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Mac OS Ken: 06.28.2013

Susquehanna Analyst Cuts Apple Price Target to $440 on Unrealistic iPhone Expectation

Judge Bars Galaxy S4 from Next Patent Infringement Trial Between Apple and Samsung

RadioShack Starts Sales of Contract Free iPhones for Virgin Mobile Online and In-Store

iPhone 5 Fares Poorly in UK Consumer Organization Battery Test

WSJ: iTunes Radio Offers to Independent Labels Better Than Pandora Indie Label Deals

Apple Opening New Apple Store Near Princeton, NJ and Moving a Cleveland Store This Weekend

Apple Releases Canon Inkjet Printer Drivers v2.11 for OS X

Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.07

Sony Intros SmartWatch 2 to Sync with Android Smartphones

Foxconn Shows Smartwatch That Can Sync with an iPhone and Measure Vital Signs

Ad Analysis Firm Says Designed By Apple TV Ad Tests Poorly with Viewers

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Mac OS Ken: 06.27.2013

Apple Asks President’s People to Intercede in USITC Ordered Embargo of AT&T iPad 2 and iPhone 4

Samsung Reportedly Trying to Settle Charges of Unfair Use of Standards Essential Patents in European Union

Apple Opens Online Store in Russia

Telefonica and Microsoft Enter One-Year Enhanced Marketing Agreement to Push Windows Phone 8

Gartner: Sales of Devices Running Apple OSes to Outnumber Sales of Devices Running Windows OSes by 2015

Apple Posts Pages Highlighting iOS for Business and Education

Apple Seeds Second beta of OS X 10.8.5 to Developers

Apple Opens iWork for iCloud beta Testing to All Apple Employees

JetBlue Announces Plans to Put iPads in Cockpits

Apple, Google and HP Voice Support for Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Rulings from US Supreme Court

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Mac OS Ken: 06.26.2013

Bernstein Research Analyst: Wall Street Sees Bad News for Apple in Bad News for Samsung

Oppenheimer Analyst Lowers Apple Expectations Based on Unrealistic iPhone Expectation

UBS Analyst Expects No New Product Category for Apple Until 2014

IDC: iPhone Slips 5% in Europe in 1Q 2013

Apple Loses Appeal Against Samsung Over Patent for Syncing Music and Video on Tablets and Smartphones

9 to 5 Mac Says Apple is Actively Working on a Wifi Fix for Affected MacBook Airs

Bellevue, WA Apple Stores Sees Minor Flooding

Apple Updates iTunes U iOS App with Pull-to-Refresh Course Updates and Improved Language Support

Barnes and Noble Dropping Production of Nook Color Tablets; Shifting to Partnership Model

Cupertino City Council Webcasting Apple Spaceship HQ Meeting Tonight

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Mac OS Ken: 06.25.2013

Jefferies & Co Analysts Lowers Apple Target to $405 on Alleged (and Maybe Imaginary) iPhone Weakness

The Telegraph: iPhone 5 Slowest of Seven Smartphone Benchmarked by Which?

Gartner: PC Sales to See Over 10% Sales Drop This Year

Gartner: Apple Currently Strongest Across All Device Segments

Chitika: iPad Runs Away with Tablet Web Traffic for Month of May

AdAge: Ads in iPad Editions of Magazines Up Over 23% in 1Q 2013 Versus 1Q 2012

American Airlines Completes iPad Deployment in Cockpit Across Entire Fleet of Planes 

Apple Seeds Second beta of iOS 7 to Developers; First for iPad and iPad mini

Apple Seeds Second beta of OS X 10.9 to Developers

Apple Pushes Doubleplusnew Java Update (The One From Last Week Had a Bug)

US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Mirror Worlds Appeal in Case Against Apple

Payment Application Process Underway in App Store In-App Purchase Settlement

iPosture: Harvard Study Says (Device) Size Does Matter

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Mac OS Ken: 06.24.2013

Walmart Drops iPhone 5 Price to $129; iPhone 4S to $39

AT&T Cuts iPhone 5 Price to $99.99

Virgin Mobile in the States Starts Unsubsidized iPhone 5 for $549

Samsung Found to Infringe iOS Rubberband Patent in Japanese Case

Apple Board Makes CEO Pay Contingent on Stock Performance Versus Market Performance

