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Oct 8, 2021

- Dutch Authorities Deem App Store In-App Purchase Structure Anticompetitive

- Paddle Presents Itself as In-App Purchase Alternative

- Japan’s FTC Investigating Apple and Google Over OS Dominance Issues

- Multinational Taxes in Ireland Likely Headed to 15%

- iPhone 13 Lands in More Countries

- SellCell Survey Sees Disappointment from Respondents in iPhone 13

- Latest Round of Apple Betas Out to Public Testers

- Classes Underway at Detroit Apple Developer Academy

- Apple TV+ App Lands on 2016/2017 webOS LG Smart TVs

- Apple Picks Up “Foundation” for Second Season

- Apple TV+ Posts First Trailer for “The Afterparty”

- “Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show” Shows Up in Early November

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