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Mac OS Ken: 06.06.2013

Barrons: Financial Analyst Reactions to USITC Ruling for Samsung Against Apple Were Mostly Meh

Bloomberg: Apple and THX Move to Settle Patent Litigation Out of Court

British Airways Adds Passbook Integration to Its iOS App

Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update for Squishing Bugs

Apple Issues Minor Aperture Update for Squishing Bugs

eBook Trial: Former Apple Lawyer Says Company Was Interested in Making the Best Store for eBooks, Not Raising eBook Prices

eBook Trial: Terms of Apple Most Favored Nation Clauses Varied with Each Publisher

eBook Trial: Penguin Group USA CEO Says Apple COuld Take or Leave eBooks Ahead of iBookstore Launch

eBook Trial: Simon and Schuster CEO Says Apple Deal Did Not Force Change to Sales Deal with Amazon

eBook Trial: Penguin, Simon and Schuster Says Amazon was Belligerent and Threatening About Move Away from Wholesale eBook Pricing

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