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Mac OS Ken: 01.14.2015

- Credit Suisse Ups Apple to Outperform with 130-Dollar Target

- Canaccord Analyst Ups iPhone Sales Expectations

- Foxconn and TSMC Benefit from iPhone Sales Surge

- Report: iPhone Sales Ignite in India

- University of Missouri Says iPhone Separation Anxiety is a Thing

- Report: Google Play Tops iOS App Store in Number of Apps Available 

- Apple Watch Shows Up in Bluetooth Menu of iOS 8.2 Beta

- 9 to 5 Mac Hears Word of the Apple Watch Companion App

- Apple Brings 2TB Option Back to Mac mini

- Net Applications: Yosemite Hits 45-Percent Mac Share in Two-Months

- The Apple Patent and the GoPro Tumble

- JMP Analyst Sees Buying Opportunity in GoPro Fall

- Apple Apparently Kills Single of the Week Giveaways

- BlackBerry Tweets BlackBerry Classic Promo Message from iPhone

- SaneBox: Bring Sanity to Your Inbox with a 2-Week Free Trial at 

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