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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2013

Today, a special discussion with Michael Johnston about his app discovery social network at Plus the EYE Chart Magazine User Generated Gift Guide is out. Do you have it yet? Well… what about now?

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Mac OS Ken: 11.27.2013

Xinhaunet: Unnamed Source Says China Mobile Getting iPhone on 18 December

Indian Express Says New iPhones Have Captured the Imagination of Smartphone Lovers There

Munster Sees Roughly 90-Percent Availability of iPhone 5s at Apple Stores in States

Canalys Sees a Good Year for iPad and Growth for Android in Tablets in 2014

Judge Koh Denies Samsung Emergency Stay Request in Damages Retrial Says PrimeSense May Have Been a Maps Buy for Apple

Ashton Kutcher Biopic Jobs Available in iTunes

Apple Teases Black Friday Sale in the States

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Mac OS Ken: 11.26.2013

Carriers Still King For Phone Sales in States

Nokia Charges at iPad with Ad for New Tablet

Intel Says 64-Bit Android Tablets on the Way

SACOM Demonstrates Over Worker Treatment at Apple Supplier

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Posts Job Listing for Payments Software Engineer (Though It Does Not Seem to be There Now)

Apple Pushing Black Friday Sales on Store Sites Outside the States

Cult of Mac Hears Hints of a New Apple Display

First Made for iPhone Hearing Aids Due in 2014

Infinity Blade Goes Free Ahead of Black Friday

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Mac OS Ken: 11.25.2013

Retina iPad mini Availability Increases

Unlocked SIM-Free iPhone 5s Now Available Through Apple’s Online Store

More Signs of iThings for China Mobile in Mid-December

Doom! For Retina Display (in a year and a half (maybe))!

Apple Confirms Acquisition of PrimeSense

Apple Brings First Video to App Description with Clumsy Ninja

Apple Looking to Expand Reuse and Recycling Program Globally

Apple Issues Update for New AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule

(RED) Auction Raises Over $26 Million

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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2013

Jury Says Samsung Owes Apple Additional $290 Million

Apple Calls Samsung Motion to Stay Proceedings Beyond Reason

Speculation Has China Mobile iPhone Ready in Mid-December

Chinese Tech Site Says Apple “Field Testing” 4.9-Inch iPhone

Apple Starts on iWork Fixes with Updates for Mac and iOS

Apple Issues Minor iMovie Update

Apple Urges Employees to Review Business Conduct Policy

David Einhorn Not Worried About Apple Flaming Out

Fortune Names Future Apple Retail Chief Fourth Most Powerful Person in Business

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Mac OS Ken: 11.21.2013

Analyst Calls for Bigger iPhones with Higher Prices in Mid-2014

Samsung Calls for Mistrial in Apple Case on Supposedly Racist Remarks

Samsung Files Emergency Motion to Halt Damages Proceedings After USPTO Comments

UK Consumer Site Blasts Tablet Makers Over Memory Costs

Apple Releases Apple Store App for iPad

Apple iBeacon Hitting Macy Flagships Soon

Beijing Man Says His 4-Year-Old iPhone 3GS Exploded

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Korea Times Says 12.9-Inch iPad Planned for Early 2014

Apple TV Adds Content from PBS and Yahoo!

Mac Sales Slowdown: The Wolf Wonders Why

Flat Jony Finds Your Friends

Apple Softens Stance on Trade-Ins and Water Damage

Icahn Says Nuance Investment and Apple Investment Unrelated

Icahn Not Walking Away from Apple and Buyback Proposal

Report: Less Than 50k Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Sold

Samsung: 800k Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Shipped

Apple 1 Sells After All

All Gets Absolute Final Approval for Spaceship Campus

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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2013

Report Says Foxconn Cutting iPhone 5c Production (But That Report is From DigiTimes, So...)

Wait Times on iPhone 5s Down to 3-5 Days in the States

BestBuy and Sprint Tie-Up on Free Year of Service Promotion

Anandtech Says Retina iPad mini Has Shows Limited Color Gamut

Appeals Court Sends Apple Request for Injunction Against Samsung Products Back to Judge Koh for Reconsideration

Apple/Samsung Damages Retrial Goes to Jury Today

Apple Seed First beta of iOS 7.1 for iThings to Developers

Apple Seed First beta of iOS 7.1 for Apple TV to Developers

Apple Announces Annual iTunes Connect Closure from 21-27 December

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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2013

