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Nov 19, 2021

- Rumor: Apple Aiming for Self-Driving Car in 2025

- Car Talk Pushes Apple Shares to New Closing High

- Apple Shares Hit New Intraday and Closing Highs

- CNET: Apple Plans to Reopen Offices in February

- Face of #AppleToo Movement Settles and Bounces

- Apple Among Defendants in $750M Astroworld Lawsuit

- Apple Among Defendants in $2B Astroworld Lawsuit

- Apple Appeal Seeks Stay Against Ordered App Store Changes

- Apple Releases watchOS 8.1.1 for Apple Watch Series 7

- Apple Music App Hits Smart TVs from LG

- Report: Scorsese Directing Grateful Dead Biopic for Apple TV+

- Jacki Weaver Joins Apple TV+ Series “Hello Tomorrow!”

- Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues Set for 3 December on Apple TV+

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