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Mac OS Ken: 07.31.2013

Apple Brings More of Developer Center Back to Life

MacNN: Developers See Delays in App Review Post Dev Center Downtime

Apple Releases betas for Xcode 5 and Remote Desktop

Apple Issues Minor Update for Final Cut Pro X

FileMaker Says Bye-Bye to Bento

Sprint Sold 1.4 Million iPhones in Second Quarter

Business Insider: Secret Source Says Lower-Cost iPhone will be Called iPhone 5C

Cult of Mac: iPhone 5C Box Photo May Be Fake

Mac mini Shipping Times Back to Within 24-Hours

In China: Scalpers Stand Between Customers and Genius Bars

Nexus 7 Launch Marred by Skewed Adoption Numbers

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Mac OS Ken: 07.30.2013

iOS 7 beta 4 Indicates Biometric Tech Coming to iThings

iOS 7 beta 4 Replete with Tweaks

Report: iOS 7 beta 4 Adds T9 Chinese Pinyin Input Keyboard Option

BGR: Apple Plans Two More iOS 7 betas Before the GM

Apple Releases iTunes 11.1 beta 1 and Apple TV 5.4 seed 3

iOS 7 beta 4 Brings NFC-Style Remote Pairing to Apple TV

Apple TV beta Adds Ability to Buy iTunes Music

Complaint Against Pegatron Seems to Confirm Polycarbonate iPhone

Apple Responds to Charges of Worker Abuse at Pegatron

Focus Taiwan: Foxconn on Hiring Spree Ahead of Premium iPhone Production

Unlikely Allies Side with Apple Ahead of Product Ban

iOS Pinch-to-Zoom Patent in Jeopardy

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Mac OS Ken: 07.29.2013

Apple Developer Center Shows Signs of Life

Pics Emerge of Possible Certified Low-Cost iPhone Case Image: iPhone 5Huh?

HopStop Transit App Sees First Update Post Apple Buy

EU iBookstore Price-Fixing Case Ends with Penguin Settlement

Apple Brings Higher-Ed Heavyweights to Supplier Responsibility Table

The Amazing Disappearing/Reappearing/Disappearing Bob Mansfield

Cult of Mac: Ballmer Acknowledges Surface RT Sales Trouble

Guy Goes to Jail After Falling for Malware Warning

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Mac OS Ken: 07.26.2013

Citi Research Analyst Sees Gloom and Doom for iPad

Apple Tops in Computers and Smartphones and Tablets in Latest Harris Interactive Poll

With $16 Billion Buyback, Apple Bets Big on Apple

CNET: Phishing Scam Piggybacks on Apple Dev Center Hack

iPhone Activation Servers Reportedly See Downtime on Thursday

Apple Posts Page on Charger Safety to Chinese Site

Slip in Ship Times May Indicate New Mac mini Soon

Google Sells Out of Free Streaming in ChromeCast Promotion

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Mac OS Ken: 07.25.2013

Wall Street Waits on New Stuff from Apple

Maynard Um Expects Next iPhone on 27 September

YouTube Video Shows Somewhat Convincing Low-Cost iPhone Case

Rumor Has Apple Trimming iPhone Line to Two Models

Apple Offers Update on Dev-Center Downtime

Apple Seeds New beta of OS X 10.8.5 to Developers

Google Targets iPad mini with Faster, Less Expensive Nexus 7

New Nexus 7: More Retina Than Retina

Play Textbooks: Aiming Android at Education

Chromecast: Google Takes Another Run at the TV

Apple is Top Sales Partner for Electronic Arts

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Mac OS Ken: 07.24.2013

San Francisco DA Seems Pleased with iOS 7 Activation Lock

Best Buy Relaunches iPad Trade-In Promotion

Apple Patents System for On-Hold iPhone Content

Chitika Insights: iPad Surfing Share Hits 84.3-Percent in U.S. and Canada

A Recap of Apple 3Q Earnings and Analyst Q-and-A

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Mac OS Ken: 07.23.2013

Analysts Expect Bad News from Apple Earnings Call

Piper Jaffray: iOS Continues to Dominate Mobile Browsing in the States

Apple Releases Fourth beta of OS X 10.9 Mavericks to Developers

HopStop Stops for Windows Phone

Leap Motion Controller to Hit Best Buy on 28 July

iPad Puts a Hurt on Hasbro Toys for Boys Division

Abandoned U.S. Mines May Be Rich in Rare Earths

iTunes Hits One-Billion Podcast Subscriptions

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Mac OS Ken: 07.22.2013

Apple Updating Developer Site After Intruder Alert and Possible Information Loss

9 to 5 Mac: And the Intruder May Be...