Sony Hints at Smartwatch Announcement This Week

Trailer for Ashton Kutcher/Steve Jobs Bio-Pic Now Online

See the Jobs Trailer in the Posts Section of

Yet Another Working Apple I Goes Up for Auction

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Mac OS Ken: 06.21.2013

Pegatron Chairman Seems to Confirm Low-Cost iPhone Being Built by His Company

Best Buy US Runs 9-Day Trade-In Promotion for iPhone 5

Google Partners with Spice Global for Android Nation Stores in India

IDC: Apple Fifth-Largest Smartphone Maker in China in 1Q2013

Reports Have Samsung Cutting Parts Orders for Galaxy S4 Amid Alleged Weak Demand

Goldman Sachs Analyst Says Switching from iPhone to Android Phone Would Be Too Expensive and Bothersome for Average Consumers

Some Users of New MacBook Air Experiencing Wifi Issues

NPD Display Search Analyst No Longer Expecting Retina Display iPad mini This Year

iPad mini Magazine Ad Campaign Wins Award

Apple Opens Invitations for Moviemaking Retail Camp for Kids

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Mac OS Ken: 06.20.2013

Apple Adds Makes HBO Go, WatchESPN and Other Content Available Through Apple TV

Wired: Roku Has Significantly More Content Available Than Apple TV

Apple Announces $30 Million Deal to Supply L.A. Schools with iPads this Fall

eBook Price-Fixing Case: Barnes And Noble Says It Was Working on Agency Deals with Publishers Before Apple

eBook Price-Fixing Case: Judge Cote Seems to Soften on Pre-Trial Expectations

Apple Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement Over Call Forwarding in iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

Apple Head of Patent Licensing & Strategy Leave for Job at Technicolor

Apple Releases Java Updates for Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion

Apple Updates Configurator to v1.3

Apple Seeds First beta of OS X 10.8.5 to Developers

Best Buy Recalls 5100 MacBook Pro Replacement Batteries

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Mac OS Ken: 06.19.2013

Wells Fargo Analyst Maynard Um Expects Next iPhone in September; Likes the iTunes Radio Idea

UBS Analyst Defends Tim Cook as Right CEO for Apple

Apple TV beta Reveals Conference Room Display Mode

Apple Improves Siri Suicide Prevention Responses

AT&T Starts Turning on FaceTime Over Cellular for LTE and HSPA+

Microsoft Discounts Surface RT for Education to $199

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Mac OS Ken: 06.18.2013

Apple Issues Commitment to Customer Privacy

Forrester: iOS Still Tops for Shopping

Analysts Say They May Have Gotten Carried Away with Samsung

Samsung Looks to Be No. 1 in Home Appliances by 2015

Google Announces Huge Chromebook Retail Push in US, Significant Push Globally Nook Tablets Appear to be Circling the Drain

Jony Ive Gets Less Title and More Implied Responsibility (and a New Nickname To Boot)

Apple Building Flagship Stanford Shopping Center Store (Dwarfing Microsoft Store Yards Away)

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Mac OS Ken: 06.17.2013

Entropy Labs Says Every iOS Developer Will Need/Want to Update for iOS 7 (Because Not Doing So WIll Look Bad)

NY State A.G. and San Francisco D.A. Announce Save Our Smartphones Initiative

AT&T Turns On Wireless Emergency Alert System

Microsoft Launches Office 365 iOS App (iPhone Only)

Sony Takes Smartphone Lead from iPhone in Japan During One-Month Promotional Push by NTT DoCoMo

Canadian Carriers Rogers an Telus to Start LTE-iPad and LTE-iPad mini Sales In Coming Weeks

Pre-Paid Canadian Carrier Wind Starts Nano SIM Sales for Unlocked iPhones

iFixIt Takes Apart New 11-Inch MacBook Air; Same Findings as New 13-Inch MacBook Air (Only Smaller)

