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Oct 4, 2021

- Waits Lengthen for iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max

- Apple Shuts Down Logic Board Repair Program for iPhone 8

- Apple Fixes a Few Bugs with iOS 15.0.1

- Apple Fixes Lock Screen Bypass, Bypassing Researcher Who Found It

- Three-Zero-Days Revealed by illusionofcha0s Remain Unpatched

- Mixpanel: iOS 15 Adoption Significantly Slower That iOS 14 Last Year

- Apple Connected Lobbying Groups Fight to Stop Biden Budget

- United, Apple Health App Play Nice for Traveler COVID-19 Vaccine Status

- Deadline: Apple Gives “Mr. Corman” a Pink Slip

- Apple TV+ Teases “Swagger” Ahead of 29 October Premier

- Announcements Around Apple TV+ Spy Film “Argylle”

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