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Mac OS Ken: 08.19.2013

iPhone or iPad: Which is Right for Your Persona?

Forrester: Information Workers Wants Keyboards for Their Tablets

IDC Lowers Sales Expectations for Touchscreen Laptops

Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update

Apple Seeds Second Beta of iTunes 11.1 to Developers

Apple Apparently Upping iOS Developer Test Device Limit from 100 to 200

Apple Encourages Developers of Kids Apps to Designate Specific Age Ratings

Apple Hangs Socially Responsible Help Wanted Signs in China

MG Siegler Hears Apple and Television Rumors for 2013

Jobs Movie Reviews: Kutcher Hits, Script and Direction Miss

Two Early Apple Employees Comment on Jobs Movie (And One Actually Saw It!)

Woz Cannot Recommend Jobs Movie

Jobs Film in Seventh-Place in Opening Weekend Sales

Apple Running Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theaters Across the States

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