Paperback of Walter Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs Due September 10th

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Mac OS Ken: 06.14.2013

Far East Story (Twice Removed) Has Production Starting on Low-Cost iPhone

Reuters: Secret Sources Say Apple Considering Phablets for 2014 to Battle Samsung

USPTO Reaffirms Validity of iOS Rubber-Banding Patent for Apple

DoJ Submits Draft Steve Jobs Email as Evidence in eBook Price-Fixing Case (Countered by Sent Email)

Eddy Cue Testifies in eBook Price-Fixing Trial

Microsoft Opening 600 Mini Stores Inside Best Buy Stores

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Mac OS Ken: 06.13.2013

iFixIt Breaks a New 13-Inch MacBook Air; Finds it Relatively Difficult to Fix

The Verge: Sources Say Current Look of iOS 7 a Work-in-Progress

Forbes: Security Hole Found in iOS 7 beta (Because - You Know - It’s BETA)

Cult of Mac: iTunes Radio Eliminates Profanity from Songs

iOS 7 to Support Third-Party Game Controllers

Apple Lets Developers Into iAds for as Little as $50 with iAd Workbench

AAA Study: Text-to-Speech Features More Distracting Than Hand-Held Cell Calls Behind the Wheel

Apple Adjusts Online Warranty Statements in Belgium, France and Germany to Comply with EU Law

Jobs Bio-Pic Starting Ashton Kutcher Gets New Mid-August Release Date

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Mac OS Ken: 06.12.2013

Fortune: Financial Analysts Like What They See at WWDC

9 to 5 Mac: iOS 7-Compatibility to Stretch Back Two-Years (Mostly) with OS X Mavericks Stretching Back Four to Six Years

San Francisco and New York State Lawmen Like the Sound of iOS 7 Activation Lock (Though They Want to See It in Action)

iOS 7: Senator McCain Gets His Wish for Automatic iPhone App Updates

New/Updated FCP X to Hit for New Mac Pro 

Apple Announces Design Award Winners for iOS for 2013

Pandora Says It Is Not Worried About Competition from iTunes Radio

Nokia Makes Fun of Apple for Just Now Starting iTunes Radio

Google Buys Social Mapping Service Waze Reportedly for $1 Billion+

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Mac OS Ken: 06.11.2013

Apple Updates MacBook Air Line with Haswell Processors

Apple Previews the New Mac Pro

Apple Previews OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Apple Shows Off New Features of iOS 7

Apple Insider: Siri to Use Bing as Default Search Engine in iOS 7

Apple Takes Aim at Pandora with iTunes Radio

Financial Analysts Positive on WWDC Announcements

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Mac OS Ken: 06.10.2013

TechCrunh: Apple Signs Sony Music for iRadio; Could Announce at WWDC

CNN/Money: Now Would Be an Excellent Time for Apple to Open Apple TV to Developers

AT&T Lengthens Upgrade Cycle to Full 24-Months

Fortune: First Bright Spot for Apple Appears in eBook Price-Fixing Trial

Director of National Intelligence Tries to Allay Concerns Over PRISM

CNET: NSA Not Ties Directly Into Tech Company Servers (But the Verizon Metadata Thing is Real)

New York Times: NSA Has Not a Back Door But a Lock Box at Tech Companies

WSJ: President Obama Speaks on Verizon Data Sweep and FISA

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Mac OS Ken: 06.07.2013 (Repost)

Rumor: Apple to Start Buying Back Old iPhones This Month

Gazelle Sees Sizable Spike in MacBook Trade-Ins Ahead of WWDC 2013

The Verge: Google Exec Fumbles at eBook Price-Fixing Hearing

TUAW Ties Rise in Mobile-Ad Revenue for Google to Unbundling of YouTube from iOS

The Guardian: Verizon Turning Over Metadata on All Calls Under Three-Month Court Order

Reports: NSA and FBI Are Tapped Directly Into the Servers of Nine Tech Companies Including Apple

