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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.

Morgan Stanley Names Apple One of 15 Stocks to Own for Next 12-Months

A-Series Processor Production Reportedly Shifts from Samsung to TSMC

Ming-Chi Kuo Says iWatch Production Shifts to November

iTunes Extras Hit Apple TV

Report: Roku Sales and Usage Beating Apple TV in the States

FTC Targets Amazon Over In-App Purchase Issues

Apple Tried to Get FTC to Pursue In-App Purchase Issues with Google

MonkeyParking Suspends SF Operations

Plague Inc. Catches Simian Flu

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IDC Thinks iPad is Snacking on Macs

NPD Thinks Phablets Will Eat Into Sales of Mini Tablets

Chitika: Early Yosemite Testing Up 4x Over Early Mavericks Testing

Adobe Issues Critical Patch for Flash Player

Siri Likely Headed to Court in China

Report Says Foxbots will Help People, Not Replace Them

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UBS Analyst: Apple Growth May Slow in China (Eventually)

Bloomberg: Chinese Regulators Demand Subsidy Cuts from Carriers (Eventually)

Flurry: Xiaomi Users More Engaged Than iPhone Users in China (Right Now)

Apple Snags Two Former Nike FuelBand Workers

Apple Maps Lead Reportedly Leaving for Uber

Apple Replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps on

Apple and Google Ordered to Fix Refund Policies in South Korea

Apple Opens Factory Outlet eBay Store for iPhone 5 Models

Apple to Open Fourth Store in Switzerland on 12 July

Apple Strikes Retail Partnership for Saudi Arabia

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Apple Ends Monday at Split-Adjusted 52-Week High

Apple Up to No. 15 on Fortune Global 500

Jefferies and Co Samsung Analyst High on Apple

Apple Seeds Third Builds of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 to Testers

Munster: iOS Still Dominant for Mobile Surfing in the States

Foxconn CEO Says Foxbots in Final Testing Stage

Finnish PM Says Steve Jobs Took Finnish Jobs

Apple Posts Video Highlighting Pride Participation

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comScore: iPhone Accounts for 42-Percent of U.S. Cellphone Market

Service Offers to Unlock iPhone Activation Locks (for Good Girls and Boys Only)

Nielsen: Music Streaming Up and Sales Down for U.S. in 2014

Missionaries of LDS Church to Tote iPads

Apple Selling Unlocked Cellular iPads in Japan

Apple Issues Security Updates for Lion and Mountain Lion

Apple Wiping CloudKit Data Today

Apple Reportedly Snags TAG Heuer Sales Director

LeVar Burton Sees a Reading Rainbow on Apple TV

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Evercore Analyst Ups Apple Target to 115-Dollars

UBS Analyst Sees Voice Messaging as Key Function of iWatch

Wells Fargo Analyst Expects Record iPhone Sales for June Quarter

Apple Drops AIM Support for Older Names on Older OS Versions

Apple Shipping Security Lock Adaptor for Mac Pro

Looking for Mr. Coffee: Apple Hiring iCup Technician

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RW Baird Analyst Ups Apple Target

Kantar: Bigger Samsung Galaxy S5 Fails to Beat Older and Smaller iPhone Line

Trade-In Value of iPhone 5 Drops at Apple Retail

Refreshed 16GB iPod Touch Goes Global

Apple Adds Time to AppleCare+ Decision for iPhone and iPad

New Look for Signage Inside Apple Stores

Nine More Carmakers Putting CarPlay Behind the Wheel

Apple Issues Minor Update for iMovie for Mac

Google Buys Music Streamer Songza for Undisclosed Sum

Apple Retakes Top of Barrons Respected Companies List

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Apple Launches Annual Back-to-School Promotion

iTunes U Getting Major Update Next Week

iPad Roll Reduced in L.A. Unified School District

Apple 3QFY2014 Earnings Release Set for 22 July

Apple Issues Security Fixing and Bug Hunting iOS 7.1.2

iOS 7.1.2 Update Tackles 35-Security Issues

Apple Releases Mavericks v10.9.4

Apple Ups Apple TV Software to v6.1.2

Apple Hiring Retail Managers for Six New Cities in China

Google Killing Quickoffice 

#SixSeasonsAndAMovie #BecauseTheInternet 

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Apple Officially Participates in SF Pride Celebration

Apple to Stop Development of Aperture

Apple Updates Pro Video Apps and Music Management App MainStage

Italy Added to Apple Retail iPhone Recycling Program

Company Behind Siri Talks Banking

Two-Year-Old Uses Siri to Call Ambulance for Mom

Monkey Parking Plans to Fight San Francisco

iPhone Turns Seven

Kensington Making Trapper Keeper for Tablets (But Not Really)

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Walmart Drops Prices on Current iPhones


Apple Sells Pre-Paid Plan iPhones at Its Stores in the States


Apple Drops Prices on iPod touch Line


Two Apple Financial Followers Unfazed by Google I/O Demos


Apple Hires Firmware Developer Away from Atlas Wearables


Apple Seeds New 10.9.4 beta to Testers and Developers 


Apple Podcasts App Takes a Thursday Afternoon Nap Learn Apple software, plus business and creative skills, from easy-to-follow video tutorials at

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