Marco Arment Sees Burn-In in Retina Display iPad minis

Report: iPad mini Shortages Cause by Burn-In in Sharp IGZO LCDs

More Talk of iPhone 5c Production Cuts

European Counterpart to FAA Broadens Use of Electronics In-Flight

Apple Said Close to Buying 3D-Sensing Firm PrimeSense: Take 1

Apple Said Close to Buying 3D-Sensing Firm PrimeSense: Take 2

Apple Seeds First beta of OS X 10.9.1 to Developers

Working Apple I Fails to Sell at Auction

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2013

Wireless Carriers Backordered 10-Days to 28-Days on Retina Display iPad minis

Wifi + Cellular Retina iPad minis Showing Up for Personal Pickup at Apple Stores

Reports Say Sales Systems at Apple Stores Went Down on Thursday

Early Report Had Apple Opening Surprising Number of Stores on Thanksgiving

IFO Apple Store Says Tim Cook Nixes Expanded Thanksgiving Openings

Apple Updates iWork for iCloud with Emphasis on Collaboration

Apple Fixes FaceTime Issues with iOS 6 and iOS 7 Updates

Apple Issues Minor Update for Apple TV; No New Features or Functions Apparent

Apple Flattens iBooks and iTunes U for iOS 7

Apple Updates Aperture with a Few Fixes

Intel Experimenting with “Experience” Store for the Holidays

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Mac OS Ken: 11.14.2013

KGI Analyst Expects Retina iPad mini Production to Increase 102% Next Quarter

iHS iSuppli Analyst Also Expects More Retina iPad minis Next Quarter

iFixit Breaks a Retina iPad mini; Suggests You Not Do the Same

NTT Docomo Sees Subscribe Loss Slow in Wake of iPhone Addition

Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility 5.01

Damages Retrial Underway Between Apple and Samsung

Apple Reportedly Under Investigation for Tax Evasion in Italy

KGI Analyst: No Apple Television in 2014

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Mac OS Ken: 11.13.2013

Apple Quietly Starts Sales of Retina Display iPad Mini

Retina Display iPad mini Starts in Short Supply

WSJ: Short Supply Had Been Expected for Retina iPad mini

Wait Times Varied for Various Retina iPad mini Models

Two iPhones Take Top-Ten Sales Spots in Japan

IDC: Five-Inch Phones Crest 20% of 3Q Smartphone Shipments

9 to 5 Mac: Four Reasons iPhone Market Share Slip is No Cause for Alarm

iThings to Everyone: Apple Maps and the Fate of Pandora

Apple Opens Red Cross Donation Page in iTunes for Haiyan Typhoon Relief

Apple Starts Holiday Theming Its Online Store

Jony Ive Talks Design in Sotheby’s Auction Video

Eddy Cue Honors Steve Jobs at Bay Area Business Hall of Fame

Munster Predicts an Apple Television Next Year (Again)

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Mac OS Ken: 11.12.2013

Ericsson Says Global Smartphone Sales Finally Beating the Dumbphone/Featurephone Combo

CIRP: New iPhone Buyers Come Mostly from Other iPhones and Androids

iPhone 5s Supply Draws Closer to Demand

Pegatron Misses Expectations Despite Record Revenue Generated by iPhone 5c

Pacific Crest Analysts Say iPhone 5c Selling Better Now Than iPhone 4S Sold Last Year

Exploding Vodafone iPad NOT an iPad Air

NPD Display Search Says Unconfirmed Plans for Apple Television “Put on Hold”

More Pics Emerge of Apple’s Spaceship Campus

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Mac OS Ken: 11.11.2013

A Rumor of iPhones Both Curvy and Sensitive

Boost Mobile Starts iPhone 5c/5s Sales with $100 Discount

Apple Reportedly Adds Manufacturing Partners for iPad mini and iPhone 5c

iPad Air Reportedly Catches Fire in Vodafone Store in Australia

Apple Signs Deal for Sapphire Glass Plant in Arizona

Pandora Loses Two-Million Listeners One Month Into iTunes Radio

Some Listeners Splitting Listening Between iTunes Radio and Pandora

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2013

IHS: iPad Air Costs Less to Build Than Third-Gen iPad Despite Improvements

FAA Relaxes Rules on Gate-to-Gate Use of Handheld Devices

Four Airlines Already Allowing Gate-to-Gate Use of Handheld Devices

comScore: iPhone Share Grows in the States

Sprint Says 40-Percent of iPhones Sold Last Quarter Were to New Customers

T-Mobile Sees Smaller Than Expected iPhone Sales

Morgan Stanley Analyst Looks for Multiple iPhone Refreshes Per Year Thanks to Multiple iPhones

Q via Apple Insider: Why Are Some Apple Stores Closing Early Next Weekend?

A via 9 to 5 Mac: For Boring Meetings

Apple Updates iTunes to v11.1.3

Apple Takes Passbook Gift Cards International

Apple Issues Stability Update for GarageBand

Apple Issues Fix for Keyboard and Trackpad Issues in Newest MacBook Pros

Apple Issues Minor iBooks Update for Mavericks machines

Apple Issues Mail Fix for Mavericks

Apple Returning iWork 09 Features to New iWork Over Next Six-Months

Childhood Home of Steve Jobs Deemed Historic Resource

Dish Taking Blockbuster Off of Life Support

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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2013

We're neck deep in the App Store once more with Yowza!! co-creator August Trometer

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