TUAW: Apple Denies Giving NSA Direct Access to Servers and Knowledge of PRISM Surveillance Program

US National Intelligence Director: We Are Being Totally Careful and Above Board with Any Phone Metadata We Are Secretly Collecting

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Mac OS Ken: 06.06.2013

Barrons: Financial Analyst Reactions to USITC Ruling for Samsung Against Apple Were Mostly Meh

Bloomberg: Apple and THX Move to Settle Patent Litigation Out of Court

British Airways Adds Passbook Integration to Its iOS App

Apple Issues Minor iTunes Update for Squishing Bugs

Apple Issues Minor Aperture Update for Squishing Bugs

eBook Trial: Former Apple Lawyer Says Company Was Interested in Making the Best Store for eBooks, Not Raising eBook Prices

eBook Trial: Terms of Apple Most Favored Nation Clauses Varied with Each Publisher

eBook Trial: Penguin Group USA CEO Says Apple COuld Take or Leave eBooks Ahead of iBookstore Launch

eBook Trial: Simon and Schuster CEO Says Apple Deal Did Not Force Change to Sales Deal with Amazon

eBook Trial: Penguin, Simon and Schuster Says Amazon was Belligerent and Threatening About Move Away from Wholesale eBook Pricing

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Mac OS Ken: 06.05.2013

CNN/Money: USITC Rules in Favor of Samsung in Patent Case; Bars Import and Sale of Some AT&T iPhones and iPads

All Things D: Apple Feels Disappointed/Samsung Feels Vindicated by ITC Ruling

Obama Administration Targets Patent Trolls with New Directives for USPTO

Apple Decking Moscone With WWDC Banners Ahead of WWDC: Where a Whole New World is Developing

Squares Stay Square on Apple Developer Portal

Financial Firms Evercore and Global Equities Research Get Excited Ahed of WWDC

Deutsche Bank is Stoked About iOS 7; Believes in (and Worries About) Low-Cost iPhone

Morgan Stanley Analyst Lays Out Apple Strengths and Possibilities

Apple Releases OS X 10.8.4

Apple Now Repairing Broken iPhone 5 Displays In-Store

App Camp for Girls: Oregon Non-Profit Wants to Get Girls Into Tech (and Could Use Your Help)

Apple Lays Out Economic Impact of Planned Spaceship Campus for City of Cupertino

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Mac OS Ken: 06.04.2013

Apple Insider: Out of Entry-Level 13-Inch Retina MBP Ahead of WWDC

9 to 5 Mac: Mystery SKUs Seem to Indicate New Retina MBPs and New MacBook Airs

Report: Apple Signs Warner Music for iRadio with Hopes of Announcing at WWDC

Apple Releases WWDC 2013 App for iOS

Flatness and Greyness of WWDC 2013 App May Hint at Look of iOS 7

DoJ and Apple Present Opening Arguments in Alleged eBook Price-Fixing Trial

Apple Lawyer Accuses DoJ of Reverse Engineering a Conspiracy in Alleged eBook Price-Fixing Case

All Things D: Apple on the Hook for $6.5 Million Tax Bill in France

Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks Low-Cost iPhone Could Raise Apple’s Margins

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Mac OS Ken: 06.03.2013

Detwiler Fenton: iPhone Sales Holding Up Better Than Expected This Quarter

Credit Suisse: iPhone Sales Up 300% to 400% Over the Last Few Months

NetApplications: iOS Web-share Rises in May as Android Web-Share Declines

Apple Raises Prices on Some Devices in Japan Due to Currency Fluctuations

Mac Pro Supply Appears to Be Drying Up Ahead of WWDC

Apple Simplifies Its Apple Certified Macintosh Technician Program 

Apple Through Seeding betas of OS X 10.8.4 (But No Release Yet)

Supreme Court of the Netherlands Says Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Does Not Violate Registered iPad Design

Irish Ambassador Says Country Has No Special Tax Deal with Apple and is Not a Tax Haven; U.S. Senators Disagree

Report: Canadian Documentary Team Plans to Dig in New Mexico Landfill for Unsold E.T. Atari Cartridges

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