SIM Card Vulnerability Could Lead to Identity Theft and Eavesdropping

Apple Releases Software Update for New MacBook Air

Best Buy Cuts $200 to $300 Off of Some 13-Inch MacBook Pros in Back to School Promotion

Apple Buys Crowdsourced Mapping Service Locationary

Apple Buys Transit App Hopstop

All Things D: Don’t Forget Verizon Has to Pay Apple $23.5B for iPhones This Year

Report: Apple and Samsung Were Close to Settlement Five Months Ago

WSJ: Apple Asks Suppliers for Bigger Screens and Smaller Screens That May Be for Nothing

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Mac OS Ken: 07.19.2013

Over Half of 7.5 Million Verizon Smartphones Were iPhones in 2Q2013

Financial Analysts Encouraged by Verizon iPhone Activations

CCTV: Knock-Off USB Charger Likely Culprit in iPhone Electrocution

Microsoft Takes $900 Million Writedown Over Surface RT Issues

Flurry: iOS Users (Still) Spend Significantly More on Apps Than Do Android Users

Apple Invites More People to Try iWork for iCloud beta

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Pumps Up iWatch Team with Fitness Experts

TMO: Apple TV Brings Content to Cable Cutters

NYT: Apple Buddies Up with Existing Cable Players

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Mac OS Ken: 07.18.2013

Apple and Other Tech Giants Call on US Government for Greater Transparency Around Surveillance

The Telegraph: Apple’s iPhone Range ‘Is Stalling’

Fortune: Canaccord Sees iPhone Disappointment; Morgan Stanley Sees Upside Surprise

Fortune: Analysts Expect Modest iPhone Growth for Recently Ended Quarter

High-End Smartphone Adoption Slowdown May Open Door for Low-Cost iPhone

Asymco: What Smartphone Adoption Slowdown? 

Times of India: Something is Wrong with iPhone Sales in India

Seeking Alpha: Something is Wrong with Times of India

Apple Seeds New Build of OS X 10.8.5 to Developers

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Mac OS Ken: 07.17.2013

Lazard Analyst Sees Fruit for Apple in the Fall

Credit Suisse Analyst Expects Low-Cost iPhone Harvest

Apple Launches Logic Pro X

Apple Charges $199 for Logic Pro X with No Discounted Upgrade Path

Report: Apple Willing to Pay TV Stations to Let People Skip Ads

Study Says Apple TV Owns Over Half of Streaming Video Device Market

TMO: Apple Eyeing Motion Sensing Tech Firm PrimeSense

TechCrunch: Or Not

Apple and Samsung Heading (Back) to Court to Argue Sales Bans

Ransomware Poses as FBI Warning with $300 “Get Off the Hook” Offer

Janicab.A Malware Uses an Old Windows Trick That May Be New to Mac Users

Little League World Series Goes High Tech with iPads

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Mac OS Ken: 07.16.2013

Jefferies & Co. Analyst Predicts the Thoroughly Predictable

Apple Reaches Out to Retail Employees for Ideas to Increase iPhone Sales

23-Year-Old Flight Attendant in China Electrocuted While Talking on Charging iPhone 5

Munster Says Apple Should Make Chipmakers Better, Not Make Chips of Its Own

DigiTimes Says No Retina Display iPad mini Until 2014

Apple Releases Graphics Update for Mavericks Preview 3

Report: Mr. Softy Making a See-Through Metal Smartwatch

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Mac OS Ken: 07.15.2013

Financial Times Says Apple Hiring More Engineers for iWatch

Rumor Has Apple Looking to Build Its Own Processors for Mobiles

Rumor Has Samsung Producing 14nm A-Series Processors for Apple in 2015

PhoneArena: Top Three Carriers in Russia No Longer Selling iPhone

NPD Sees Notable Growth for Chromebooks

Microsoft Cuts Prices on Surface RTs by $150

Apple Looking Into Concerns Over Conflict-Tin

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Mac OS Ken: 07.12.2013

Analysts Expect Zero Revenue Growth for Apple 3Q FY2013

Apple 19th on 2013 Fortune Global 500; Will Not Do as Well in 2014

Moffett Research: Verizon Could Owe Apple $14 Billion for iPhone Sales It Cannot Make

SoftBank Completes Purchase of Majority Stake in Sprint

WSJ: Ebook Loss Could Put U.S. Goverment at Table in Future iTunes Negotiations

Best Buy Runs Two-Day Trade-in Program; iPad 2s and Third-Gen iPads Fetch $200 Gift Cards

