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Mac OS Ken: 03.07.2013

comScore: Apple Widens Lead on Samsung in Smartphone Sales in the States; Second-Place iOS Grows While Others Shrink

Ads Say iPhone 5 Headed to Utah-Based Regional Carrier Strata Networks

Citigroup Analyst Lowers Apple Target to $480 on iThing Concerns

Berenberg Bank Analyst Cuts Apple Target from $800 to $360 (and Should Probably Not Be Listened to About Apple)

Barclays Analyst Expects Growth Drivers for Apple in H2CY2013; Lowers Apple Target to $530

Fortune: Bullish Cross-Inspired Losses Could Reach Into the Billions

Samsung Buys Three-Percent Stake in Sharp

Samsung Investment in Sharp Creates Tighter Tangle in Apple Supply Chain

Apple Seeks to Have Case Calling the App Store a Monopoly Dismissed

Nokia Supports Apple Argument in Friend of the Court Brief Regarding Samsung Case

Apple Stuff to Hit Shelves at Staples in the US by End of March

News Corp Announces K-12 Curricula for Existing Tablets as Well as a Tablet Aimed at Public Schools

The Verge: Vulnerability Found to Allow Access to Passcode Protected Samsung Galaxy S III

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