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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2015

9 to 5 Mac Publishes Pics of Alleged iPhone 6s Parts

Rumor: Remote for Rumored Apple TV Update to Include Motion Sensitivity

Mr. Rogers Leaves Beats 1 Neighborhood

Tidal Blames Apple for Drake Stream Takedown: Take 1

Tidal Blames Apple for Drake Stream Takedown: Take 2

Apple Sends Roving Watches Throughout Retail Stores

Apple Moves Non-iOS iPods to Accessories Shelves

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Mac OS Ken: 08.28.2015

Apple Confirms 9 September Event

Code Monkeys Spot Force Touch Reference in iOS 9

The Cult Makes the Case for an iPhone 6c

Apple to Stream 9 September Event (Even to Windows 10 Users)

IDC: Apple Number Two in Wearables with a Bullet

PayAnywhere Mobile Reader for Apple Pay Coming in September

Amazon Puts Out the Fire Phone

Instagram Starts Supporting Formats Besides Square

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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2015

Cook Email to Cramer Suffers from Questionable Timing

Morgan Stanley Stays Bullish on Apple Watch

IDC Thinks iPad Pro Could be 2-in-1 Detachable for No Apparent Reason

Apple Replaces iPad Smart Signs with Apps in Retail Stores

Flurry Looks at the Changing Face of Smartphone Usage

Pew Looks at Why We Use Our Smartphones As We Do

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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2015

Speculation Has Apple Renting Big Auditorium for September Media Event

IDC Sees No Market Share Shift from an iPhone 6c

Wells Fargo Analyst Ups Apple Shares to Outperform

Best Buy Brining Apple Watch to All Stores by End of September

Wristly Survey Looks at Top Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Resurrects Alchemy Synthesizer in Logic Pro Update

Swatch Says One More Thing Was About Columbo, Not Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2015

Tim Cook Tries to Allay Fears Around Apple and China

Bulls Stay Bullish on Apple Stock (Mostly)

Tech Names Takes Worse Hits Than Apple

Cook Email to Cramer May Face SEC Scrutiny

Tim Cook Talks ConnectED on Good Morning America

Tim Cook to Speak at BoxWorks Conference on 29 September

Apple Hires Former Tesla Senior Engineer

CurrentC May Not Launch Until 2016

Swatch CEO Calls Apple Watch an Interesting Toy

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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2015

Circle 9 September for Possible Apple Event

Bloomberg: Wherefore the Subscription Service Stall

The A9 Processor: To Know We Do Not Know...

Stronger Aluminium to Head Off New Round of Bendgate

Apple Replacing Faulty iSight Cameras in Certain iPhone 6 Pluses

Gartner: iPhone Growth Continues While Samsung Sales Slide

Ofcom Says Samsung for Oldsters in UK

Appsee Spots Possible “iPad Pro” in Activity Logs

Ming-Chi Kuo Expects “iPad Pro” with ForceTouch Stylus by End of Year

DigiTimes Says Kuo iPad Pro Schedule Spot On

Apple Expands Third-Party Partnerships for Apple Watch

Fossil Getting Into Smartwatch Game

Swatch Gets European Trademark for Phrase “Think Different”

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Mac OS Ken: 08.21.2015

Easing back into things with a Mac OS Ken feedback edition. 

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Mac OS Ken: 08.13.2015

Talk of Apple Music with Dave Hamilton

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Mac OS Ken: 08.12.2015

Talking over iTunes and Apple Music with The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet

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Mac OS Ken: 08.11.2015

Talking iPhone 6 Plus with MacVoices' Chuck Joiner

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Mac OS Ken: 08.10.2015

Adam Christianson of the MacCast talks the iPhone 6 Plus form factor

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Mac OS Ken: 08.06.2015

A topic two-fer with Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab: Apple Watch and bigger than bigger iPhones

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Mac OS Ken: 08.05.2015

Joining us today to talk Apple Watch is MacVoice's Chuck Joiner

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Mac OS Ken: 08.04.2015

Jeff Gamet joins us to continue our Apple Watch talk

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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2015

Adam Christainson of the MacCast joins us to talke the ins and outs of Apple Watch three months along.

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