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Mac OS Ken: 12.02.2015

- Instagram Filters Now Being Applied to Baby Names

- Credit Suisse Calls for Smaller iPhone

- Report: AT&T to Raise Grandfathered Unlimited Data Rates by Five-Dollars

- Wells Fargo Analyst Likes Global Prospects for iPhone Growth

- iOS 9 Adoption Hits 70-Percent

- Adobe Says Cyber Monday Was Another Good Day for Apple

- Wristly Surveys People Dissatisfied with Apple Watch

- British Airways Installing Wrist-Friendly Ticket Scanners at Heathrow Thanks to Apple Watch

- Apple Brings Personal Pickup to Six EU Nations

- Samsung Names New Head of Smartphone Division

- Apple Marks World Aids Day in Stores and Online

- Tim Cook to Receive RFK Ripple of Hope Award

- Drobo: Storage arrays designed to protect your data forever. There’s a special offer waiting for you at!

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