14-Month-Old Buys Car Through eBay on Unsecured iPhone

Apple and Google Off of Random YouGov U.S. Brands List

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Mac OS Ken: 07.11.2013

Apple Found Guilty in Ebook Price Fixing Case

Apple Plans to Appeal Ebook Price Fixing Defeat

CEO of Barnes and Noble Resigns as Woes Mount for the Bookseller

Gartner: Tablets Still Bleeding PC Sales (Including for Apple)

Apple Seeds New Build of OS X 10.8.5 beta to Developers

Mayor of London Appeals to Apple and Other Smartphone Makers for Help with Smartphone Theft Deterrence

Steve Jobs to be Recognized at Disney D23 Event Next Month

Remains of 15th Century Hospital Uncovered at Apple Madrid Store; Soon to be Covered Bak Up

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Mac OS Ken: 07.10.2013

iPhone Production: Two Tales of a Supply Chain

Apple Asks USITC to Delay Injunction Against GSM iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Pending Appeal with Federal Court

9 to 5 Mac: Indications that iWork and iLife Titles for iOS May Go Free

iOS 7 Find May Indicate AirPlay Implementation of iOS in the Car

Apple Awarded Patent for Touchscreen Car Control Dashboard System

iMessage Suffers 36 Minutes of Downtime for 30-Percent of Users on Tuesday

Apple Ends App Store versus Appstore Legal Battle with Amazon

Fortune Debunks the iPhone 5 Most-Hated Meme

Apple I Sells Through Online Auction for Just Under $388,000

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Mac OS Ken: 07.09.2013

TUAW: T-Mobile USA Tweaks iPhone 5 Pricing

Kantar Worldpanel Says T-Mobile Helps Grow iPhone Share in US to Nearly 42-Percent

Apple Rehires YSL President and CEO Paul Deneve

CNET: A Number of Companies Claim to Own the Term iWatch in a Number of Countries

Apple Seeds Third beta of iOS 7 to Members of Developer Program

Apple Seeds Third beta of OS X Mavericks to Members of Developer Program

Third beta of Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Out to Developers

Apple Opens iWork for iCloud beta to Free-Tier Members of Developer Program 

Apple Back-to-School Sales Promotion is Underway

Boston University Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement

iMore: Bloatware, Apple Expectations and a Logo Stand Between NTT DoCoMo and iPhone

TUAW: NTT DoCoMo Loses 3.2 Million Customers in 4.5 Years Without iPhone

Irish Parliament Will Not Quiz Apple Execs Over Use of Ireland as Tax Haven

Apple Giving Away Popular Apps for Fifth Birthday of App Store

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Mac OS Ken: Postponed

Prelude to tomorrow's Mac OS Ken

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Mac OS Ken: 07.02.2013

Marketwatch: Antitrust Authorities in France Raid Apple Offices to Investigate Unfair Pricing for Wholesalers

GigaOm: Antitrust Authorities in France Raid Apple Offices to Investigate Platform Lock-Ins

FT: Apple Paid Zero Corporate Tax in UK in 2012

Kantar Worldpanel Comtech: Almost Half of All Smartphones Sold in Europe are a Samsung

HP Says It Will Get Back Int Smartphones (Someday (When the Time is Right))

Raymond James Analyst Sees Lock-In as Key to Phase 2 of Mobile Computing for Apple

Apple Q3 FY2013 Earnings Call Set for Tuesday 23 July

Apple and Samsung Eliminate Products from Planned 2014 Patent Trial

Apple Applies for iWatch Trademark in Mexico and Taiwan

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Getting Strict with Retail Employees Showing Off iOS 7 beta to Customers and Other Employees

Apple Plans Solar Array for Reno, NV Data Center; Will Also Feed Energy to Local Power Grid

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Mac OS Ken: 07.01.2013

comScore: iPhone Tops in Smartphones in US; iOS Second in Mobile Operating Systems

Chitika: iPhone 5 Accounts for 75-Percent of 4G Phones Sold in North America and Last Year; 40-Percent of All 4G Phone in North America

NPD Group: MacBooks Air Controls 56-Percent of Light-and-Thin Laptop Market in the States

Apple Invites Select MBA Users to Test Wifi-Centric Software Update

WSJ Says TSMC Inks Deal to Produce Processors for iThings in 2014

9 to 5 Mac: Apple Applies for iWatch Trademark in Japan

BlackBerry Abandons PlayBook Plans

Apple Reportedly Selling Patriotic iPhone Cases in Select US Stores This Week

Macintosh and iPod Make Top 12 List Honoring World Industrial Design Day

Yahoo Shutting Down AltaVista on 8 July

Album Art made with an image from the Flickr stream of garlandchannon

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