL of EYE Chart Magazine on iOS Newsstand today!

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