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Mac OS Ken: 04.23.2013

WSJ: Hey! Maybe Apple is a Software-Hardware Hybrid!

Fortune: The Case Against the Cases Against Tim Cook

Apple Earnings Call Set for Tuesday 23 April at 2PM PDT/5PM EDT

Rumor: Citi Analyst Says Next iPhone “Delayed” to August or September Due to Production Issues

Rumor: The Register Says Apple Has Returned Between 5-Million and 8-Million iPhones to Foxconn as Unfit to Sell

Cricket Lowers iPhone Service Prices in Wake of T-Mobile USA iPhone Launch

9 to 5 Mac: $15 Checks in AntennaGate Case Are in the Mail

USITC Rules in Favor of Apple in Last Complaint Brought by Motorola

Apple Pledges $8 Million to Earthquake Relief in Wake of Saturday Earthquake in China

Apple Sponsoring Lennon Educational Tour Bus (Still)

Flashback: Lennon Educational Tour Bus Rolls Into Macworld 2005

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