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Mar 26, 2021

- BofA/Merrill Lynch Analyst Notes Apple Steps to Grow iPhone

- Consumer Reports Names iPhone 12 Pro Max “Best iPhone”

- Apple Adds Two Pixels and a Galaxy to Its Smartphone Trade-In Program

- Apple Fixes Broken Shortcut Sharing Links

- GlobalData: Apple Tops in A.I. Buys from 2016 Through 2020

- Study: Apple Watch + iPhone Could Assess Frailty in Heart Patients

- Apple Music “Saylists” Help with Speech-Sound Disorder

- Ship Stuck in Suez Could Exacerbate Chip/Electronics Issues

- Apple TV+ Signs Eight-Figure Overall Deal with Tracy Oliver

- Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman Talks to Oprah on Apple TV+

- Apple TV App Features Billie Holiday Theatre Production Filmed at Steve Jobs Theater

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