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Nov 29, 2021

- News on “Omicron,” the Latest COVID-19 Variant

- Wedbush: Apple Omicron Sell-Off a Buying Opportunity

- Counterpoint Research: October Sales Put iPhone Back on Top in China

- Bloomberg's Gurman: Who Said 2025 for Apple Car?!?

- Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Plans to Replace Smartphones with AR in Next Decade

- Apple Sues NSO Group Over Apple User Surveillance

- Tuesday: Turkish Lira Falls to Historic Lows

- Tuesday: Apple Halts Sales in Turkey After Lira Crash

- Wednesday: Apple Reportedly Turns Shoppers Away from Stores

- Friday: Apple Restarts Sales in Turkey at 25% Markup

- Russia Demands Physical Presence for Apple and Other Foreign Tech Firms

- New Colors of HomePod mini Make More Locations

- Apple TV+ Series “Tehran” Wins Best Drama International Emmy

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