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Mac OS Ken: 07.01.2013

comScore: iPhone Tops in Smartphones in US; iOS Second in Mobile Operating Systems

Chitika: iPhone 5 Accounts for 75-Percent of 4G Phones Sold in North America and Last Year; 40-Percent of All 4G Phone in North America

NPD Group: MacBooks Air Controls 56-Percent of Light-and-Thin Laptop Market in the States

Apple Invites Select MBA Users to Test Wifi-Centric Software Update

WSJ Says TSMC Inks Deal to Produce Processors for iThings in 2014

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Applies for iWatch Trademark in Japan

BlackBerry Abandons PlayBook Plans

Apple Reportedly Selling Patriotic iPhone Cases in Select US Stores This Week

Macintosh and iPod Make Top 12 List Honoring World Industrial Design Day

Yahoo Shutting Down AltaVista on 8 July

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