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Apr 30, 2020

- Apple and Google Release First Seed of Contact Tracing API

- Apple Releases Third (or First) iOS 13.5 (or 13.4.5) Beta

- iOS 13.5 COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Come with an “Off” Switch

- Poll: Less Than Half of U.S. Can and Will Use Contact Tracing App

- iOS 13.5 Beta Lets Masked Users Skip Face ID


Apr 29, 2020

- 13 Apple Stores That Could Open This Weekend (But Probably Won’t)

- Apple Maps Now Highlights COVID-19 Testing Locations

- Smartphone Hackers Push Products to Track People with COVID-19

- Apple Settles Class Action FaceTime Suit for $18M

- Apple Brings Dark Mode, More Support to Support App

- Australia’s Westpac...

Apr 28, 2020

- Apple Retail Chief Expects More Stores to Reopen in May

- WSJ: 2020 Flagship iPhones Running a Month Behind

- JP Morgan: Buy AAPL on Weakness Associated with Earnings Call

- Cowen & Co Sees iPhone Growth for Second-Half of 2020

- WarnerMedia Says HBO Max Will Integrate with Apple’s TV App from Launch

- App Store...

Apr 27, 2020

- J.P. Morgan: Lead Times Slip for iPhone SE

- Counterpoint: iPhone Does Well in India as Smartphones Stumble

- Morgan Stanley Expects Strong June-Quarter Guidance from Apple

- Apple and Google Tweak Contact Tracing API

- Germany Chooses Decentralized Approach to Contact Tracing

- For Sale: 1979 Porsche Race Car...

Apr 24, 2020

- Report: Apple/Google Contact Tracing API Ready Next Week

- Morgan Stanley: Happy Days (and Pollution) Are in the Supply Chain Again

- Wedbush Wants iPhone 5G Guidance from Apple

- Apple Giving Support, Leeway to Retailers in India

- Targeted Mail Vulnerabilities Spotted in iOS

- Character Bug Can Crashes Apple...